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New Artist…KoviNo


Introducing new artist and producer, KoviNo aka Big Kov, hailing from Southeast San Diego, C.A. His latest single, “CHECK”, dropped this month following up his recent hit, “30 in Racks”, featuring Harlem’s own, YEZO.

KoviNo comes from a city that has no big radio station or magazine dedicated to exposing their local hidden talent. Artists are often reluctant to work with each other for fear that they’ll be outshined and DJ’s don’t spin local artists and break their records. KoviNo decided that despite these obstacles he would make his mark in Hip-Hop.

But music was more than entertainment for Big Kov. Growing up in Southeast San Diego, C.A., an urban area plagued by gang violence, poverty and homicide, a young black child needs a positive outlet and a goal to focus on to keep him from straying towards the negative. Music was that outlet for KOV. “Dealing with struggles, tough times and fighting and scratching my way out of being a statistic in the hood inspired me to create music. Music helped me get through it all.”


He remembers hearing rap music for the first time in the 1st grade, “I had to be about 6 or 7 years old when I heard this song with an upbeat tempo and a rapper flowing on it and it gave me an adrenaline rush! I never knew music could connect to me in that way. I was hooked from that point. My parents weren’t big on listening to Hip-Hop so I would sneak and listen to the greats like DMX, LUDACRIS and LiL WAYNE.”

By the time he started high school, KOV was enthralled by Hip-Hop music and its unique culture. He was even writing raps of his own and dreaming of hearing them on the radio. Not yet confident enough to test the raps he’d been writing in private in front of an audience, he recorded his very first song at a friend’s house. “Salvador was the first person to put me on a mic. He had a little makeshift studio in his crib and we’d be in there for hours after school just playing around with different sounds. One day I said to myself, ‘Music is my life and I have to start somewhere.’ Man, I was so nervous and anxious because I had never rapped in front of anybody before! I faced my fears and recorded my first song, “Manic City”. That was my introduction to what it meant to be an artist.”

Concerned about what his future would be if he stayed in Southeast San Diego, KOV joined the Armed Forces. For four years he traveled the world and served the United States. “During my years of active duty I learned a lot about myself and a lot about the world. I was able to experience different cultures and see things I would never have seen if I stayed in SoCal. These adventures and my life experiences are all incorporated in my music.”

KoviNo’s new single “CHECK

KoviNo describes his style as a contemporary melodic, flow with relevant bars. He uses real life situations to tell stories through his songs. “I have definitely created my own lane. Anything I write comes from my everyday life, no cap in my rap (laughing). My knack for story telling, my arrangements, and the nature of the poetry I write sets me apart from other artists. My favorite artist of all time is LiL WAYNE because of his distinctive voice, word play and elite storytelling. His style definitely motivates me to become the best rapper I can be.”

KOV happens to be a certified audio engineer so he is skilled on both sides of the booth! “I fill the position of artist and engineer. I have the ability to mix and master songs, create beats and manipulate vocals and instruments. Knowing how to do all of that gives me a huge advantage. It quickens the process for me to go in and create and record a song because I can do the work from A to Z. I built my own in-home studio from scratch so I don’t have to wait for studio time or for a producer to be ready like most artists do.”

He spent the better part of 2020 and 2021 creating and releasing music, including two projects, “AFTERLIFE” and “FINESSE Season 1” and a variety of singles. 2022 promises to be more of the same with the recent release of two new singles, “30 in Racks” and “CHECK”. He is currently working on “FINESSE Season 2” which we can expect to drop some time in Spring 2022. BIG KOV is certainly doing his part to bring back real rap. “I love Hip-Hop and I want to make a real contribution to the culture by bringing back actual bars and lessons in the music. Music is constantly changing and evolving and so are we. The young ones need to hear our stories and understand how we survived the trenches and pushed past obstacles. Putting those jewels in the music can help them to avoid making the same mistakes. As artists we strive to be successful and gain fame but we also have a responsibility to make a positive impact during our journey.”

KoviNo was brave enough to share his greatest challenge as a person and an artist. “I had issues with anxiety. It was hard for me to get to the point where I was comfortable enough to put myself out there and showcase my talents. I am constantly working on being at ease with being in the spotlight. I hope my story can help others who are dealing with anxiety to build the courage to step out.”

We applaud KOV for being an artist who makes great music with no gimmicks. He plans to reach the highest heights in music while being a positive influence on the youth and staying true to himself. “My goal is to become a household name as a producer and an artist, making fans and not enemies and continue enjoying my journey as an artist. This is only the beginning…I know there’s much more to come for me. I’m looking forward to watching my career take shape!”

Check out KoviNo’s music it is streaming on all digital music platforms with visuals on YouTube, including his latest freestyle, “PUSHIN’ P”.

KoviNo “Pushin’ P freestyle”
KoviNo feat. Yezo “30 in Racks”
KoviNo “Darker Days”


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5ive7even Music Group proudly presents their newest artist MPRFLIGHTRISK. Born in Decatur, G.A. and raised in Compton California, MPR is turning his life story and struggles into strength and victory.

MPR began making music 2016 while in a work release program. After being released from prison and losing his mother, it was time to elevate. “It was a very difficult time in my life but it forced me to grow. The faith my mom had in me and my music inspired me to chase my dream no matter what obstacles I faced. I had some extra money set aside so I decided to lock in on my music. I put a song together and it sounded good! I received a lot of positive feedback from my Instagram followers and that gave me the confidence to keep going.”

