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New Artist…KoviNo


Introducing new artist and producer, KoviNo aka Big Kov, hailing from Southeast San Diego, C.A. His latest single, “CHECK”, dropped this month following up his recent hit, “30 in Racks”, featuring Harlem’s own, YEZO.

KoviNo comes from a city that has no big radio station or magazine dedicated to exposing their local hidden talent. Artists are often reluctant to work with each other for fear that they’ll be outshined and DJ’s don’t spin local artists and break their records. KoviNo decided that despite these obstacles he would make his mark in Hip-Hop.

But music was more than entertainment for Big Kov. Growing up in Southeast San Diego, C.A., an urban area plagued by gang violence, poverty and homicide, a young black child needs a positive outlet and a goal to focus on to keep him from straying towards the negative. Music was that outlet for KOV. “Dealing with struggles, tough times and fighting and scratching my way out of being a statistic in the hood inspired me to create music. Music helped me get through it all.”


He remembers hearing rap music for the first time in the 1st grade, “I had to be about 6 or 7 years old when I heard this song with an upbeat tempo and a rapper flowing on it and it gave me an adrenaline rush! I never knew music could connect to me in that way. I was hooked from that point. My parents weren’t big on listening to Hip-Hop so I would sneak and listen to the greats like DMX, LUDACRIS and LiL WAYNE.”

By the time he started high school, KOV was enthralled by Hip-Hop music and its unique culture. He was even writing raps of his own and dreaming of hearing them on the radio. Not yet confident enough to test the raps he’d been writing in private in front of an audience, he recorded his very first song at a friend’s house. “Salvador was the first person to put me on a mic. He had a little makeshift studio in his crib and we’d be in there for hours after school just playing around with different sounds. One day I said to myself, ‘Music is my life and I have to start somewhere.’ Man, I was so nervous and anxious because I had never rapped in front of anybody before! I faced my fears and recorded my first song, “Manic City”. That was my introduction to what it meant to be an artist.”

Concerned about what his future would be if he stayed in Southeast San Diego, KOV joined the Armed Forces. For four years he traveled the world and served the United States. “During my years of active duty I learned a lot about myself and a lot about the world. I was able to experience different cultures and see things I would never have seen if I stayed in SoCal. These adventures and my life experiences are all incorporated in my music.”

KoviNo’s new single “CHECK

KoviNo describes his style as a contemporary melodic, flow with relevant bars. He uses real life situations to tell stories through his songs. “I have definitely created my own lane. Anything I write comes from my everyday life, no cap in my rap (laughing). My knack for story telling, my arrangements, and the nature of the poetry I write sets me apart from other artists. My favorite artist of all time is LiL WAYNE because of his distinctive voice, word play and elite storytelling. His style definitely motivates me to become the best rapper I can be.”

KOV happens to be a certified audio engineer so he is skilled on both sides of the booth! “I fill the position of artist and engineer. I have the ability to mix and master songs, create beats and manipulate vocals and instruments. Knowing how to do all of that gives me a huge advantage. It quickens the process for me to go in and create and record a song because I can do the work from A to Z. I built my own in-home studio from scratch so I don’t have to wait for studio time or for a producer to be ready like most artists do.”

He spent the better part of 2020 and 2021 creating and releasing music, including two projects, “AFTERLIFE” and “FINESSE Season 1” and a variety of singles. 2022 promises to be more of the same with the recent release of two new singles, “30 in Racks” and “CHECK”. He is currently working on “FINESSE Season 2” which we can expect to drop some time in Spring 2022. BIG KOV is certainly doing his part to bring back real rap. “I love Hip-Hop and I want to make a real contribution to the culture by bringing back actual bars and lessons in the music. Music is constantly changing and evolving and so are we. The young ones need to hear our stories and understand how we survived the trenches and pushed past obstacles. Putting those jewels in the music can help them to avoid making the same mistakes. As artists we strive to be successful and gain fame but we also have a responsibility to make a positive impact during our journey.”

KoviNo was brave enough to share his greatest challenge as a person and an artist. “I had issues with anxiety. It was hard for me to get to the point where I was comfortable enough to put myself out there and showcase my talents. I am constantly working on being at ease with being in the spotlight. I hope my story can help others who are dealing with anxiety to build the courage to step out.”

We applaud KOV for being an artist who makes great music with no gimmicks. He plans to reach the highest heights in music while being a positive influence on the youth and staying true to himself. “My goal is to become a household name as a producer and an artist, making fans and not enemies and continue enjoying my journey as an artist. This is only the beginning…I know there’s much more to come for me. I’m looking forward to watching my career take shape!”

Check out KoviNo’s music it is streaming on all digital music platforms with visuals on YouTube, including his latest freestyle, “PUSHIN’ P”.

KoviNo “Pushin’ P freestyle”
KoviNo feat. Yezo “30 in Racks”
KoviNo “Darker Days”


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5ive7even Music Group proudly presents their newest artist MPRFLIGHTRISK. Born in Decatur, G.A. and raised in Compton California, MPR is turning his life story and struggles into strength and victory.

MPR began making music 2016 while in a work release program. After being released from prison and losing his mother, it was time to elevate. “It was a very difficult time in my life but it forced me to grow. The faith my mom had in me and my music inspired me to chase my dream no matter what obstacles I faced. I had some extra money set aside so I decided to lock in on my music. I put a song together and it sounded good! I received a lot of positive feedback from my Instagram followers and that gave me the confidence to keep going.”

Being of Puerto Rican and Creole descent, MPR’s style of rapping is quite unique. “Whats sets my style apart from others is that I naturally possess that island sound mixed with that hood vibe. I can rap so many different ways and easily change up my flow. And I am an aspiring actor so I incorporate different impersonations in my raps too. My music is also therapeutic. I rap the truth and give advice. It’s comforting to my audience because they can relate to my story and my struggle. I feel it’s important to send a message through your music. We need a balance of respect and love in the culture, not just negativity.”

This music industry is not for the weak. It takes laser focus, determination and an awesome team to succeed. MPR congratulates himself on being the ultimate artist with the support of his #AE team. “I have the talent, the look, the sound and a personality like no other. Even if I’m not having the best day, I can put on a smile, be on 10 and turn up! I know what it’s going to take to get me where I need to be and I have the drive to make it happen. I have been through hell and back but I refuse to quit. My work ethic, my vision and passion are unmatched. You have to work hard or you will lose! My goal is to have my family COMPLETELY situated…houses, cars, businesses, my niece’s and nephew’s tuition in cd accounts, etc… I want to put everyone positive around me in a position to win. Money, Power and Respect are major keys.”

Music is just the beginning for this mogul in the making. MPR has been working vigorously for years doing everything he can as an artist and an entrepreneur, learning the business and political sides of the music industry. He confesses that if he wasn’t making music he would be pursuing a career in acting and building a tattoo/barbershop business. “Today, artists who come from where we come from (the struggle, the streets, homelessness etc…) and become successful don’t do enough to help guide, tutor and mentor the youth. When I’m where I need to be as an artist, I’m going to help in every way I possibly can. I know exactly how it feels to need someone behind you pushing and encouraging you or someone to just take a chance on you and believe in you. I want to be that person to give other artists a chance and speak positivity into the youth, not the artist who glorifies drugs and guns.The younger generation needs to know there’s more to life than jail and the streets, because tomorrow is not promised and neither is today.”

MPR’s many musical influences include GUCCI MANE, NIPSEY HUSSLE, KEVIN GATES, YOUNG THUG, COACH K, P, QC, LIL BABY, POLO G, YG , JADE and BIG BANK. “These guys are some of my favorite artists because I admire their vision and the strategic way they move. But that dude MPRFLIGHTRISK is the one! He pop more shit than an old man with a beer can in his hands! (Laughing)

MPRFLIGHTRISK has two singles streaming on all digital music platforms, “Yns” and “BRAINFREEZE” Feat. 1500Yungin. He is currently working on his debut EP and a video documentary/Vlog both set to drop this year. Look out for the visuals to “BRAINFREEZE” coming soon.

Until then, his grind continues. “I just want everyone around me who is working so hard and keeps asking themselves, ‘When will it pay off?’, to know that our time has come. What these record labels are searching for in an artist…I AM HIM! The world will hear about me and watch my rise to the top very soon. I am MPRFLIGHTRISK and we Are now boarding…”

Follow him on Instagram for new music alerts and performance dates @MPRFLIGHTRISK.

