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Meet new artist B.M.E. MEL. His music paints a vivid picture of life for a young King in Queens, N.Y.
His new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring legendary rapper JUELZ SANTANA, has the underground buzzing!
MEL has been on his grind since 2016, recording and perfecting his sound. He credits his family for inspiring him to chase his dreams while cleverly using the nonbelievers to propel him to success.
“I’m definitely inspired by my family, especially my dad, but the nonbelievers and the haters push me even more. I have to the kill them with my success! I am naturally resilient and have a success-driven mentality which I apply to my music career.”
If MEL wasn’t rapping he says he would still be his own boss. “I can’t work for anybody else. I need to control my destiny.” Yet, he fell into the music game very unexpectedly…
“One day I was going to school and the train stopped temporarily in between stations. I needed to do something to pass the time so I decided to try and write a rap. I surprised myself when it turned out pretty good (Laughing). I decided to go to the studio and record it and I LOVED how I sounded rapping on an actual beat! I haven’t stopped rapping since that day.”
We all know that today’s music industry is heavily saturated with rappers and gimmicks, but MEL sets himself apart from the rest with his versatile and unpredictable style. He has the ability to switch up his flow to compliment any beat. “I really try not to have a set style because I like being unpredictable. I have so many different flows and sounds. I rap, I sing, I harmonize so when you press play you don’t know which MEL you’re gonna get.”
He prides himself on being from Queens and is determined to bring the spotlight back on his borough. “We have had so many iconic artists from this borough, but lately there haven’t been a lot of popular artists coming out of Queens. I will be the one to spark that flame.”
MEL’s early musical influences include, Queen’s own 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Cassidy and Meek Mill. These days you can catch him vibing to FivioForeign, DaBaby, Rod Wave, Yung Bleu, Neeko Power and A Boogie.
When asked how he feels about the current state of Hip-Hop music, MEL had this to say, “It may sound strange, but I have a love-hate relationship with Hip-Hop right now. See, I love the way the music game has transitioned to the point where the independent artist doesn’t need major label support to blow up. On the other hand, I hate that there’s much less individuality in the artists. Everyone is trying to sound like someone else instead of being themselves. Artists would rather sound and/or act like whatever artist is hot right now if they think it’s going to be beneficial to their career. I prefer to be authentic.”
Making music is only the starting point for B.M.E. MEL. He has a big list of dreams and goals. One of which is to put out a project with no features that reaches platinum status. “It takes a certain caliber of artist, a very special one, to accomplish that and my skills and confidence level are up for the challenge.”

He also plans to start his own record label in the future so he can open up doors for other artists and help take their careers to the next level. “This is our culture and we need to create generational wealth from it. It’s all about prospering so you can help the next man. That’s the type of energy I bring with me everywhere I go, so I can’t lose.”

B.M.E. MEL is busy wrapping up two projects for release this year. The first project titled,”Ready Since Birth”, features Neeko Powerz, KDOTEM and YO MRTN. The second is his solo project titled, “Be Motivated Everyday”, hence his moniker, B.M.E. MEL.
No specific dates for these project’s releases, but in the meantime check out his YouTube Channel, BMEMEL Music and NKOPWRZ‘ new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring B.M.E. MEL x JUELZ SANTANA currently steaming on iTunes.
After hearing this track I’m excited to hear what else B.M.E. MEL’s got up his sleeve!
Gotta Get It”:

“No Pad, No Pencil” video:
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dj g money


Meet celebrity DJ, producer and podcast host DJ G MONEY, from South Jamaica, Queens.

G MONEY’s skills are somewhat hereditary as his dad, Gary, was also a DJ in his younger days. Gary and his brother were a duo called “MONKEY and RAT’ from 40 projects in South Jamaica, Queens.

“As a kid I heard all of the stories about my Dad and my Uncle DJ’g around Queens and it made me to want to be a DJ too. Growing up in the average black family, music is a huge part of your everyday lifestyle and it influences you tremendously.”

Inspired heavily by his family ties to music, they still play a major part in his career. “My Dad still teaches me about the old school songs and which ones blend together. My Mom always makes sure my transitions are on point and my uncles and cousins keep me current on the hottest new artists and music.”

G MONEY was also inspired by the movie, “Juice”, a crime thriller starring TuPac Shakur, Khalil Kain, Jermaine Hopkins and a young Omar Epps, whose character was an aspiring DJ. “When I saw Omar Epps playing a DJ in ‘Juice’, awe man that fascinated me and made me want to become a DJ even more!”