Being of Puerto Rican and Creole descent, MPR’s style of rapping is quite unique. “Whats sets my style apart from others is that I naturally possess that island sound mixed with that hood vibe. I can rap so many different ways and easily change up my flow. And I am an aspiring actor so I incorporate different impersonations in my raps too. My music is also therapeutic. I rap the truth and give advice. It’s comforting to my audience because they can relate to my story and my struggle. I feel it’s important to send a message through your music. We need a balance of respect and love in the culture, not just negativity.”

This music industry is not for the weak. It takes laser focus, determination and an awesome team to succeed. MPR congratulates himself on being the ultimate artist with the support of his #AE team. “I have the talent, the look, the sound and a personality like no other. Even if I’m not having the best day, I can put on a smile, be on 10 and turn up! I know what it’s going to take to get me where I need to be and I have the drive to make it happen. I have been through hell and back but I refuse to quit. My work ethic, my vision and passion are unmatched. You have to work hard or you will lose! My goal is to have my family COMPLETELY situated…houses, cars, businesses, my niece’s and nephew’s tuition in cd accounts, etc… I want to put everyone positive around me in a position to win. Money, Power and Respect are major keys.”

Music is just the beginning for this mogul in the making. MPR has been working vigorously for years doing everything he can as an artist and an entrepreneur, learning the business and political sides of the music industry. He confesses that if he wasn’t making music he would be pursuing a career in acting and building a tattoo/barbershop business. “Today, artists who come from where we come from (the struggle, the streets, homelessness etc…) and become successful don’t do enough to help guide, tutor and mentor the youth. When I’m where I need to be as an artist, I’m going to help in every way I possibly can. I know exactly how it feels to need someone behind you pushing and encouraging you or someone to just take a chance on you and believe in you. I want to be that person to give other artists a chance and speak positivity into the youth, not the artist who glorifies drugs and guns.The younger generation needs to know there’s more to life than jail and the streets, because tomorrow is not promised and neither is today.”

MPR’s many musical influences include GUCCI MANE, NIPSEY HUSSLE, KEVIN GATES, YOUNG THUG, COACH K, P, QC, LIL BABY, POLO G, YG , JADE and BIG BANK. “These guys are some of my favorite artists because I admire their vision and the strategic way they move. But that dude MPRFLIGHTRISK is the one! He pop more shit than an old man with a beer can in his hands! (Laughing)

MPRFLIGHTRISK has two singles streaming on all digital music platforms, “Yns” and “BRAINFREEZE” Feat. 1500Yungin. He is currently working on his debut EP and a video documentary/Vlog both set to drop this year. Look out for the visuals to “BRAINFREEZE” coming soon.

Until then, his grind continues. “I just want everyone around me who is working so hard and keeps asking themselves, ‘When will it pay off?’, to know that our time has come. What these record labels are searching for in an artist…I AM HIM! The world will hear about me and watch my rise to the top very soon. I am MPRFLIGHTRISK and we Are now boarding…”

Follow him on Instagram for new music alerts and performance dates @MPRFLIGHTRISK.

MPRFLIGHTRISK Official Videos for “Yns” and “King of the Jungle“:

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New music from AR IMMORTAL “TGA”

The highly anticipated, debut album from explosive emcee AR IMMORTAL  is here!

A native of QueensBridge Projects, AR is surrounded by inspiration from some of the world’s most talented rappers. A student of the game, he spent the last 2 years meticulously composing his crafty bars and planning his grand entrance.

Fittingly dropping on 11/11, a number that resonates with motivation to move forward and taking inspired action, “TGA” is AR IMMORTAL’s first full-length project. And it does not disappoint. Comprised of 10 sturdy tracks, each song delivers a different message wrapped up in keen lyrics, tight production and beautiful samples. For this AR credits TURBEAZY and his impeccable engineering and producer JAMES BLACKMON who perfectly captured the vibe of each song. 

A studio engineer turned rapper, AR clearly used his aptitude on both sides of the booth to flex his heavy bar work. He remains raw and unfiltered from tracks one to ten, no skips! Each song is a unique piece that contributes to the peaceful yet radical tone of the album. In his own words AR states the goal for this project, “Touching people with my music is the most amazing thing about being an artist. I want to reach as many ears, in as many countries, as possible! I want to meet and connect with as many people on the planet as I’m able to through my music.”

For those of us who appreciate that boom-bap/real rap, here’s an album from a New York rapper that actually sounds like N.Y. instead of ATL. Stand out tracks on the album are, “NEW YORK“, an ode to his city (reminiscent of early Capone N Noreaga). “PTSD“, which addresses the state of mind Black American’s are in due to the adversity they face in this world. “FRIEND LIKE ME” is a cleverly done Hip-Hop serenade. A most welcome change from the typical rap song glamorizing cheating and objectifying women. “STB Freestyle” introduces fellow QB rapper, JRIP, and is the only feature on the album. JRIP starts the cypher as they effortlessly pop their shit over a dreamy breakbeat. AR closes out the album with “SPEAK (Freestyle)“, 3 minutes and 27 seconds of more fire bars and cunning wordplay.

AR IMMORTAL’s “TGA” album is a fresh vibe down to the dope ass album art. A brilliant blend of gritty, entertaining and enlightening Hip-Hop music. “TGA” is currently streaming on digital music platforms and is also available for purchase as an NFT. Do yourself a favor and take a journey through Queens with this gifted lyricist. I promise you will end up exactly where you need to be.