MPRFLIGHTRISK Official Videos for “Yns” and “King of the Jungle“:

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New music from AR IMMORTAL “TGA”

The highly anticipated, debut album from explosive emcee AR IMMORTAL  is here!

A native of QueensBridge Projects, AR is surrounded by inspiration from some of the world’s most talented rappers. A student of the game, he spent the last 2 years meticulously composing his crafty bars and planning his grand entrance.

Fittingly dropping on 11/11, a number that resonates with motivation to move forward and taking inspired action, “TGA” is AR IMMORTAL’s first full-length project. And it does not disappoint. Comprised of 10 sturdy tracks, each song delivers a different message wrapped up in keen lyrics, tight production and beautiful samples. For this AR credits TURBEAZY and his impeccable engineering and producer JAMES BLACKMON who perfectly captured the vibe of each song. 

A studio engineer turned rapper, AR clearly used his aptitude on both sides of the booth to flex his heavy bar work. He remains raw and unfiltered from tracks one to ten, no skips! Each song is a unique piece that contributes to the peaceful yet radical tone of the album. In his own words AR states the goal for this project, “Touching people with my music is the most amazing thing about being an artist. I want to reach as many ears, in as many countries, as possible! I want to meet and connect with as many people on the planet as I’m able to through my music.”

For those of us who appreciate that boom-bap/real rap, here’s an album from a New York rapper that actually sounds like N.Y. instead of ATL. Stand out tracks on the album are, “NEW YORK“, an ode to his city (reminiscent of early Capone N Noreaga). “PTSD“, which addresses the state of mind Black American’s are in due to the adversity they face in this world. “FRIEND LIKE ME” is a cleverly done Hip-Hop serenade. A most welcome change from the typical rap song glamorizing cheating and objectifying women. “STB Freestyle” introduces fellow QB rapper, JRIP, and is the only feature on the album. JRIP starts the cypher as they effortlessly pop their shit over a dreamy breakbeat. AR closes out the album with “SPEAK (Freestyle)“, 3 minutes and 27 seconds of more fire bars and cunning wordplay.

AR IMMORTAL’s “TGA” album is a fresh vibe down to the dope ass album art. A brilliant blend of gritty, entertaining and enlightening Hip-Hop music. “TGA” is currently streaming on digital music platforms and is also available for purchase as an NFT. Do yourself a favor and take a journey through Queens with this gifted lyricist. I promise you will end up exactly where you need to be.


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After dropping his debut project “NO WAY OUT” last year, BFM FUEGO is back with his sophomore release “GHETTO RUMORS“.

GHETTO RUMORS” is FUEGO’s rite of passage. In his own words he reveals the inspiration behind it. “The mixtape was built around various rumors and false claims that were made about me regarding different situations I experienced this past year. Instead of reacting negatively and letting the chattin’ get to me, I decided to take my thoughts and feelings and put them into my music. It helped me deal with it in a mature way and make some fire songs and I know there are people who can relate to what I have going on.”

FUEGO’s melodic mismatch style of rhyming and snappy hooks keep you immersed in his vibe while each track tells a special story. Top tracks on the EP are the “Say Something (Intro)“, “BestofBlue“, “Dead Eye” (feat. Sosa Milly) and “Lil Baby (2)“.

Overall it is a terrific project. His growth as a man and an artist are evident. No doubt BFM FUEGO is leaving behind the childish ways and getting to those blue faces! “GHETTO RUMORS” is currently streaming on digital music platforms, go run it up!

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Bre’Ashia Love

Meet Bre’Ashia Love, the bright, rising star who is showing up and showing out for her home town of Saginaw, Michigan!

Early on, Bre’Ashia discovered that using her music as a conduit to express her feelings and vent her frustrations was not only therapeutic, but her pain gave the music a genuine and passionate sound.

“Creating music is definitely an outlet for me. Some people scream and cry…I write. Funny, I hated reading and writing when I was in school! All of my notebooks were filled with misspelled poems instead of my assignments. (Laughing) Now writing brings me peace and hit songs.”

She has been a lover of poetry and music for as long as she can remember. “As a child I lived with my grandma. She raised me in the church where all of my family members sang, danced or played an instrument. When I was 9 years old my Aunt built this little closet studio in our house. She was the first person to put me in a booth to record music. After that studio came and went, I used our house phone’s answering machine to record and playback my music. I really had to get creative with it! (Laughing) Thankfully by the age of 14 I was recording in professional studios.”

Bre’Ashia prides herself on being original and not following the capricious trends in Hip-Hop. “I feel like there’s a shortage on real rap, especially among female rappers. We can’t all rhyme about sex and shopping sprees, DAMN! My songs come from the heart and have substance. Because of this I connect with my fans on a deeper level. I spit every verse so vividly you can almost see the video in your head.”

She plans to shift the culture and remind her peers that they can be sexy without rapping about it in everything song. “I really feel like we’re lost when I listen to today’s music. Everyone is trying to sound like whoever is popular at the moment. As female emcees, we must remember that we can be sexy as hell and still rap intelligently. We are more than sex symbols who can twerk for a BIRKIN bag. As an artist, I want my fans to come away feeling enlightened after listening to me. I don’t spend much time checking out what’s new on the radio, I prefer to bump old school Hip-Hop and R&B, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé or myself.”

If she wasn’t making music, Bre’Ashia says she would probably be a videographer shooting music videos or a beautiful bride starting a family overseas. “I enjoy watching a video come together from start to finish, it’s so exciting. I would love a chance to be on the other side of the camera. I also served in the armed forces for a little over four years and had the pleasure of seeing different places and experiencing other cultures. One of my tours was in Korea and I loved it there! I could see myself settling down and growing a family there.”

Her biggest musical influence is Whitney Houston. “Whitney grew up in a church like I did and then became ‘part of the world’ (as the church people say when you stray away from gospel music), yet she still sang about how she loved the Lord. In my eyes she made it okay to live in my truth and still love God, and that is a beautiful thing.”

She has many other favorite artists who inspire her musically such as Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, DRAKE, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, J.Cole and D.Smoke. Quite an impressive line-up!

Bre’Ashia Love’s goal is to be one of those artists who create timeless music and build a lasting legacy, no matter how long it takes. “I will trust GOD and trust the process. I’m closer to the finish line than I am to the starting gate, there’s no way I’m giving up on my dream!”

She is currently working on tracks for her debut mixtape, “PLATINUM PRINT”. It is slated to drop in the fall of 2021, kicked off by her new single “MMB”, which drops on September 30 ,2021. While you wait on that check out her “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” on YouTube.

Follow her on Instagram @iambreashialove and watch out for new music and upcoming performance announcements.

Social Media:
Instagram: @iambreashialove

Bre’AshiaLoveLemon Pepper Freestyle:


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Pritti Shu

Introducing Dancehall Music’s super talented and most outlandish artist, PRITTI SHU, hailing from Huntley Castle, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica West Indies!

PRITTI SHU’s love for music and the expression of thought drives his desire to create. He began his music career in 2012 when he recorded his first track, “High Roller” at DownSounds Records in Kingston, Jamaica. For the next ten years SHU would continue to develop his sound while making a big name for himself in the local street dance circuit in Jamaica.

SHU’s capability to blend his unique melodies over a variety of riddims to compose different genres of music sets him apart from the rest. “My music and the melodies I possess are very versatile and my image is one-of-a-kind. I am the ‘Melody-Genie‘ and I haven’t heard any Deejay with my sound as yet. My style of Dancehall music can mesh with R&B, Pop or Afro-Beats sounds. Each song carries a different vibe.”

He is a man of many talents. Besides being a Deejay, he is also a music producer, commercial model and an entrepreneur, serving as CEO of his company, Essential Construction, LLC. “I take pride in all that I do. I have a love for making music and I am a skilled carpenter. I also dabble in modeling which is a fun hobby for me…after all I am PRITTI SHU! (Laughing) Whichever position seems to fit I’m ready for it. I make sure what needs to get done is done. In the end I want to make sure my team is happy and my family is secure.”