Back around the way, he watched a good friend of his, DJ TNT, rocking crowds at his JHS basketball games. “I just thought it was very cool how TNT kept the crowd entertained during the games.” This was the final push he needed to ask his parents to buy him his own set of turntables and they obliged.

Christmas of 1998 G MONEY was booked for his first official gig, a birthday celebration in 40 projects for his late cousin, Tykeem. And so his career as a professional DJ began.

He describes his style of DJ’g as upbeat, fun and live. “I like to party and keep people dancing all night! Whether it’s Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae or R&B, I want people to enjoy the music I play and leave the party having had a great time!”

G’s mixes consist of a touch of old school/soul infused with new, trending music. “Being brought up the way I was musically, I have a distinct way of telling a story through each set. My musical selections are carefully planned out. I blend certain samples to create a specific vibe. I use this same formula when I’m producing music for other artists.”

G MONEY’s extraordinary ability to walk into the venue, read the crowd’s vibe and know exactly what tunes to spin to get the party going, puts him in a class by himself. “A lot of DJ’s play a set they created the night before. Not me, I observe the atmosphere while I’m setting up and figure out what’s gonna make everyone in the room MOVE! I think that’s the most important part of being a DJ and it’s also my favorite part of my job. Controlling the room, making people dance and watching how they react to the songs I play gives me a rush!”

Sounds like a smooth and hassle-free gig huh? Not exactly… “It is an amazing feeling to be able to make people dance, sing, jump and feel good for a couple of hours, but there’s a downside to it just like any other job. I’d have to say the most challenging parts of being a DJ would be one, working a private gig where I have to bring my own equipment. No DJ enjoys the unpacking and packing of equipment! (laughing) And two, fielding the numerous song requests. It can get pretty annoying at times.”

“Music plays a big part in all of our lives. As a DJ, it’s my job to set a mood and make each event I play a memorable one. I run into people whose wedding, sweet 16 or birthday party I’ve played and they remind me that I helped make their event one of the best times of their lives. It’s an indescribable feeling!”

When G is on his own time he loves to listen to different genres of music. It helps keep him sharp and stay creative with his mixing. “I listen to all types of music but some of my favorites are…hmmmm. It really depends on my mood. My personal playlist is very random (laughing). A few of the artists that I tend to play more than others would be Future, Kanye West and Usher.”

Besides DJ’g events and producing music for up-and-coming artists like Kyah Baby and Teddy Bear Taj, he and QueenzFlip co-host a podcast on YouTube titled, “Flip Da Script”. “Our podcast is pretty dope and it’s considered to be one of the top podcasts out right now. Queenzflip and I have been doing the show for a little over 3 years now and we’ve had some amazing guests such as Eric B., Cam’Ron, Adrian Broner, Lil’ Mama and Loaded Lux to name a few. It’s a lot of fun!”

G MONEY also stars in his own YouTube show tilted, “Picky Eater”, where he visits different restaurants, samples unconventional dishes and shares his reactions with the audience. The show is currently on hiatus while he works on the production side of his career. He has plans to drop new music and visuals in 2020. And don’t be surprised if he pops out with an album or mixtape!

“I’m putting in all of this hard work to eventually establish myself as one of the top DJs/Producers in the game. I want to leave behind a legacy that will be talked about for years to come. It’s important for me to pass down what I’ve learned to up-and-coming DJs and producers to help them reach my level of success and beyond.”

Spoken like a true student of the game. To date, he has DJ’d for TruTV’s hit show “impractical Jokers” at Comic Con in San Diego, private events for LL Cool J and has been featured on BET’s 106th & Park and VH1 shows Gossip Girl” and “Mob Wives”.

I’d say G MONEY is well on his way to accomplishing his goals!

Social media:

Instagram: @DJGMONEY156

Twitter: @DJGMONEY


FLIP Da SCRIPT” Podcast:



Sleep in Peace Tykeem 💜🙏🏾🕊

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dj a.z.

Introducing DJ A.Z. aka “MR.SEEIT2BLVIT” hailing from Rosedale, Queens.

