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DMX returned to the essence

ShuBangaShow is disheartened to report that after suffering a heart-attack that left him in a vegetative state for 5 days, legendary rapper/actor DMX has passed on.

He is survived by his 15 children and a multitude of family and friends. The Hip-Hop community is devastated by this loss.

After X’s hospitalization, WAAH DEAN, the CEO of RUFF RYDERS organized a vigil in front of White Plains Hospital in N.Y. for DARKMAN where hundreds of his family, friends and fans came out to spread positive energy and lift X up in prayer. Bikes and ATVs revved their engines, cars and trucks blared his music and people threw up the X in his honor.

A veteran in the Rap game, his debut album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was released in May of 1998 and featured the smash single, “Get At Me Dog” followed by his sophomore effort, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” released just seven months later in December of 1998 spawning another major hit, “We Don’t Give A Fuck” ft. The LOX. Both albums were certified multi-Platinum.

Throughout his wildly successful career DMX sold more than 74 million records worldwide, 14 of them certified platinum!

He is the first and only musician to have his first 5 albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard Charts, as well as the first and only musician to have their first and second albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard charts within the same year…SHEESH!

X was a highly talented emcee and songwriter who spit original, gritty rhymes. He used Hip-Hop to express the struggles he faced in his personal life, exposing his weaknesses and demons on tracks like, “Slippin’” and “Who We Be“. He proved his versatility on lighter tracks like “Party Up” and “How’s It Goin’ Down” ft. Sisqo a song for the ladies.

Fans were drawn to his authenticity, hard delivery and of course his famous growl…’GRRRR’

X’s energy level and stage presence were unmatched as he sold out arenas across the globe. If you never experienced a live performance by DARKMAN, you really missed out on something special.

His universal appeal and natural gift for dramatics led him straight to the silver screen to feature in big-budget films such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave and Last Hour. He also starred in his own reality television series DMX: Soul of a Man.

DMX is the epitome of perseverance. No matter how many times life knocked him down, he got back up and came back even stronger. He let the world into the darkest places of his heart and mind through his music as he prayed to GOD for deliverance from his demons.

How many of us are brave enough to shed light on the worst parts of ourselves in front of the whole world? I’ll wait…

Let us remember DMX as the legendary and iconic game-changer that he is and applaud his many, many accomplishments in the music and film industries.

DMX received 3 Grammy nominations, 5 MTV Video Music Award nominations, he won 3 American Music Awards, appeared in 19 films, 18 television shows, his voice role and likeness were used in the DEF JAM VENDETTA video game and published his autobiography entitled, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX. At the time of his death he was preparing to release a brand new album.

We will not judge this King, instead we will celebrate his life, music and legacy. We will pray for his soul and pray for the beautiful children, fiancé and family he left behind.

DMX is one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved sons. The world will mourn the loss of THE DOG forever.


EARL SIMMONS aka DMX/DARKMAN/THE DOG/X you are deeply loved and will be greatly missed. Rest in Heavenly Peace and Power King.

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TYREE GIBSON presents…

Meet TYREE “TY” GIBSON the brilliant producer and director of the gritty new Indie web-series, “THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story“, an episodic tale about the happenings between two rival gangs competing for the top spot in the underworld of Queensbridge, the biggest housing project in North America.

A native of Queensbridge, TY has seen and done a lot during his years growing up in the infamous projects. “Growing up in QB was rough, so much shit goes on within these 6 blocks. You need some type of hobby to keep you focused or you may not survive the streets. For me it was writing and telling stories. I began writing THE PYRAMID while I was in Drake Business School back in 1998. The world is fascinated by Queensbridge projects and loves to hear stories about it, so why not write about my hood? I knew a QB story would captivate audiences.”