When asked what his views are on the current state of Dancehall music, SHU had this to say, “The quality of the music now compared to the quality of the music back in the 80’s and 90’s is definitely different. Today’s music is not as authentic. The beats are being modernized and the lyrics are not as potent, but they’re still deliverable. People still love our music and our culture despite what is being produced.”

SHU’s musical influences come from his personal experiences. He writes songs that his fans can relate to about life and how it impacts his family, friends and others in his surroundings. “The greatest challenge I face as an artist is getting my music on a platform broad enough to reach people from all walks of life. My sound brings good vibrations that people across the world need to hear!” Like his favorite artist, the late great BOB MARLEY, SHU spreads messages of love and consciousness through his music.

PRITTI SHU is busy working on his upcoming EP while producing music for fellow artists, building up his company and performing his latest track, “DISRESPECT“, for adoring fans. “I strive to be the best in whatever I do. I have two sons who look to me as a role model and I plan to show them the right way. I will continue to perfect my craft and create fantastic music for the world. In due time I will be the face of Dancehall Music and make an indelible mark on this industry. Only great things to come!”

Follow PRITTI SHU on social media for new music and performance updates and his YouTube Channel for visuals.


Instagram: @prittishu

Facebook: Prittishu

Reverb Nation: Pritti Shu


new music


FLIP J HENDRIXS already has the underground music scene in a chokehold, now he’s climbing out the manhole headed for the top spot!

A rebel born in Harlem, USA (via 138th St. in Mitchell Projects) and raised in the South Bronx, FLIP has no problem standing up and standing out. His distinct musical sound is a beautiful combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, Drill Rap, Caribbean vibes and R&B. “Basically I draw from all different genres of music. There’s no limit to my versatility. My style is unidentified. I’m different, that’s the difference.”

Oddly enough his music career began the day he buried his father. Needing to focus on something other than the difficulty of losing his loved one, FLIP sat down and conversed with his father’s mentor. “KEITH and I were chopping it up at the service, reminiscing about my Pops when he randomly asked me if I rapped. I was like, “Hell yeah I rap!”, and at that exact moment my dreams came alive! I hit the studio right after my Pop’s funeral service and never looked back.”

Five years later, we can see the progress FLIP’s laser focus has garnered him. He has a host of bangers streaming on your favorite music platforms, visuals available on his YouTube Channel and a new EP in the works. “I had to lock in on my music and start working towards my goals. No days off!”

When it comes to music and entertainment FLIP dabbles in a little bit of everything, He enjoys recording music, writing songs, creating beats and melodies and performing for the crowd. You’d be hard-pressed to find this ball of energy sitting still in any type of setting. “If I wasn’t rapping, I would probably be an extreme skateboarder who designs clothing and plays the guitar here and there. (Laughing) I love being active and doing creative and interesting things. I cannot be idle.”

After quietly observing the music scene, FLIP has seen and heard enough to know the pitfalls that come with a career in this industry, yet he is determined to become a success while staying true to himself. “There is some good, bad and ugly in this industry, like everything else in life. I want to keep it as real as possible. The music on my side of town is ok, but I’m a little bit tired of hearing it. The lack of individuality wears me out. As an artist I pride myself on being original. All of us artists can’t keep rapping about the same things. The people want different sounds and music that they can relate to.”

FLIP’s favorite artists include Lil Wayne and 50 CENT. He also has a fondness for New York’s 90’s Hip-Hop Era (which explains the authenticity in his style). I’m not sure most of today’s Rappers would’ve survived the 90’s when you actually had to have bars and a message. When asked to describe himself as a musician and why he chose his eccentric moniker, he broke down all of the different elements that make up the superstar persona of FLIP J HENDRIXS

I am a rockstar. I am a chameleon.
I can blend in with any genre of music.

Smoove, sensitive, bad boy type. Unique fashion sense. Grown man vibes. Enjoys uplifting others and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Very energetic, real active and animated. Brings a lot of energy with his skateboard, sporty vibes and bright colors.

A wise man once said, A self-aware man is a successful man and FLIP J HENDRIXS knows exactly who he is and what he wants. “I want the world, not just the streets. My wave is for the whole world to embrace, not just the block.”

FLIP the world can’t wait to hear what journey your musical imagination and high energy will take us on with your new project, let’s go!

Until then subscribe to FLIP J HENDRIXS’ YouTube Channel and check out his singles and EP’s on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc…

YouTube 👇🏽



SoundCloud 👇🏽

Audiomack 👇🏽


https://soundcloud.com/mitchell-lafama/dowhat-iwant-mitch-lafama-flip/s-GybCc69wWHxhttps://soundcloud.com/mitchell-lafama/dowhat-iwant-mitch-lafama-flip/s-GybCc69wWHx Enjoy 🇺🇸🇿🇦✊🏽

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Introducing Fayetteville, North Carolina’s hottest new artist, DON PRIVATE.

DON PRIVATE is a prolific storyteller who paints vivid pictures with his pithy bars and distinctive voice. In 2020, he blessed us with his debut EP “1229“, introducing us to his signature style, a perfect blend of sharp, solid lyrics spilled over sturdy, hypnotic beats. ‘See I was locked up in that climate. Lions and tigers and bears and these thoughts in my head they be violent. I didn’t do no crime, stood on all ten like I’m climbing. Iron sharpen iron, Imma push mine you implying. Made it out that dirt now I shine like a diamond. I was in that dirt, didn’t nobody try to find me…’ -PRETTY TONY.

Oddly enough, DON didn’t set out to be a Rapper. “Rapping was a hobby I developed throughout the 13 long years I spent in prison. I knew I had a story to tell for myself and for my brothers who were still in the struggle. The best way for me to get it out was through music. In 2010 I was in S.E.G., which is 24 hour lockdown in prison, and I was vibing to Nipsey Hussle’s song “Loaded Bases“. He said, ‘Nigga ain’t gon’ make a hundred mil’ off in these streets and more than likely, I’m gon’ end up in somebody precinct even worse…’ In that moment I knew I had to make a plan for myself to prosper. The streets and prison was all I knew up to that point and it was time to change that narrative.”

Once a young bull tied to the streets and the struggle, he’s now a grown man using his life experiences to fuel his bars. “Overall, the struggle is what inspires me. Being able to use my voice to speak for those like me, that may never be heard, pushes me to keep going.”

He doesn’t take his ability to empower people with his music lightly. “Being a rapper is powerful! We get to share our experiences with the world, become influencers to the current generation and those to come and have the opportunity to make millions. I feel blessed to be in this game.”

DON honestly doesn’t know what he’d be doing if it weren’t for music. “Running the streets and being in prison was my life for a long time, so when I decided to lock in and make music I was all in and ready to give 110%! No other career paths have even crossed my mind. I’m so passionate about my music and sharing my message and my vision with the world. Imma play Picasso in this industry.”

He draws inspiration from his favorite artists, which he lists in no particular order (Nipsey HussleLil DurkRick Ross and Lil’ Baby) yet prides himself on being original and transparent. Hence the name DON PRIVATE private– not known or meant to be known by the general populace. “My music isn’t like most in the mainstream today. I spit from the heart. This shit here is authentic, not a gimmick created to sell streams. That’s why Nipsey Hussle is such a huge inspiration to me. I relate to his lyrics and see the pictures he paints with his music and that’s what my music will do for the people.”

DON’s story is a shining example of how a difficult situation can lead to a beautiful destination. “Hip-Hop is beautiful. It made a way for street niggas like me to escape their environment and live life. I’m grateful for the second chance. Me and MR RED CARPET got next. 1229 is ready to take it to the top!”

Stay tuned, DON PRIVATE will be releasing his sophomore effort, “1229Empire“, this summer. “I’m definitely thrilled about this new project, y’all gon’ really feel this one! This is just the first step. Once I’m established I plan to build a platform where those who come after me can thrive too. That’s what it’s all about, opening doors for each other and being able to leave a legacy for my loved ones.”

DON PRIVATE’s EP “1229” is currently streaming on all digital music platforms with visuals on available on his YouTube Channel, Don Private – Topic. TAP IN!


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Mr. Red Carpet

MR RED CARPET ain’t waiting on no lines, he’s walking straight up to the front.