DJ A.Z. is of Haitian decent. He grew up in a strict household that didn’t approve of the Hip-Hop culture. “My parents didn’t allow me to be engaged in the Hip Hop world. I would beg my mother to spend the night over my cousin’s house because after my aunt sent us to bed, my cousin would leave the radio on all night and I’d get to hear all the new music and dope artists that were trending at the time. That’s how I stayed connected to Hip-Hop.”

He was particularly fascinated with the DJs and how they cut, blended and spun records. “I was mesmerized with the DJs and how they played. Hearing them take a hot record and blend it with another hot record to create an even hotter record was amazing to me!”

The first time A.Z. went to a live party and saw first hand how the DJ controlled the crowd and the mood of the party, he knew it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

A.Z. began DJ’g in 2007 after finishing high school. He started off doing small, local events while he saved up money to buy his own equipment and rent spaces to practice his craft.

DJ’g was no hobby, this was his future. “I didn’t want to be like other DJ’s who just played songs and pushed buttons. Because to me, the turntables are an instrument. I wanted to learn how to manipulate the TurnTables backwards and forwards and be able to scratch and blend records with precision.”

He looked to local DJ’s who were well-experienced for guidance. They helped A.Z. build his library of music and taught him the basics of rocking a party. “At that point I felt I knew enough and had the confidence to DJ in a club.”

He began DJ’g regularly at local venues, gaining experience and making a name for himself. “That worked until I took a huge loss in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit. All of my equipment was destroyed and I was forced to start over from the ground up.”

A.Z. was determined to move past this loss and rebuild. It took some time but he eventually bought new equipment and got back to DJ’g clubs and lounges. “I was excited to be back on my grind! I turned it up a notch and began branding myself and I haven’t looked back since.”

A.Z. describes his style of DJ’g as aggressive and unorthodox. “Behind the set I am aggressive and spontaneous. I try to stay away from cliché mixes, for example “Maria Maria” blending into “Wild Thoughts” (laughing). My song selections and mixes are different every time I play, which helps keep other DJ’s from biting my mixes and claiming them as their own.”

He is a definite crowd pleaser and plays for the enjoyment of the masses. “I am well versed on the genres of music I play and I have an intense passion for pleasing the crowd. I like to get in and out of records a little quicker than the average DJ, which I learned from watching the greats before me. I studied their scratching, blending and joggling techniques, added parts of them to my own flavor and created my unique style.”

A.Z. aspires to become successful DJ and producer while keeping the true art of DJ’g alive. “The more and more times are changing, the more and more I feel the DJ is being forgotten about. During the golden years of Hip-Hop, an emcee wouldn’t dream of performing without his DJ. Things are very different now with the changes and developments in technology.”

And he won’t let the industry forget how important the presence of a live DJ is. “The art of DJ’g has changed from carrying crates full of records and having to know what BPM’s are. Now we carry our laptops and create playlists on the computer. Inventions like the iPad and digital music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify have made it to where people don’t feel they need a live DJ at their event.  But I think the DJ’s position in Hip-Hop is still very important. A computer can’t bring the energy that a live DJ can. It also can’t measure the crowd’s temperature or know what’s hot in the streets.”

A.Z. likes to put on a show while he’s spinning. “Sometimes I may get on the mic and tell a story that relates to the next song I’m gonna play to, you know, hype the record a bit. I also play in sets based off the vibe of the crowd. My ear for music is different. I know when to play the cliché “hottest record” then mix it up by throwing on a record that no one expects to hear in a club or a throwback record that puts the crowd in a zone. I’m pretty great at what I do, you gotta see it to believe it!”

He was fortunate enough to grow up during the best eras of Hip-Hop, from the late 80’s to early 2000’s. “I’ve seen first hand how the course of Hip-Hop has changed. There are so many DJ’s and artists who have influenced my career, as well as some historical events in Hip-Hop that influenced me to become a DJ. I feel blessed and grateful to be a part of this culture.”

DJ A.Z. released his first mixtape titled, “iB“, last winter. The tape featured new artists from various states. He personally traveled to each of their cities to record songs with them. “It was a dope experience! I called it, “The Vacation Tour”. I visited the inner cities of New York, Boston, Miami and many other states. I learned how much work really goes into putting together a complete project.”

He has plans to produce more music in the future but for now A.Z.’s focus is branding himself to become a household name and continuing to put his talents on display at a venue near you.

Keep an eye on this rising star, DJ A.Z., he is sure to leave his mark on the Hip-Hop culture!