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New music from AR IMMORTAL “TGA”

The highly anticipated, debut album from explosive emcee AR IMMORTAL  is here!

A native of QueensBridge Projects, AR is surrounded by inspiration from some of the world’s most talented rappers. A student of the game, he spent the last 2 years meticulously composing his crafty bars and planning his grand entrance.

Fittingly dropping on 11/11, a number that resonates with motivation to move forward and taking inspired action, “TGA” is AR IMMORTAL’s first full-length project. And it does not disappoint. Comprised of 10 sturdy tracks, each song delivers a different message wrapped up in keen lyrics, tight production and beautiful samples. For this AR credits TURBEAZY and his impeccable engineering and producer JAMES BLACKMON who perfectly captured the vibe of each song. 

A studio engineer turned rapper, AR clearly used his aptitude on both sides of the booth to flex his heavy bar work. He remains raw and unfiltered from tracks one to ten, no skips! Each song is a unique piece that contributes to the peaceful yet radical tone of the album. In his own words AR states the goal for this project, “Touching people with my music is the most amazing thing about being an artist. I want to reach as many ears, in as many countries, as possible! I want to meet and connect with as many people on the planet as I’m able to through my music.”

For those of us who appreciate that boom-bap/real rap, here’s an album from a New York rapper that actually sounds like N.Y. instead of ATL. Stand out tracks on the album are, “NEW YORK“, an ode to his city (reminiscent of early Capone N Noreaga). “PTSD“, which addresses the state of mind Black American’s are in due to the adversity they face in this world. “FRIEND LIKE ME” is a cleverly done Hip-Hop serenade. A most welcome change from the typical rap song glamorizing cheating and objectifying women. “STB Freestyle” introduces fellow QB rapper, JRIP, and is the only feature on the album. JRIP starts the cypher as they effortlessly pop their shit over a dreamy breakbeat. AR closes out the album with “SPEAK (Freestyle)“, 3 minutes and 27 seconds of more fire bars and cunning wordplay.

AR IMMORTAL’s “TGA” album is a fresh vibe down to the dope ass album art. A brilliant blend of gritty, entertaining and enlightening Hip-Hop music. “TGA” is currently streaming on digital music platforms and is also available for purchase as an NFT. Do yourself a favor and take a journey through Queens with this gifted lyricist. I promise you will end up exactly where you need to be.

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DMX returned to the essence

ShuBangaShow is disheartened to report that after suffering a heart-attack that left him in a vegetative state for 5 days, legendary rapper/actor DMX has passed on.

He is survived by his 15 children and a multitude of family and friends. The Hip-Hop community is devastated by this loss.

After X’s hospitalization, WAAH DEAN, the CEO of RUFF RYDERS organized a vigil in front of White Plains Hospital in N.Y. for DARKMAN where hundreds of his family, friends and fans came out to spread positive energy and lift X up in prayer. Bikes and ATVs revved their engines, cars and trucks blared his music and people threw up the X in his honor.

A veteran in the Rap game, his debut album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was released in May of 1998 and featured the smash single, “Get At Me Dog” followed by his sophomore effort, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” released just seven months later in December of 1998 spawning another major hit, “We Don’t Give A Fuck” ft. The LOX. Both albums were certified multi-Platinum.

Throughout his wildly successful career DMX sold more than 74 million records worldwide, 14 of them certified platinum!

He is the first and only musician to have his first 5 albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard Charts, as well as the first and only musician to have their first and second albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard charts within the same year…SHEESH!

X was a highly talented emcee and songwriter who spit original, gritty rhymes. He used Hip-Hop to express the struggles he faced in his personal life, exposing his weaknesses and demons on tracks like, “Slippin’” and “Who We Be“. He proved his versatility on lighter tracks like “Party Up” and “How’s It Goin’ Down” ft. Sisqo a song for the ladies.

Fans were drawn to his authenticity, hard delivery and of course his famous growl…’GRRRR’

X’s energy level and stage presence were unmatched as he sold out arenas across the globe. If you never experienced a live performance by DARKMAN, you really missed out on something special.

His universal appeal and natural gift for dramatics led him straight to the silver screen to feature in big-budget films such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave and Last Hour. He also starred in his own reality television series DMX: Soul of a Man.

DMX is the epitome of perseverance. No matter how many times life knocked him down, he got back up and came back even stronger. He let the world into the darkest places of his heart and mind through his music as he prayed to GOD for deliverance from his demons.