A native of Fayetteville, North Carolina MR RED CARPET came on the scene in 2020 and stole the show. While the pandemic had some of us held hostage, he was out grinding and building up momentum, releasing two EPs, “STAMPED AND SEALED” and “JAPANESE STICK“.

His second EP’s title single, “JAPANESE STICK“, got the trenches going crazy. “I ran up a bag in jail, they wanted me bad to fail. I had to run ’em down with the stick, he ain’t have a chance to tell…When you talk to me, talk with respect. This Japanese stick leave a mess…RED CARPET is talking that talk, determined to prove his doubters wrong and get his weight up in the music game.

His high energy performances in local showcases had the town buzzing. He was something special and the fans and promoters were starting to take notice. Soon he was invited to tour with Ugly Money Neichi after winning their Ugly Money Showcase, booking him on tour dates in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Atlanta and North Carolina. This opportunity proved that his hard work was paying off.

He continued to tour, work on new music and rack up more W’s. Most recently he won the MOSS FEST in Tampa, Florida, the I WANNA TOUR showcase in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Memphis rap star, Moneybagg Yo’s BreadGang Tour Talent Search beating out 500 other artists! He’s back on they ass again…

RED CARPET admits he spent six years in Federal prison after some not-so-wise decisions, but is proud to say that he used that time to reset. Instead of focusing on the grim circumstances, he designed his grand plan and came straight home to live his dream. “That time I spent on lockdown was a minor setback for a major comeback. I started writing to keep my mind busy and the more I wrote, the better I got. I made a promise to myself that I would make it with the music and I’m getting to it. I work on my craft consistently. You gotta respect my struggle and my hunger.”

Fayetteville, North Carolina is like every other city in the world, filled with aspiring artists hoping to be the next big act, but RED CARPET isn’t leaving them much room. “In Hip-Hop music today 90% of the artists sound the same. My style is different and more versatile. I listen and learn from the greats like J PRINCE, PROJECT PAT, JAY Z, SCARFACE and my homie DON PRIVATE. We keep each other sharp and we’re ready to take over this rap shit. Even though I have a drill flow I don’t sound like everybody and my stage presence cannot be denied. There ain’t no cap in my rap, ya dig? My music is trending cus’ it’s real and it’s motivational. No matter how bad things seem at the the time, tomorrow brings a chance to move in a better direction. I’m living proof of that.”

MR RED CARPET is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project titled, “PENITENTIARY BABY“, scheduled to drop this year. “My goal is to make history with this album and do what no other artist has done. I want to solidify my spot in this game and create a lane for my brothers to eat. Anything is possible when you stay focused, grind hard and believe in yourself.”

There’s no sweeping this rising star under the rug, he’s ready to shine! MR RED CARPET’s EP’s “STAMPED AND SEALED” and “JAPANESE STICK” are available for streaming on all digital platforms. Follow him on Instagram for new music alerts and upcoming tour dates.

Instagram: @redcarpet_1229



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DMX returned to the essence

ShuBangaShow is disheartened to report that after suffering a heart-attack that left him in a vegetative state for 5 days, legendary rapper/actor DMX has passed on.

He is survived by his 15 children and a multitude of family and friends. The Hip-Hop community is devastated by this loss.

After X’s hospitalization, WAAH DEAN, the CEO of RUFF RYDERS organized a vigil in front of White Plains Hospital in N.Y. for DARKMAN where hundreds of his family, friends and fans came out to spread positive energy and lift X up in prayer. Bikes and ATVs revved their engines, cars and trucks blared his music and people threw up the X in his honor.

A veteran in the Rap game, his debut album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was released in May of 1998 and featured the smash single, “Get At Me Dog” followed by his sophomore effort, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” released just seven months later in December of 1998 spawning another major hit, “We Don’t Give A Fuck” ft. The LOX. Both albums were certified multi-Platinum.

Throughout his wildly successful career DMX sold more than 74 million records worldwide, 14 of them certified platinum!

He is the first and only musician to have his first 5 albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard Charts, as well as the first and only musician to have their first and second albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard charts within the same year…SHEESH!

X was a highly talented emcee and songwriter who spit original, gritty rhymes. He used Hip-Hop to express the struggles he faced in his personal life, exposing his weaknesses and demons on tracks like, “Slippin’” and “Who We Be“. He proved his versatility on lighter tracks like “Party Up” and “How’s It Goin’ Down” ft. Sisqo a song for the ladies.

Fans were drawn to his authenticity, hard delivery and of course his famous growl…’GRRRR’

X’s energy level and stage presence were unmatched as he sold out arenas across the globe. If you never experienced a live performance by DARKMAN, you really missed out on something special.

His universal appeal and natural gift for dramatics led him straight to the silver screen to feature in big-budget films such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave and Last Hour. He also starred in his own reality television series DMX: Soul of a Man.

DMX is the epitome of perseverance. No matter how many times life knocked him down, he got back up and came back even stronger. He let the world into the darkest places of his heart and mind through his music as he prayed to GOD for deliverance from his demons.

How many of us are brave enough to shed light on the worst parts of ourselves in front of the whole world? I’ll wait…

Let us remember DMX as the legendary and iconic game-changer that he is and applaud his many, many accomplishments in the music and film industries.

DMX received 3 Grammy nominations, 5 MTV Video Music Award nominations, he won 3 American Music Awards, appeared in 19 films, 18 television shows, his voice role and likeness were used in the DEF JAM VENDETTA video game and published his autobiography entitled, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX. At the time of his death he was preparing to release a brand new album.

We will not judge this King, instead we will celebrate his life, music and legacy. We will pray for his soul and pray for the beautiful children, fiancé and family he left behind.

DMX is one of Hip-Hop’s most beloved sons. The world will mourn the loss of THE DOG forever.


EARL SIMMONS aka DMX/DARKMAN/THE DOG/X you are deeply loved and will be greatly missed. Rest in Heavenly Peace and Power King.

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Meet Stephanie Sejour known to us as rising star, TIFANE. Her new single, “Un Automne” is already an international hit!

TIFANE was born and raised in Petion-Ville, Haiti. She has been singing and composing music since she was seven years old. “I’ve always loved to sing! I used to put little shows together for family events. It became more serious when I went to college in Illinois. After my graduation, I worked in the United States for a year then I moved back to Haiti. In 2005 I worked and launched my music career simultaneously.”

Interestingly enough, it all started with a poem TIFANE turned into a song, “Se kom Si” (It’s As If). “I decided to turn this poem into a song and had it produced by Boulo Valcourt, who is a pioneer of Haitian music. He thought it would be best to just sing it over 2 guitars with no other instruments and he was right! After only two weeks on the radio it became a national hit!” This pushed TIFANE to the top of charts, making her the new top female Artist in Haiti.

She has a long list of artists who have inspired her, but her father is number one. “My love story with music comes from my father. He listened to everything exepct heavy metal rock. He groomed me from babyhood to adult to have an ear for music. My biggest influences are from different countries are Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Celia Cruz, Emeline Michel, Jocelyn Beroard, Tania St-Val, Kofi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Tony Braxton, Myriam Makeba, Stevie Wonder, Angelique Kidjo, Aretha Franklin and India Irie. It seems like an eclectic list, and yes it is, because they each inspired me in a special way. Some because of how they sing or their stage presence and others because of the mastery of their work or the impact they made on the world. I learn and apply without losing who I am as an Artist.”

The urge to uplift people with her music is a huge motivation. “I am inspired to create music by both big and small life events. We’ve all had experiences with self-empowerment, injustice, love, family, joy, wake up calls, ethnicity and human nature. I want to sing about these issues that we can all relate to. For someone who lives under the public’s eye I have been very good at keeping my private life to myself. Only recently have I started to really feel comfortable composing and singing about my own experiences.”

TIFANE’s beautiful voice and winning smile are not her only attributes. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice. “I’m as passionate about human rights and the protection of children as I am about music and I am blessed to be able to link the two. I’ve used my education on many occasions working to volunteer with several institutions both in Haiti and the United States. I’ve held positions such as a volunteer mentor to girls in a temporary juvenile detention center in Chicago, a member of a committee for justice reform in Haiti and a case Manager for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Her distinctive voice and Afrocentric style set her aside from the average pop princess and she is more than happy to be in her own lane. “My uniqueness definitely sets me aside from other artists. I do have a special raspy voice (laughing) and that combined with my Afro Caribbean style (based on the instruments I use) create versatility. Listening to my old and new songs, watching videos of my shows and reading the comments people leave me on social media remind me that I am growing and progressing as an artist. As they say, I master the stage, I’m warm and I have an incredible connection with my audience. The most beautiful part of all this is that I don’t limit myself to singing in my native tongue. Anyone can dance, express themselves and relate to my music no matter what language I sing in.”

TIFANE set the narrative early by carrying herself with pride, discipline and respect. “I consider myself a role model, so from the beginning, I made sure to reach for the top without compromising my authenticity and my reputation. That puts me in the position of a respected Singer/Songwriter in this industry. Because if you’re not careful, the industry can easily turn you into something you’re not in the name of success. I make sure to set the record straight in the industry that sex is not all that sells, great music does to! It’s nice to be viewed as a sexy celebrity with a few hits to her name but I’ve worked too hard and I am much more than that. When you go to a TIFANE show, you go to have an enchanted experience and you will leave in a great mood! It’s all about the music.” 

She describes her music as captivating and revitalizing. “May it be a slow jam or an upbeat dance song, I love to work on grabbing my audience’s attention within the first minute. I always try to put myself in the position of the consumer and seek the right vibe for the right lyrics. I sing about different messages like “let it go”, “I can do this!”, “yes that’s how I feel”, “love is in the air”, “Haiti get up and stand for something” or “we can do better”. These are not song titles but rather examples of central messages I have had great success with.” 

TIFANE is very proud of her Haitian culture and her music reflects that. “Considering that I insisted on singing in Haitian Creole and bringing it to the rest of the world, I’d say that I’ve achieved that part of my dream. My parents exposed my siblings and I to so many cultures that differ from ours, but they also made it clear to never leave it behind for another. I am a strong believer that when all fails in a country, culture is the only thing we have left. It’s the biggest and the most beautiful card we can pull. My culture is a crucial part of my music, my lifestyle, my nutrition, the way I dance, so I have a strong hold on it. It guides me and helps me represent my country wherever I go. I may collaborate with Artists from other countries and join them in theirs, but you will see me represent my culture by any means necessary. My goal is and will always be to place my countries music in the most wanted list. I want to hear the world sing in creole. Everyone knows Haiti for Konpa music, but we are so much more than that. We have so many rhythms that our ancestors left us. I’ve inspired many young girls from my country to become successful Artists. I believe in impacting young girls and women to be great. I’m speaking as a mother, a wife, a business woman and a recording/performing Artist. I’m not saying it is easy, I’m saying it is possible.”

Her views on the current state of music are simple. “I see a lot of growth and effort from Afropop and Afrobeat cultures to be more mainstream without compromising the sound of where they come from. I actually noticed many Haitians getting closer to the motherland with their beats and their choice to collaborate with African Artists. I am even an example. I can’t speak for all genres, but I do listen to many different styles of music. I used to see how Worldbeat Musique has always been front and center in festivals but not on the radio enough. Nowadays that has completely changed and language is much less seen as barrier. The best change in music right now in my opinion is how more women are successful and breaking walls regardless of the fact that it’s still ran by what I call a ‘boys club’.”

TIFANE recently released her new single “Un Automne” currently available on all digital music platforms. “I’m very happy about the single and I’m closing in on my EP, so it’s crunch time! I’m both excited and nervous because I opened myself up to trying new things and mixing them with some TIFANE on this EP. I’m also collaborating on a song with one of Haiti’s most international DJ/producers, Gardy Girault and European producer/beatmaker, Yako.” We look forward to hearing new music from this busy lady! 

Facebook: Tifane Certified

: @Tifane_haiti Verified

Twitter: @tifane_haiti




Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, new video, ShuBangaShow Interview


VY MOON is a man of God who uses his positions as a youth pastor and a musician to spread the beautiful word. His latest single, “GET IT TOGETHER“, featuring his son, YOUNG DAL, is a shining example of that.

VY was introduced to music early in life. He was playing the keyboard and writing rap songs at a young age. He admits that life in Montgomery, Alabama wasn’t always easy and he endured some bumps in the road to get to this point in his life. “I have come along way. There was a time in my life when I was in these streets. I’ve grown and changed into a man of faith with different priorities. My focus is on God, my family and my music.”

He writes and produces Gospel/Christian rap music for himself and his family (his wife and son are also budding artists). “I enjoy writing and producing music with my family, it’s a lot of fun for all of us! If I had to choose between the two, I’d say producing music is my favorite. I have the freedom to groom each song to my liking. It is very rewarding putting a body of work together from beginning to end.”

Although he is a Christian rapper, VY listens to and is inspired by different genres of music. “I love to vibe out to some good Jazz or Reggae, Nipsey Hussle or J Cole, the clean versions of course (laughing). And JAY Z, 2PAC, UGK, T.I. and OUKAST are all artists I respect that have influenced my style. My music embodies their same depth and passion. I dig Kendrick Lamar’s style too, he brought fun and creativity back to the game.”

Being an artist who is content in his own lane and not competing with others only boosts VY’s inventiveness. “The fact that I am not worried about competing for a number one spot or comparing myself to other artists really expands my creativity. My knack for fervid storytelling makes me unique. I take my listeners through a journey. It’s almost like watching a movie when you listen to my albums. You can visualize what I’m rapping about.”

When asked what VY thinks about today’s music scene, his answer was simple, “Vulnerable is trendy now, which is great. I applaud these young artists for not being afraid to be themselves. I find it awesome to be able to express myself and not have to choose between being vulnerable and masculine.”

VY recently started his own company and record label, ‘HE DID IT, LLC, and he’s not stopping there. “I plan to use my role in this music industry to do three things…inspire -be a light bulb to others, empower -create the tools to help others follow their dreams and encourage others to keep pushing forward, no matter how hard it gets, and do what’s in their hearts.”

VY MOON will be releasing a new single in May to get us warmed up for his brand new EP set to drop in November. “The listeners are hungry for new music and I’m going to deliver! Everything happens in God’s perfect timing. To quote the late great Nipsey Hussle, Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.”

Check out VY MOON’s website for music, visuals and updates:


Author, Entrepreneur

Karla Davis-Luster


Meet Chicago native KARLA DAVIS LUSTER, Author of novel, THE WOMAN TELLS“. KARLA is a woman of many talents. She is an entrepreneur and fashion designer who conquered corporate America and is now delving into the wonderful world of literature with her debut novel.

KARLA did not dream of writing a book one day, the idea literally fell in her lap. While in corporate America, she was asked to put together an operations training manual for her team. “As I was in the midst of creating this training manual, editing it and publishing it, I thought to myself ,’Wait, I’m enjoying this!’ That’s when I decided I wanted to write a book of my own. The only question was, what would I write about?”

She pondered for a while and then decided she would write about love. But not just any love, BLACK LOVE. “In my opinion, BLACK LOVE is the strongest love there is! We have faced hundreds of years of struggle and hardship and are still fighting for equality. The one thing that keeps us going is LOVE.”

KARLA took her time and did extensive research on various types of relationships for her novel. She studied marriages, affairs, boyfriends, girlfriends, mistresses, paramours and how they interacted with one another. Once she gathered the data she began writing. As the story developed, she mixed in some of her personal experiences and ones she’s witnessed through friends and associates. A year and a half later, “THE WOMAN TELLS” was born!

“My novel is not your run-of-the-mill romance or relationship novel. It tells the story from each character’s perspective and provokes self-reflection. This is not a book about male-bashing or female-lynching. Everyone plays a role in the dysfunction in a relationship and each person needs to take accountability and acknowledge the part they played in order to make things right.”

KARLA draws on the fact that Black Love has endured a great deal of trauma stemming from slavery and intends to use her book as a tool to begin healing these wounds. “From the beginning we were taught to be separated. Husbands were ripped away from their wives and children. This ordeal has manifested itself into the broken families we see today. Communication is the key to repairing the damage and my novel is a great way to open up a discussion and start the healing process.”

Inspired by amazing screenwriter TYLER PERRY and brilliant authors Terry McMillan and ZANE, KARLA’s novel is anything but dull. “I admire all three of these awesome creatives and I channeled a little bit of each of them for this book. The storyline is intriguing and it gets very, very juicy! I can’t wait for you all to read it and take this journey with me.”

THE WOMAN TELLS” displays KARLA DAVIS-LUSTER’s phenomenal creativity and her gift for bringing stories to life. It is a total potboiler, guaranteed to touch every reader in a unique way.

Visit her website http://www.TheWomanTells.com for sneak peaks and links to purchase digital and paperback copies from AMAZON, as well as information on her upcoming virtual book signing event on March 24, 2021.  


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JOAQUIN WAAH DEAN, trailblazing CEO of one of Hip-Hop’s most successful record labels, RUFF RYDERS, popped in on the ShuBangaShow to talk to me about his latest endeavor, RUFF RYDERS 2 THE RESCUE, a non-profit organization created to save our youth by bridging the gap between the streets, the music industry and politics.

Over the last 25 years RUFF RYDERS has developed a brother/sisterhood within the community and maintained a brand that represents respect, integrity and consistency. Besides their car/motorcycle clubs and clothing line, their musical empire has sold millions of records and launched the careers of DMX, EVE, THE LOX and SWIZZ BEATS. “It is a blessing for us to be around this long and still be true to the game. GOD gave us the grace to overcome the adversities we faced along the way and the strength to withstand the pressure throughout the years. I’m a firm believer that without resistance there can’t be any success.”, says WAAH.

WAAH and the RUFF RYDERS are taking a hands-on approach to helping the community save its youth with their new initiative, RUFF RYDERS 2 THE RESCUE. “Our mission is to embrace the youth and give them the tools they need to achieve their goals. You have to have a vision and actions that follow or you won’t understand where you’re going or how to get there. That’s where we come in. When you’re a RUFF RYDER you are part of a family. This family sticks together and uplifts each other and that’s how we plan to build up our communities.”

RUFF RYDERS 2 THE RESCUE has devised a plan of action to serve the youth that includes providing gang violence intervention, 24-hour protection in high-crime neighborhoods and offering mentorship, sports and music programs. “Our youth need strong, positive leadership from people they can relate to and who genuinely care about their well-being. We need to prepare them for their journey through life.”

WAAH believes that bridging the gap between the streets, the music industry and politics is the key to resolving many of the issues facing the youth in our communities. “The young people in this generation don’t have OG’s guiding them and steering them away from trouble. There’s no OG mediating and squashing beefs in the hood which has led to a lot of senseless deaths that could have been avoided. We are stepping in to alleviate these problems.”

As we all know, the music industry has become obscenely wealthy off of Hip-Hop culture, selling death and saturating the youth with negativity. WAAH and RUFF RYDERS 2 THE RESCUE are are setting the tone and holding these record label heads and executives accountable. “The industry has exploited our culture to the highest level, therefore they have a responsibility to engage in the support of the communities that are making them rich. We need to have a system in place for the industry to give back on a large scale and it’s our job to make sure they respect and honor this. We need to be a united front and stand up against these entities.”

The youth are a vital part of the future and WAAH is determined to use his influence and resources to save them. His son is currently head of the YOUNG RYDERS, a motorcycle, car and music culture club for the millennials. “I’m very proud of my son and I love this generation! They are free-thinkers and so entrepreneurial. We can achieve a lot with these fresh, young minds once we show them that it’s possible to rise above the negativity and become successful. And who better to show them than the RUFF RYDERS? We have respect and love in the streets, the industry and the spiritual community.”

We salute WAAH and his team for working tirelessly to build healthy, safe and productive communities for our youth to grow up in. RUFF RYDERS 2 THE RESCUE is happily accepting volunteers and donations to their cause. For those interested in being a part of this beautiful movement visit their website:



RUFF RYDERS tells us we should be on the lookout for new music from DMX… 🤫


Artist, community leader, EP, GUN VIOLENCE; EDUCATION; YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, New Artist, new music, Rapper, ShuBangaShow Interview, visionary


Allow me to introduce IMSOHOOD from South Ozone Park, Queens N.Y. This man wears many, many hats. He is a Husband, Father, Community Leader, Youth Mentor, Basketball Coach, CEO of AlMighty Force LLC, Emcee and don’t forget KING. His latest album, “HOOD MORNING AMERICA, Pt.2“, is exactly the kind of positive, motivational music we should tune into right now.

IMSOHOOD, known to his closest as JAIVON MARTIN, was raised in Queens, N.Y. by his mother and father. His father and his Uncle Sha formed a duo called, “The Almighty Force Brothers“. In the 80’s and early 90’s they made music and showcased their talents all over NYC . Witnessing this sparked little Jaivon’s interest in music. “Seeing my Dad and Uncle rapping made me want to do it too. I was 10 years old when I wrote my first rap and 13 years old when I recorded my first song.”

He continued rapping throughout high school as Jai-Hood then grew and evolved into IMSOHOOD. “It’s crazy, I started out rapping as Jai-Hood. Then everybody started calling me Hood because I was volunteering my services and working with the community. I’ve been called everything from “The heart of the Hood”, “The Hood’s favorite”, I’ve been referred to as being “so Hood” and my Grandma,Mrs. Maxine Askew, may she Rest In Peace, called me “Hoodie” growing up.” His grandmother was a matriarch in the community, giving over 40 years of community service to South Ozone Park, Queens. No doubt she showed her grandson the way.

IMSOHOOD is actually an acronym for what JAIVON stands for as a man:
I’m Motivated Successful Observant Honest Opinionated Official Determined .
“Outside of rapping I am a NYC Correction Officer, the CEO of AlMighty Force LLC, I host Basketball leagues and Coach Basketball teams for youths and adults. I also run a Youth development & mentoring program, host awareness workshops
and sponsor various community events. The hood inspires me to give back by donating my time and resources to uplift the children and make a difference in my community.”

His rhyme style is a direct reflection of his personal life. Honest, conscious and motivational bars spit over the trillest tracks. His flow is confident as he raps about the ills of street life, the importance of being educated and the value of being true to yourself. Honest, positive raps and they bump too? Listening to all this trap-rap we forgot about this kind of Hip-Hop!

“I consider my music to be a 90’s-type sound combined with today’s sound, production wise. Story-telling in a mature manner. I’m bringing back the original Hip-Hop/Rap feel, it’s timeless. The subjects I rap about are very relatable because I draw inpsiration from current events, conversations with loved ones and/or strangers and different scenarios and events that occur. I don’t make the traditional twerk or drill music. I touch on topics that artists go around and don’t want to speak about. I glorify being a black leader that gives back. I promote being confident, protecting yourself and loved ones and I encourage others to live and celebrate life often. Being able to inspire others, inspires me.” 

IMSOHOOD is in this industry to make great music and effect major change. “I plan to incorporate all the community work I do into the industry in some way, shape or form. Pouring knowledge into young people and encouraging them to strive for greatness is the way we ALL succeed. The industry is getting rich off of the community, but rarely gives back to it. I will create some sort of program that would provoke the industry to contribute time and/or finances back into their respective communities. This will put the children in our urban neighborhoods on a path towards success.”

Creating music is extremely easy for IMSOHOOD, but he admits the hardest part is making sure the music is delivered in a way that it can be understood and received properly while still being entertaining. “I want my fans to enjoy listening to my album and come away feeling motivated and more enlightened by my raps. Hip-hop is evolving all of he time and I’m happy it’s back to being lyrical.”  

Besides his many other obligations,IMSOHOOD is busy promoting his latest release, “HOOD MORNING AMERICA, Pt.2“, currently streaming on digital music platforms. “I’m excited about this project and can’t wait to put out more content, generate more wealth, teach those interested in learning and exceed my full potential by becoming the best version of myself. I’d like to get into politics and position myself better in the world so that I can assist others and show them the way…which is to do everything with LOVE. My greatest challenge in life is getting other black men to step up in their communities. We should be protecting our women and children, coordinating activities, investing money and more. It is our responsibility to raise up the next generation of men to do the same. Black men need to lead by example, but first we must correct ourselves.” 

Do yourself ears a favor and download HOOD MORNING AMERICA, Parts 1 and 2. We salute you HOOD. Thank you for being a strong, black King!


Check out his latest music, videos and merchandise on his website https://imsohoodent.com/



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Meet YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL from Philly, blood brothers and partners in rhyme. Together they are Rap duo KUSHFAM and their latest single, “YIKES“, has the underground on fire!

Self-professed students of the game, KUSHFAM have a deeper undetstanding of the culture than your average newcomers. “We respect the roots of Hip-Hop. We listen to and study the greats. We’re not trynna be the flavor of the month, we’re in this for the long run.”

YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL have been rocking since high school. “COREY’s cousin had a studio in his attic. We would go there every day after school and make songs ’till late at night. We rapped about everything from conversations we had to situations we were going through. We stayed in that spot!”

Coming up in the streets of Philly ain’t nothing nice, especially for young black men. “KUSHFAM saved us. There’s so many negative paths we could’ve gone down growin’ up in the hood. Hard to say where we’d be if we weren’t doing music, probably be up to no good to be honest.”

Their motto, “the UndaDawgs gon eat“, says it all. “Where we come from there’s struggle all around. You appreciate just making it through the day. You’re grateful for what you have and wake up tomorow ready to grind for more. It’s time for us to build an empire and break generational curses. We know our name belongs up in lights! We can’t wait to tour the world and show ’em what KUSHFAM is all about.”

We’re in a place where Hip-Hop tends to favor artists who follow trends and have gimmicks, KUSHFAM is a breaking that cycle. Instead of riding the wave, they created their own. An authentic sound with dope beats, expressive bars and thought-provoking lyrics…these boys rappin’ for real.

“We’re not trendy, we solid. Our music brings back that real rap and good energy! Right now, we feel Hip-Hop as a whole is in a good space. There’s a lot of talented artists out here holding it down, but there’s still too many artists who are not 100%. They had a name before the music and decided to rap just to get rich. They don’t have their hearts in it and the music reflects that. We gon’ always stay solid and make fly-ass, timeless jaunts.”

YOUNG WONDER and COREY COOL are influenced by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, DMX, DRAKE, FUTURE, JAY Z and Kendrick Lamar. “We’re inspired by the legends in this game, but the success stories of artists from our city like MEEK, BEANIE, EVE and FREEWAY hit different because they walked the same blocks we did and made it out. We up next!” 

KUSHFAM is currenlty working on their debut EP set to drop in the spring of 2021. In the meantime checkout the visuals for their latest single, “YIKES“, and other many other songs on their YouTube channel.

Twitter/ Instagram:





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Beautiful and talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter, NINA-SYMONE, burst onto the music scene in 2019 with her first single. Now she’s back with her debut EP, ECSTASY“.

NINA-SYMONE has been singing since the cradle. “Some babies whined and cried…I hummed (She laughs). I was literally singing before I could talk. As I got older I would spend hours in my room writing songs and creating melodies. Music has been my first love since forever.”

Her parents, iconic Rapper/Actor LL COOL J and Jewelry Designer/Fashionista SIMONE I. SMITH, observed her God-given gift and arranged for vocal coaching and dance lessons. She spent a large part of her childhood nurturing her love for music and dance and developing her vocal power.

On her 19th birthday NINA-SYMONE was ready to show the world what she could do. She released her first single, “CALL ME“, which amassed more than half a million streams on digital music platforms. This overwhelming response from her fans was all the encouragement she needed to begin working on her first full-length project.

ECSTASY” was released on Valentine’s Day 2021 and contains four original tracks all written and produced by NINA-SYMONE herself. “ADDICTED“, “RUNAWAY“, “AGAIN” and the lead single, “FEELS“, an innocently sexy tune about commitment, sets the tone for the EP.

Throughout the project her velvety-smooth & smokey voice glides across dreamy, soulful rhythms as she croons about the romance, emotions and dilemmas that young lovers face. “I love writing songs that are relatable and also make people feel good. My songs will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud with your crush. You can just turn me up and vibe out…”

NINA-SYMONE’s sound is the perfect combination of sultry and cute, reminiscent of a younger, sassier Toni Braxton. Although her main inspiration for creating music comes from her Grammy-winning Papa, she’s also influenced by Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande, two of her favorite artists. When she’s not recording she’s listening to Jhene, Ariana, Billie Eillish, Rosalíamy and her favorite rapper, Lil Durk.

ECSTASY” is only the beginning for this rising star who plans to make her mark on the music industry and the world. “My hope is to be an inspiration to other young Black girls and show them that anything you put your mind to is possible. I want to do it all…I want to sing and dance and start my own shoe brand to feed my huge shoe obsession! (Laughing). I am so excited to share my music with you guys and do what God has blessed me to do. I will never let go of my vision, the sky is the limit for me.”

Pick the digital music platform of your choice and download “ECSTASY“, then head over to YouTube and check out the ‘NINA-SYMONE Q &A Channel‘ for beauty tips, relationship advice and much more. Stand up and take notice, this young lady is on fiyaah!

Instagram: @ninabandzz

SnapChat: @nina.smithh

Twitter: @ninabandzzzz



Official Video NINA-SYMONE “CALL ME”:


NINA-SYMONE Q&A YouTube Channel:



Tonya Lewis Taylor


Meet TONYA LEWIS TAYLOR, songstress, author, former music industry executive and community leader…and her journey is not even close to being finished.

For the past twenty years TONYA has mixed her experiences in the music industry with her passion for helping the youth in our Black communities flourish to create these programs, the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance and the I WILL GRADUATE Youth Development Program.

The Entertainers 4 Education Alliance is a youth development program geared towards keeping our children in school and off of the streets. “For the last 15-20 years we have used the slogan ‘Smart is the New Cool‘. It is the essence of our program. We stress to our youth how important their education is. Yes, it is cool to be a great student and graduate, go to college and open up your own business. No, it is not cool to be a drug dealer or a gang banger in the streets. We have to instill values into our children and change the narrative about what is cool.”

TONYA uses her plentiful celebrity connections to garner support for the program. Past participants include some of the best and brightest in entertainerment such as 50Cent, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Omar Epps, Daymond John of ABC’sShark Tank”, former NY Knick John Starks, Kanye West and Lil Bow Wow. These celebrities make appearances at schools and special events to speak with the youth about the importance of education and making good choices for their futures. The program has been highly successful, a whopping 96% of the participating students graduate high school and go on to college!

The I WILL GRADUATE Youth Development Program is another facet of the dropout initiative. The program functions in 48 public schools throughout New York City, serving over 15,000 children per week. It provides our NYC youth with positive ways to spend their spare time through organized recreation, tutoring programs, mentoring programs, part-time work and volunteer opportunities. “I WILL GRADUATE is not just the name of our program, it is a powerful declaration! “I WILL GRADUATE!” is a statement that represents the student taking responsibility for their success. We will be there to help and guide you, we will be the wind beneath your wings, but you gotta do the work.”

TONYA has also taken up the fight against gun violence with her latest project the Gun Violence Destroys Families Initiative. To drive this important message home, she contacted the parents of the late POP SMOKE, a rising Hip-Hop star from Brooklyn, N.Y. who was shot to death on February 19th, 2020 during a home-invasion. His mother and father, Audrey and Greg Jackson, graciously accepted the task of filming a public service announcement to show how gun violence affects the families of victims.

“Gun violence is such a huge issue in our communities and it is taking away too many of our children. The first step for us, as a people, is to take ownership of the problem. What we are witnessing is the byproduct of 400 years of slavery and segregation. We know that, now let’s move forward. We have to do what needs to be done ourselves! There is enough money in the Black community to pool resources together and make things happen. We need programs in the community for parents to bring their children to. Places where kids can learn and grow and find out what they’re interested in. We need mentors for the youth and to build strong community connections and strong community relations with the police who patrol our communities. This is where we need to start.”

The bible tells us, “…If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” And TONYA is a believer! “My part is a small fraction of a fraction. We all have to do our part. If I add my mustard seed and you add yours and he adds his, we will reach our goals. If we all come together we can make a difference.”

Giving back to the community is something that is near to her heart. “Once upon a time someone gave me a chance and blessed me, so I want to share the blessing. I want our youth to have the opportunity to be great! Let’s show them that the choices they make today will affect their lives 5 years from now. Let’s help them avoid poor choices and make better decisions that set them on a path towards positivity and success.” These brilliant programs are available to all NYC public school students. Check out the website for information regarding registration and special events.

