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Beautiful and talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, NINA-SYMONE, burst onto the music scene in 2019 with her first single. Now she’s back with her debut EP, ECSTASY“.

NINA-SYMONE has been singing since the cradle. “Some babies whined and cried…I hummed (She laughs). I was literally singing before I could talk. As I got older I would spend hours in my room writing songs and creating melodies. Music has been my first love since forever.”

Her parents, iconic Rapper/Actor LL COOL J and Jewelry Designer/Fashionista SIMONE I. SMITH, observed her God-given gift and arranged for vocal coaching and dance lessons. She spent a large part of her childhood nurturing her love for music and dance and developing her vocal power.

On her 19th birthday NINA-SYMONE was ready to show the world what she could do. She released her first single, “CALL ME“, which amassed more than half a million streams on digital music platforms. This overwhelming response from her fans was all the encouragement she needed to begin working on her first full-length project.

ECSTASY” was released on Valentine’s Day 2021 and contains four original tracks all written and produced by NINA-SYMONE herself. “ADDICTED“, “RUNAWAY“, “AGAIN” and the lead single, “FEELS“, an innocently sexy tune about commitment, sets the tone for the EP.

Throughout the project her velvety-smooth & smokey voice glides across dreamy, soulful rhythms as she croons about the romance, emotions and dilemmas that young lovers face. “I love writing songs that are relatable and also make people feel good. My songs will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud with your crush. You can just turn me up and vibe out…”

NINA-SYMONE’s sound is the perfect combination of sultry and cute, reminiscent of a younger, sassier Toni Braxton. Although her main inspiration for creating music comes from her Grammy-winning Papa, she’s also influenced by Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande, two of her favorite artists. When she’s not recording she’s listening to Jhene, Ariana, Billie Eillish, Rosalíamy and her favorite rapper, Lil Durk.

ECSTASY” is only the beginning for this rising star who plans to make her mark on the music industry and the world. “My hope is to be an inspiration to other young Black girls and show them that anything you put your mind to is possible. I want to do it all…I want to sing and dance and start my own shoe brand to feed my huge shoe obsession! (Laughing). I am so excited to share my music with you guys and do what God has blessed me to do. I will never let go of my vision, the sky is the limit for me.”

Pick the digital music platform of your choice and download “ECSTASY“, then head over to YouTube and check out the ‘NINA-SYMONE Q &A Channel‘ for beauty tips, relationship advice and much more. Stand up and take notice, this young lady is on fiyaah!

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