How many of us are brave enough to shed light on the worst parts of ourselves in front of the whole world? I’ll wait…

Let us remember DMX as the legendary and iconic game-changer that he is and applaud his many, many accomplishments in the music and film industries.

DMX received 3 Grammy nominations, 5 MTV Video Music Award nominations, he won 3 American Music Awards, appeared in 19 films, 18 television shows, his voice role and likeness were used in the DEF JAM VENDETTA video game and published his autobiography entitled, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX. At the time of his death he was preparing to release a brand new album.

We will not judge this King, instead we will celebrate his life, music and legacy. We will pray for his soul and pray for the beautiful children, fiancé and family he left behind.

DMX is one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved sons. The world will mourn the loss of THE DOG forever.


EARL SIMMONS aka DMX/DARKMAN/THE DOG/X you are deeply loved and will be greatly missed. Rest in Heavenly Peace and Power King.

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Instagram: b.m.e._mel
Meet new artist B.M.E. MEL. His music paints a vivid picture of life for a young King in Queens, N.Y.
His new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring legendary rapper JUELZ SANTANA, has the underground buzzing!
MEL has been on his grind since 2016, recording and perfecting his sound. He credits his family for inspiring him to chase his dreams while cleverly using the nonbelievers to propel him to success.
“I’m definitely inspired by my family, especially my dad, but the nonbelievers and the haters push me even more. I have to the kill them with my success! I am naturally resilient and have a success-driven mentality which I apply to my music career.”
If MEL wasn’t rapping he says he would still be his own boss. “I can’t work for anybody else. I need to control my destiny.” Yet, he fell into the music game very unexpectedly…
“One day I was going to school and the train stopped temporarily in between stations. I needed to do something to pass the time so I decided to try and write a rap. I surprised myself when it turned out pretty good (Laughing). I decided to go to the studio and record it and I LOVED how I sounded rapping on an actual beat! I haven’t stopped rapping since that day.”
We all know that today’s music industry is heavily saturated with rappers and gimmicks, but MEL sets himself apart from the rest with his versatile and unpredictable style. He has the ability to switch up his flow to compliment any beat. “I really try not to have a set style because I like being unpredictable. I have so many different flows and sounds. I rap, I sing, I harmonize so when you press play you don’t know which MEL you’re gonna get.”
He prides himself on being from Queens and is determined to bring the spotlight back on his borough. “We have had so many iconic artists from this borough, but lately there haven’t been a lot of popular artists coming out of Queens. I will be the one to spark that flame.”
MEL’s early musical influences include, Queen’s own 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Cassidy and Meek Mill. These days you can catch him vibing to FivioForeign, DaBaby, Rod Wave, Yung Bleu, Neeko Power and A Boogie.
When asked how he feels about the current state of Hip-Hop music, MEL had this to say, “It may sound strange, but I have a love-hate relationship with Hip-Hop right now. See, I love the way the music game has transitioned to the point where the independent artist doesn’t need major label support to blow up. On the other hand, I hate that there’s much less individuality in the artists. Everyone is trying to sound like someone else instead of being themselves. Artists would rather sound and/or act like whatever artist is hot right now if they think it’s going to be beneficial to their career. I prefer to be authentic.”
Making music is only the starting point for B.M.E. MEL. He has a big list of dreams and goals. One of which is to put out a project with no features that reaches platinum status. “It takes a certain caliber of artist, a very special one, to accomplish that and my skills and confidence level are up for the challenge.”

He also plans to start his own record label in the future so he can open up doors for other artists and help take their careers to the next level. “This is our culture and we need to create generational wealth from it. It’s all about prospering so you can help the next man. That’s the type of energy I bring with me everywhere I go, so I can’t lose.”

B.M.E. MEL is busy wrapping up two projects for release this year. The first project titled,”Ready Since Birth”, features Neeko Powerz, KDOTEM and YO MRTN. The second is his solo project titled, “Be Motivated Everyday”, hence his moniker, B.M.E. MEL.
No specific dates for these project’s releases, but in the meantime check out his YouTube Channel, BMEMEL Music and NKOPWRZ‘ new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring B.M.E. MEL x JUELZ SANTANA currently steaming on iTunes.
After hearing this track I’m excited to hear what else B.M.E. MEL’s got up his sleeve!
Gotta Get It”:

“No Pad, No Pencil” video: