new artist…EMGE

Introducing new rap artist EMGE from Bergen, West Coast of Norway. His music career, in his words, just happened. “My friends and I were hanging together everyday making beats, skating and doing graffiti. It just came naturally in i think.” EMGE’s dope beats and sharp lyrics mixed with his 90’s flow separate him from the […]

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new music…ROX

ROX, formerly known as ROX aka Mr. Young Richie Rich, is ready to release the beast.  He hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., the home of rap Gods like Jay Z and Fabolous, so you know he’s got some real heat!   ROX’s infatuation with music began with his sister, who was a singer. He always admired her talent and wished he was […]

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T.K.O. the People’s Champ

T.K.O. The People’s Champ was an elite emcee from the infamous 40 projects, where tomorrow is not promised. Raised up around drugs and violence, he fell into a life of crime at a very young age and spent many years in and out of correctional facilities. During those bids, only two things kept him focused…boxing […]

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new artist…AYE WUN

Introducing new artist AYE WUN, the self-proclaimed ‘Philippine Guilloutine’ from Queens, N.Y. AYE WUN‘s lyrics slice like a Ginsu, killing any doubts you had about an Asian rapper’s ability to spit. He was heavily influenced by Hip Hop music and fascinated by the art forms of emcee’g and graffiti. “I knew the names of all […]

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new artist…Big Boss Mulaa

Introducing new artist Big Boss Mulaa from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens. Mulaa started his career on the opposite side of the industry managing artists. “About 4 or 5 months ago I was playing around in the studio vibing on a beat while an artist I managed was recording and the music took over my mind. It […]

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Meet up-and-coming Queensbridge rapper, JAY ROZAY.  For some new artists it takes many years to catch fire in the streets, but not this guy.  In less than 2 years his collection of  videos on YouTube have amassed more than 400,000 views! JAY has always loved music, especially Hip-Hop. He started spitting rhymes at only 13 […]

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