Meet innovative filmmaker RON ADKINS from LeFrak City, Queens, N.Y. RON was introduced to movies and the film industry at an early age. “My mom worked for New Line Cinema. She worked on movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday, Rush Hour and other popular films. She would bring home screeners of the films for […]


Introducing The OBE AMALGAMATION, also known as The AMAL, comprised of SLIM DADDA Q and SMART-MAN. SLIM DADDA Q is an artist and songwriter. SMART-MAN is an audio engineer and music producer. Together, this dynamic duo create beautiful, conscious music. These talented brothers engage in the study of Islam and design their music to elevate […]

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North Philadelphia neighborhood Rap Star turned superstar, MEEK MILL (Robert Rihmeek Williams), can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief!  Twelve long years after MEEK was arrested at 19 years old on gun and drug charges, his criminal case has officially been closed.  After he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor firearm charge, Philadelphia prosecutors dismissed […]


ALIBI JONES new artist out of Buffalo, N.Y. For ALIBI JONES music has always been an important part of life.  “Music and writing have always been integral parts of my life and development as a person. Ever since I was a little kid I’d write short stories and poems. When I started listening to Hip-Hop and Rap music […]

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A.R. IMMORTAL Let me be the first to put you on to A.R. IMMORTAL, the hottest artist coming out of QueensBridge Projects in New York City.  In case you were wondering what the A.R. stands for…it’s and acronym for Always Remember. The perfect moniker for this unforgettable and explosive emcee! “I’m from Queensbridge, on the […]


Allow me to reintroduce rap artist INNOCENT? from East New York, Brooklyn. There’s no question he has the ability to sit at the top of the BillBoards. He started experimenting with making music in the mid to late 90’s when Hip-Hop was at its apex. “Writing is easy for me, always has been. I was […]

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Meet rising comedian, producer and chef, Tom “BIG T” Farrell, from Brooklyn, N.Y. He realized his talent for making the world a happier place while scrolling through Instagram. “I randomly clicked on an Instagram post location.  It led me to this school that offered comedy classes. I signed up and attended my first class on […]

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Superstar Rah

Introducing brand new artist, Superstar Rah, from the Bronx, N.Y.   His ambition, drip  and unique vision will change the wave of Hip-Hop…get ready! Superstar Rah recently decided to get serious about being an artist thanks to some encouragement from his older brother.  “I always felt like I lived the lifestyle of a rapper.  I had the […]

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Rashaun Ali

  Introducing rapper and producer, RASHAUN ALI, hailing from New York City. RASHAUN was inspired to make music at a very young age. He learned to play piano by memory, never learning to read sheet music. “Learning piano this way allowed me to tap into my creative side. I make the best music when I […]

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Brooklyn’s own…Chedda B

Meet new artist, CHEDDA B, from Brooklyn, N.Y. Oddly enough, he didn’t start out as a rapper, but you couldn’t tell that listening to his bars! CHEDDA made the transition from manager to artist in 2012. “I actually never wanted to make music or be an artist. I aspired to manage talent and become CEO […]

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New artist…FABB E. MULA

Introducing new artist FABB E MULA from LeFrak City, Queens. Although music comes naturally to FABB, he drew even more influence from watching his uncle, Midnite Blu rap with his group Coalition Cartel in the 90’s. “I’ve been around music my whole life and my music is inspired by my life. Being the father of […]

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SouthSide Jamaica, Queens has a diamond in the ruff by the name of Tyise Troy Garrett aka LiL RAFE. RAFE was introduced to rap music at a very young age. “My family is full of music lovers, so growing up in that environment it was hard not to recite words from the different songs they […]

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Introducing amazing new artist, song-writer and C.E.O., 88 LO. He is far from your average rapper. A triple-threat, he raps, produces and sings his own hooks. He is also C.E.O. of his own label, 88 MUSIC GROUP, LLC. His innate ability to think beyond his circumstances and great business mind definitely put him ahead of the curve. From […]

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New artist…Bricks

Introducing new artist BRICKS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After listening to him spit, I can agree that he named himself accordingly…he is HARD. BRICKS has been making music since he was eleven years old. “I started off just listening to music and rapping to myself. Then I starting writing my raps down. My life, my emotions […]

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New artist…BlueFace

The newest drip in Hip-Hop is West Coast rapper BlueFace BleedEm a.k.a. BlueFace. Although he enjoyed rap music and listened to 50 Cent, G-Unit, The Game and Snoop Dogg, being a rapper was not his dream, being a quarterback was. In high school he was the star quarterback at Arleta H.S. which earned him a full […]

