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FLIP J HENDRIXS already has the underground music scene in a chokehold, now he’s climbing out the manhole headed for the top spot!

A rebel born in Harlem, USA (via 138th St. in Mitchell Projects) and raised in the South Bronx, FLIP has no problem standing up and standing out. His distinct musical sound is a beautiful combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, Drill Rap, Caribbean vibes and R&B. “Basically I draw from all different genres of music. There’s no limit to my versatility. My style is unidentified. I’m different, that’s the difference.”

Oddly enough his music career began the day he buried his father. Needing to focus on something other than the difficulty of losing his loved one, FLIP sat down and conversed with his father’s mentor. “KEITH and I were chopping it up at the service, reminiscing about my Pops when he randomly asked me if I rapped. I was like, “Hell yeah I rap!”, and at that exact moment my dreams came alive! I hit the studio right after my Pop’s funeral service and never looked back.”

Five years later, we can see the progress FLIP’s laser focus has garnered him. He has a host of bangers streaming on your favorite music platforms, visuals available on his YouTube Channel and a new EP in the works. “I had to lock in on my music and start working towards my goals. No days off!”

When it comes to music and entertainment FLIP dabbles in a little bit of everything, He enjoys recording music, writing songs, creating beats and melodies and performing for the crowd. You’d be hard-pressed to find this ball of energy sitting still in any type of setting. “If I wasn’t rapping, I would probably be an extreme skateboarder who designs clothing and plays the guitar here and there. (Laughing) I love being active and doing creative and interesting things. I cannot be idle.”

After quietly observing the music scene, FLIP has seen and heard enough to know the pitfalls that come with a career in this industry, yet he is determined to become a success while staying true to himself. “There is some good, bad and ugly in this industry, like everything else in life. I want to keep it as real as possible. The music on my side of town is ok, but I’m a little bit tired of hearing it. The lack of individuality wears me out. As an artist I pride myself on being original. All of us artists can’t keep rapping about the same things. The people want different sounds and music that they can relate to.”

FLIP’s favorite artists include Lil Wayne and 50 CENT. He also has a fondness for New York’s 90’s Hip-Hop Era (which explains the authenticity in his style). I’m not sure most of today’s Rappers would’ve survived the 90’s when you actually had to have bars and a message. When asked to describe himself as a musician and why he chose his eccentric moniker, he broke down all of the different elements that make up the superstar persona of FLIP J HENDRIXS

I am a rockstar. I am a chameleon.
I can blend in with any genre of music.

Smoove, sensitive, bad boy type. Unique fashion sense. Grown man vibes. Enjoys uplifting others and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Very energetic, real active and animated. Brings a lot of energy with his skateboard, sporty vibes and bright colors.

A wise man once said, A self-aware man is a successful man and FLIP J HENDRIXS knows exactly who he is and what he wants. “I want the world, not just the streets. My wave is for the whole world to embrace, not just the block.”

FLIP the world can’t wait to hear what journey your musical imagination and high energy will take us on with your new project, let’s go!

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FISH + BREAD = UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed

Queens, N.Y. is known for breeding deft lyricists, intelligent hoodlums and prolific narrators…

Introducing new group FISH + BREAD = comprised of UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed.

UnOrthaDox’s moniker describes his unconventional style of rap which sets him apart from other emcees. Saint Deed’s represents his pure desire to do the good deed of spreading messages through his music.

The name “FISH + BREAD =” aptly references Bible verse Matthew 14:13-21 when Jesus feeds the masses with only five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish.

“Our music is the food that feeds the people. We strive to be the ones who enlighten the masses and change the game. We want to make a way and open doors for everyone.”

DEED and ORTHA are childhood friends whose longtime bond has made them family. Both artists were inspired to make music by their older siblings’ and cousins’ strong ties to 80’s Hip-Hop culture.

DEED’s older brother was a breakdancer who appeared in the classic film, “Beat Street” and his cousins were graffiti artists and B-boys. “My brother had a denim jacket with ‘Beat Street‘ graffitied on the back from the movie set. It was so dope! I would sneak in his room when he wasn’t around and try it on. (laughing)”

ORTHA had three older brothers who DJ’d, rapped and loved Hip-Hop music. One of his brothers, Sekou, even formed a rap group with his friends. “My house was like the studio. They were always at the crib practicing and writing rhymes. They heavily influenced me to make music.”

FISH + BREAD = is exactly what the game needs right now…a fresh, authentic sound. “Our music is different. We are unpredictable and original. We don’t follow trends. Our music is created from the heart and we don’t hide who we are. We want our audience to identify with us as individuals and genuinely enjoy our music.”

ORTHA and DEED are inspired by many different genres of music. Some of their favorites include NAS, 2 PAC, Fela Kuti, The Rolling Stones, Curtis Mayfield, Smokey Robinson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their diverse taste in music is evident in their sound.

Completely dedicated to their craft, these emcees put their blood, sweat and tears into every track. “We collectively compose, mix, and master our own tracks. We critique each other and send each track through a series of checks before we decide to drop it. We’re involved in every aspect of our music from beat selection to production.”

FISH + BREAD = recently released their new project “F1CM” (From One Came Many). The 7 track EP signifies the “FISH + BREAD =” mantra and perfectly introduces fans to their dope sound.

FISH + BREAD = are currently touring the metropolitan area promoting “F1CM“. You can catch them on the Music Makes Me High tour this Friday, September 14 at SOB’s alongside Hip-Hop Legends Mr. Cheeks, Royal Flush, Main Source, Positive K, Rah Digga, Brand Nubian, ED OG, Artifacts and Lords of the Underground.

UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed aren’t just here to make you dance and bop your head, it goes deeper…

“We are fans of Hip-Hop first. We don’t take the legends in the game for granted. We pay homage to those who came before us and emulate their prototype for success. Studying the greats keeps us sharp. Also, we encourage the youth to value themselves. Know that you already possess everything you need to succeed. Believe in yourself and find your purpose…no excuses.”






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On June 15th, 2018 NAS released his 12th studio album, “NASIR“, proving he is still the King Of Queens and one of the best lyricists in Hip-Hop, more than capable of holding his own among the millennial.

NASIR” debuted at #5 on the BillBoard Charts and sold just under 100,000 copies in its first week!  The album was released through NAS’ label, Mass Appeal Records.  It boasts 7 creative tracks produced by the gifted Kanye West and includes features from Puff Daddy and The-Dream.

NAS has never been one to shy away from social issues faced by his community and that hasn’t changed.  Track #2 “Cops Shot The Kid” ft. Kanye West samples Slick Rick’sChildren’s Story” and addresses the inordinate number of black men falling victim to undue violence by police.  Track #5 “Everything” featuring The-Dream and Kanye West contains a spine-tingling hook sung by The-Dream…”Dark boy don’t you cry, there’s too much life left in those eyes.  Don’t you let that face go waterfall, don’t you learn to love you scars and all.  Dark boy don’t you die, there just human let them lie.  You just know your world and speak your truth let them come to you for your love and your heart.

NASIR” is a great body of work, you won’t need your skip button.  And for those of us who actually appreciate lyrics as much as we love dope beats, thank you NAS!


Cops Shot The KidNAS ft. Kanye West


EVERYTHINGNAS ft. The-Dream and Kanye West