TY’s creativity and passion for story-telling developed into this scripted series that is fictional, yet draws on real-life dilemmas that occur in an housing project. TY’s ability to merge his broad life experiences with his wildly vivid imagination proves to be a perfect combination. “My vision for this series is crazy! I really got into my creative bag and dug deep for this. This series bleeds authenticity. People can relate to the story line either from their own experiences or from someone they know. I put in a lot of hard work to bring this story to life. It had to be done right. Failure was not an option.”

Highly influenced by ingenious film directors/producers Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, TY wrote, directed and hand-picked the entire cast for this project. He even cast himself in the role of “Black P“, one of the OG’s in the series.

The premise of the story is Black P’s return to QB after serving 15 years in prison for drugs and a murder he committed during a shootout with a rival gang. The plot thickens when Black P discovers that while he was away his brother, Rah, has befriended that same rival crew. This causes major conflict between Black P and Hound’s crews. The sequence of events to follow will leave you on the edge of your seat open-mouthed!

Although TY wrote and produced the entire project, he refuses to take full credit for the web-series’ success. “I am so blessed to be working with such a wonderful group of actors and actresses. Each cast member brings their unique personality and passion to the character they play which enhances the story, it’s impressive. My goal as a filmmaker is to always be super creative and bring out the best in any actor or actress that I work with. I’m definitely grateful for my amazing cast.”

The biggest challenge TY faced making this project was learning how to maneuver behind the camera. “Listen man, I’m a writer and I was not familiar with the camera at all. (Laughing) So I recruited FAHARGO to film the series and he did not disappoint. He did an incredible job of shooting THE PYRAMID. Salute brother!”

It is important to TY that he give opportunities and create films that prosper the Black culture. “It’s one of the reasons Spike Lee is my favorite filmmaker. I appreciate how he opened, or should I say, kicked down so many doors for Black people in film. The careers of many Black actors and actresses were started because he gave them a chance. Spike also showed Black people in a many different lights and I plan to do the same with my films. For so long we were cast as maids, drug dealers/addicts, absent parents, thieves, etc…We were always the villains in the story. Thankfully, that has changed and the evolution of the Black character sees us cast in roles as the hero or the intelligent lead in films like “BLACK PANTHER” (Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman) and “HIDDEN FIGURES“. It’s a beautiful thing!”

TY recently fulfilled a life-long dream of his to start his own business with the establishment of The Pyramid A QB Story Production Company. “I have dreamt of this day for a long time and it feels great to see it come to fruition! What’s even greater is that I will be able to provide opportunities to others interested in pursuing a career in film. As a Black man and a Black filmmaker, It is my responsibility to create diverse films that celebrate us. It’s not just about me. It’s about our youth, giving them hope for the future and showing them they can do anything in this life if they work hard. It’s also about my peers and reminding them of the same. My life is a testimony of how you can overcome difficult circumstances and still rise if you believe in yourself. ALWAYS BET ON YOU!”

TY is busy writing episodes for Season 2 of THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story” while creating a second series, not yet titled, catering to the female demographic. The first 6 episodes of Season 1 are currently available for viewing on YouTube. Go check it out!

2021 looks like it’s going to be a productive and exciting year for TYREE GIBSON and The Pyramid A QB Story Production Company!

Season 1 Episodes 1-6 of “THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story“:












Meet SETH WRIGHT, a promising new actor born and raised in South Pasadena, California.  He most recently starred in the amazing indie film, “NINETEEN SUMMERS”, directed by ROD S. SCOTT.  “I’ve lived in California my whole life.  It’s the ‘Sunshine State’ to some people, but there are some really rough areas here too.  When I got into my teens I started getting into a lot of trouble.  Instead of getting the most out of high school, I was being exposed to probation and correctional facilities.  Those experiences made me really lock in and focus on finding a career that I would enjoy.  It was also important to me to spread a positive message to the world.”
His bad behavior during high school left his graduation in question.  “I didn’t know if I was going to graduate on-time, I was 3 years behind! My mom asked me if I was interested in acting and offered to pay for my classes at a studio she had visited with my Auntie Debbie.  It was the Richard Lawson studio at the Waco Theatre in North Hollywood.”  SETH registered for an four-month course where they taught him the fundamentals of auditioning and film making.  He admits that initially it was nerve-wracking and difficult, but it also made him feel alive and fulfilled and helped him realize that he loved acting.
Now that SETH had found his purpose, it was time to act on it, no pun intended.  He was 18 years old, fresh out of high school and feeling like the sky was the limit!.  He began submitting for various auditions and casting calls.  “I was so focused and ready to work.  I would take the train and the bus to my auditions, even walk if it came to that.  I had to make it by any means necessary.   Thankfully, I’ve been a working actor ever since.”  No matter what role he’s chooses, he stays true to himself by finding a way to bleed Seth Wright into the character.  “I play my character to the fullest but I also bring different parts of me.  Whether it be negative, positive or my comedic side.  That is how I bring truth into the script.” 
“NINETEEN SUMMERS” is a very important film that addresses a few of the many issues our young black men are facing in today’s society.  SETH plays the role of Cartoon, one of the best friends of the main character, DeAndre.  “It’s kind of funny, I actually went to audition for the role of Willie (the other friend of DeAndre’s in the movie), but the moment he saw which script I was reading, he took it back, gave me Cartoon’s script and said, “Read this one instead.”  I think the director liked the fact that I didn’t have to try too hard to get into character.  It was natural.” 
After shooting wrapped and SETH watched the completed film, he was impressed with how real one scene in particular played out.  “I don’t want to give up too much of the movie, but watching the scene where we all got pulled over by the cops, man it felt like it was stripped right out of my memory!  Hearing the cop say, “Loud jungle music, now get out the car!”, sounds spot on! It’s exactly how they communicate with us young black men.”  Cartoon’s character was great because he revealed his emotional side at times during the film.  He showed that he was vulnerable and not tough all of the time. A lot of movies depict individuals who are in gangs as totally violent and macho, when in reality, a lot of them are regular men and women who fell into the wrong lifestyle or are going through rough times and lost hope.  It’s not easy for everyone from the ‘hood to pull themselves up and find something constructive to do or something positive they can monetize.” 
“NINETEEN SUMMERS” brings a story that most people in America who live in a neighborhood polluted with drugs and weapons can relate to on a personal level and can understand from a third-person perspective.  “To me the main premise of “NINETEEN SUMMERS” is how being imbedded in that gang/street lifestyle will leave you and your closest friends dead or in a jail cell.  I know it sounds cliche, but I definitely think it’s pivotal for the black community to have an understanding of this lifestyle without glorifying it.  It’s all up to the viewer how they perceive it.  I am very proud to be a part of this film because it can help inspire people going through the similar situations and may help them to figure out what they want to do with their lives.  It is very important for our culture to stop glorifying gangs and gang violence in our media and in our music. It’s literally taking away people’s lives, leaving them dead or in prison!”
For SETH acting isn’t just a means of employment, he genuinely desires to touch people’s lives.  “Acting allows me to impact people’s lives through films and entertainment.  When I’m acting I feel powerful and connected!”  He cites his parents and his sister as his early influences, then celebrity podcaster Gary Vaynerchuk, rapper T.I.P. and film maker Jordan Peele as his later ones.  As he works on his craft, he aspires to have the range of a Will Smith and become an actor who is instrumental in the movement to portray black people in a more realistic and positive manner.  “Films and media need to show what we do and how we contribute to society positively.  They also need to bring light to the negative patterns that a lot of black people face in their lives.” 
SETH has many interests besides his budding acting career.  “I am constantly growing and learning who I am by actively educating myself on everything I want to be in life.  I’m gradually gaining experience in different fields and honing my skills in each one. I recently found out that I have a love for fixing automobiles and also started growing my own YouTube channel with the mother of our soon to be born child.  It’s really an exciting time in my life!”  We’re looking forward to seeing how the career of this bright young actor with such vast potential unfolds!
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