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New artist, Lil Shakur, was born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, listening to rap phenomenons The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, and Fabolous. Shakur embraced their influences then created his own style and lyrical flow that fuses Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap, and Reggae music genres.  This is evident on his latest single, “Never Wake Up” which premiered in November of 2018 […]



The rap game has become repetitive in some aspects.  New artist, SAVAGE 5ive from Brooklyn, N.Y., is here to change that.  His mission?  To sew up the holes in the rap game with his tight flow. SAVAGE 5ive uses his real life trials and tribulations as his inspiration for making music.  “I’ve experienced so many different facets of […]


new artist…BFM.Shwaggyc

Introducing new artist BFM.SHWAGGYc from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens where you either trappin’ or you rappin’…he wisely chose the latter. SHWAGGYc is a part of the BFM (Blue Face Mafia) Clique which is comprised of himself, BFM.FUEGO, BFM.MARKYGz, BFM.CAPONE and BFM.MILAN.  They started out as a group of close friends making music together for fun and because it kept them off the mean […]

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New R&B sensation FRANK VOCALS

New R&B crooner FRANK VOCALS hails from Boston, M.A.  His music clearly fills a huge void in the male R&B/Soul category.  His songs boast honest, candid and explicit lyrics served over deep, melodic bass beats and soothing harmonies.  His music speaks for the grown man who wants to be allowed to express his feelings and be passionate […]

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new artist…Latinn Dinero

Introducing new artist Latinn Dinero from Brooklyn, New York. Latinn started rapping in his sophomore year of high school. “I always wrote music, I was just caught up in the streets. I started taking it seriously about a year or 2 ago. I was tired of doing what I was doing on the streets. A […]

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Introducing up and coming artist TOPFIVEE, from Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  No question about his confidence in his talent…his name says it all. TOPFIVEE’s love affair with music started as a child.  “Music has been flowing through my veins since I was a little boy.  Growing up I loved music more than anything else. I would […]

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Introducing N.F.L. NIQUE, talented new artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. After being released from prison in 2017, NIQUE knew he had to change his life. He turned to music, the only consistently positive thing in his life. He got serious and put all of his energy and focus into becoming the hottest rapper out of […]

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Ken and Lisa Ivy

Meet Ken “Pimpin’ Ken” Ivy, a combination of razor sharp wit, vivid personality and enough swagger for 10 men.  As a former pimp, yes I said it, pimp…Ken has mastered the art of “game” and how to play it…extraordinarily well. Ken grew up on the tough streets of East Side, Milwaukee and by the grace of […]

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Cliff Vmir “Pink City”

Meet Cliff Vmir…renowned celebrity hair stylist whose passion for hair styling made him a millionaire at 19 years old! Cliff was born in New Jersey and raised in Delaware. He knew early in his life that hair and fashion would be a big part of his life. He began practicing hair styling on his Barbie […]

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ATLANTA HIT MAKERS Top 10 Video Countdown Show

Entrepreneur, Willie Millionaire, is bringing us another bangin’ season of the #1 independent video countdown show in the country…ATLANTA HIT MAKERS! Reminiscent of BET’s Rap City: The Basement, ATLANTA HIT MAKERS showcases Hip-Hop’s hottest underground acts and rising stars. “Our show gives independent artists a unique opportunity to have their music videos featured on national […]

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new artist…JP CALI SMOOV

Meet JP Cali Smoov master lyricist and aspiring actor from Los Angeles, California. JP has been making music his entire life and is now ready to take his well-deserved place in the industry . “Music runs in my family. My mom, dad, aunts and uncles were all involved in music whether it was producing, singing, dancing […]

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Loose Skrewz “White Rhino”

Meet new artist Loose Skrewz from Bayshore, Long Island.  His style of emcee’ing is reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop when emcees actually had to spit bars…not so much these days. Skrewz is inspired to rhyme by dope beats and thrives off of the constant encouragement from his friends and family.  “I want to […]

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new music: F.C.F. “The Crew”

Introducing new group F.C.F. (Fam Come F1rst), with members 360, K-Star & DJ Takeova from LeFrak City, Queens, N.Y. These guys’ desire to make music was inspired by their love for music and poetry. “We all loved music and poetry growing up, so it became an inevitable path as we matured.  We freestyled for one […]

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new artist…EMGE

Introducing new rap artist EMGE from Bergen, West Coast of Norway. His music career, in his words, just happened. “My friends and I were hanging together everyday making beats, skating and doing graffiti. It just came naturally in i think.” EMGE’s dope beats and sharp lyrics mixed with his 90’s flow separate him from the […]

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new music…ROX

ROX, formerly known as ROX aka Mr. Young Richie Rich, is ready to release the beast.  He hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., the home of rap Gods like Jay Z and Fabolous, so you know he’s got some real heat!   ROX’s infatuation with music began with his sister, who was a singer. He always admired her talent and wished he was […]

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T.K.O. the People’s Champ

T.K.O. The People’s Champ was an elite emcee from the infamous 40 projects, where tomorrow is not promised. Raised up around drugs and violence, he fell into a life of crime at a very young age and spent many years in and out of correctional facilities. During those bids, only two things kept him focused…boxing […]

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new artist…AYE WUN

Introducing new artist AYE WUN, the self-proclaimed ‘Philippine Guilloutine’ from Queens, N.Y. AYE WUN‘s lyrics slice like a Ginsu, killing any doubts you had about an Asian rapper’s ability to spit. He was heavily influenced by Hip Hop music and fascinated by the art forms of emcee’g and graffiti. “I knew the names of all […]

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new artist…Big Boss Mulaa

Introducing new artist Big Boss Mulaa from SouthSide Jamaica, Queens. Mulaa started his career on the opposite side of the industry managing artists. “About 4 or 5 months ago I was playing around in the studio vibing on a beat while an artist I managed was recording and the music took over my mind. It […]

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Meet up-and-coming Queensbridge rapper, JAY ROZAY.  For some new artists it takes many years to catch fire in the streets, but not this guy.  In less than 2 years his collection of  videos on YouTube have amassed more than 400,000 views! JAY has always loved music, especially Hip-Hop. He started spitting rhymes at only 13 […]

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new artist AMMO BAHITI

Meet new artist AMMO BAHITI from Canarsie, Brooklyn , N.Y. AMMO’s music is inspired by the things he goes through. “My life experiences inspire me to make music. I use music as a getaway.” He started taking music seriously when he was 13 years old. “I’ve been rapping since like 7 or 8 years but I […]

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FISH + BREAD = UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed

Queens, N.Y. is known for breeding deft lyricists, intelligent hoodlums and prolific narrators… Introducing new group FISH + BREAD = comprised of UnOrthaDox and Saint Deed. UnOrthaDox’s moniker describes his unconventional style of rap which sets him apart from other emcees. Saint Deed’s represents his pure desire to do the good deed of spreading messages […]

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The Ryan Show back-to-school drive

Meet the good people of The Ryan Show variety show and podcast: founder and host Ryan Verneuille, socialite and co-host Dave Hampton and Hip-Hop legend Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz. They recently partnered up with Mike Dowd, star of the Netflix documentary, “The Seven Five” to organize a back-to-school drive to help the children […]

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Introducing yet another multi-talented artist out of Georgia, TK KRAVITZ. The rapper/singer/songwriter inked a solo deal with a 300 Entertainment after leaving the duo, TK-N-Cash. TK’s first solo release was a self-titled mixtape,”TK KRAVITZ”, a solid body of work that included appearances by Ty Dollar $ign, DeJ Loaf and YFN Lucci. His distinctive sound is […]

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new artist…Imaproblem

Introducing new artist Imaproblem from Queens, N.Y. Imaproblem always loved Hip-Hop music.  He began rapping at age 13, free-styling with his friends in the neighborhood.  When he stepped into a battle cypher his name said it all…the competition knew he was going to be a problem. He is a passionate artist who makes music from the […]

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peia alexander “Winning Season”

PEIA ALEXANDER was born in Chicago and raised in BedStuy, Brooklyn.  She grew up surrounded by music.  Her father ran the New York City night-life and her step-father was a DJ and a publicist.  She learned everything she could from her dads.  She even served as an assistant to them when she came of age. PEIA knew from a very young age that she […]

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Ki Capone & Daz Dillinger “STARTENDER”

We expect nothing less than greatness when legends collaborate on a track and that’s exactly what happens when Queens meets Long Beach on “STARTENDER” by supreme producer DAZ DILLINGER and legendary emcee KI CAPONE. Oddly enough, DAZ and CAPONE started out as enemies on wax back in 1996 when Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound and the late Nate Dogg dropped the song […]

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