TONYA LEWIS TAYLOR and her team ask that you please help increase support for these programs by posting and sharing the Gun Violence Destroys Families PSA once per week for 6 weeks on your website, social media, or weekly newsletter. In doing this you will help bring awareness to the gun violence problems plaguing our youth and spotlight the devastating effects of gun violence on families. THANK YOU!


Hashtags: #IWILLGRADUATE #GunViolenceDestroysFamilies


Audrey and Greg Jackson, parents of late rapper POP SMOKE
Late rapper POP SMOKE

Author, book, Entrepreneur, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, podcast, ShuBangaShow Interview

David Meltzer


DAVID MELTZER is an affluent entrepreneur, best-selling author, Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, motivational speaker and host of The Playbook podcast.

DAVID openly tells the remarkable story of how he came from very meager beginnings, growing up with his single mother (after his parents divorced) and five siblings, to becoming a multi-millionaire. As a child his dream was to be a professional football player and get rich so he could buy his mother a house and a new car. “That was literally my motivation. My mother sacrificed so much for us, I wanted to take care of her.”

He focused on his goal, worked hard and 9 months after graduating from law school his dream came true. DAVID was a multi-millionaire at the age of 30. He could buy his mother any house and car she wanted, life was amazing! Unfortunately, through a host of bad decisons and too much ego, he lost his fortune.

During that low point DAVID realized he had surrounded himself with the wrong people and the wrong ideas. “My first book, “Connected to Goodness: Manifest Everything That You Want In Business and Life“, came about as a result of nearly losing everything in my bankruptcy. My wife had told me that she wasn’t happy and that I needed to take stock in who I used to be, because I had lost touch with those values. I ended up codifying the values and ideas that had helped me to succeed previously and re-dedicating myself to incorporating those values in everything that I do.”

He began living a life powered by gratitude, empathy, accountability and effective communication. With these values at his center, he quickly rebuilt his wealth. Now he was rich again, financially and mentally. His mantra sums up his principles, “MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE, HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

Given his personal experiences with losing and gaining financial abundance, we asked what he teaches his own children about money. “One thing that is tough with teaching your kids is that they don’t always listen to what you have to say, instead they pay attention to what you do. That’s why I’ve always tried to be an abundant person with what I earn, while also being clear with my kids on the pragmatic uses of money as a currency.”

He graciously shares his testimony, filled with good and bad experiences, to help others learn how to live a life of gratitude and service. He even offers free weekly trainings online and via Zoom. “I’ve been holding free trainings in my office for the past 20 years, and I used to open up the office to anyone who wanted to join. Since the start of the pandemic, I started holding these Friday Training sessions via Zoom each week, with topics such as Ultimate Ego Training, Five to Thrive Sales Training, Find Your Frequency, and many more.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs benefit greatly from his free advice. “The best advice anyone ever gave me about business was to ‘stop taking yourself too seriously‘. The best advice I can give about business is to ‘Find Your Frequency!’ In order to have your message resonate with your audience, you have to have an understanding of three components: the strength of your signal, the spectrum of your signal (the audience or demographic that you are aligned with), as well as the clarity of your message. When you understand your frequency, you can create better emotional connecting between your brand and your audience.”

One of the biggest reasons he decided to build up his personal brand came after hearing that one of his young daughter’s friends had committed suicide. “That is when I realized that our world has a happiness problem. I’ve made it my mission to empower over 1 billion people around the world to be happy, through the values of gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication (or inspiration).”

“I’m a big believer that the Universe is abundant and there is more than enough to make everyone in the world happy, and that mindset is something that will benefit you in business. When you understand that a rising tide lifts all boats, and are willing to give unconditionally, you are better equipped to attract the right people and ideas to yourself.”

He formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, one of the biggest agencies in the world and the inspiration behind the movie “Jerry Maguire“. There he met retired football star and Hall of Famer, WARREN MOON, a connection that eventually led to he and WARREN partnering up to build Sports 1 Marketing. Their company represents some of the biggest names in sports.

In between his business dealings, weekly trainings and motivational speeches, DAVID authored three best-selling books, “Connected to Goodness: Manifest Everything That You Want In Business and Life“, “Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business” and “Game-Time Decision Making: High-Scoring Business Strategies from the Biggest Names in Sports“.

He recently expanded his resume to include podcast host. The Playbook is a top entrepreneural podcast on which DAVID interviews various athletes who talk about the “why” and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to. It is quite entertaining and gives the audience a chance to see what drives some of world’s most elite athletes.

He lives to serve and empower others, its what gets him out of bed each morning. “My favorite part of my job is seeing the impact that I make in the lives of others, whether that is the personal or professional growth of my team, or helping others to live happier lives through gratitude, empathy, accountability, and inspiration.”

2020 was a year filled with unprecedented challenges for some and unexpected blessings for others. DAVID considers himself one of the blessed. “Despite the many challenges, 2020 was one of the best years of my life. The most important lesson I learned is that there is nothing that I value more than being able to sit down and eat dinner with my family. I cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store!”

He watched his dreams come into fruition and accomplished many other magnificent things along his journey. Wonder what’s left on his bucket list? “I’d love to have LeBron James on my podcast as well as to meet Warren Buffet.” Speak it into existence DAVID, those are your next guests on The Playbook.

DAVID MELTZER is a principled man and a huge inspiration to countless people. We appreciate his transparency and selflessness. We wish him continued success and thank him for taking time out of his active schedule to interview with the ShuBangaShow!

Anybody interested in joining DAVID’s free training sessions, click the link to register:  https://dmeltzer.com/training/.



3D Animation Artist, Artist, Indie Filmmaker, visionary

culpepperplus creative


Meet CHRIS CULPEPPER, owner and operator of CulpepperPlus Creative a boutique design firm centered in Raleigh-Durham, NC. CHRIS utilizes his unique ability to blend his love of animation with Graphic Design and programming.

The name of his brand, CulpepperPlus Creative, is more than just his family name. “I wanted to use my family name in my business. First, I thought it was just easier than coming up with something snazzy that would lose its luster over the years. Second, I wanted to ensure that I always treat my clients with the utmost care, because my family name is attached to everything I do. The “Plus” means that it’s more than just me. I’m representing my family and I’m representing my God as a believer.”

As a kid CHRIS was into art and was always coloring, drawing and watching cartoons, especially Looney Tunes and programs on The Disney Channel. “I really loved Disney’s animated movies like “Robin Hood” and “The Jungle Book“. When “Toy Story” came out, it really blew my mind! I knew I wanted to be a part of that somehow. I have always loved animation. I took my art classes in high school super seriously and I majored in Graphic Design at Hampton University.”

When CHRIS graduated from college he got a job at an internet firm as a production assistant. “I was basically creating HTML pages and scanning images for various clients. One day I stumbled upon a copy of a 3D program called RayDream3D that was laying around the office. I spent off hours digging into that program, learning how to use it and even created a few projects with it. One project I remember in particular was a dodgeball game with primitive shapes. It had music, voiceovers and everything!”

That initial experience with animation sparked CHRIS’ passion! “From then on, I’ve been dipping my toes into the industry wherever I could, learning on my own for the most part. It wasn’t until 20 years later that I had the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Animation. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m ready to continue the journey towards the 3D Animation industry.”

CHRIS’ wildly imaginative illustrations trademark his style. I’m really big on facial expressions. I love slapstick comedy as well, so anything that is really expressive. I try to exaggerate actions to really drive the message to the audience about what the character is doing and feeling. I enjoy creating immersive stories, using certain camera angles, sound effects or facial expressions to help the audience understand the story that much better. As much as I love 3D animation & film making, I still really enjoy sketching. It’s quite relaxing and a great way to stay up on fundamentals. I’m trying to make sure I carve time out everyday to do it since it’s a perishable skill.”

As a Black man in this industry it is very important to CHRIS that he convey certain messages through his work. “Everyone has a little something unique they can add to their stories because all of our stories are different. I hope I can represent my culture with stories that feature people that look like me. As an African American believer in Christ I believe that representation matters and people need to see that their culture, their experiences and their lives matter. I try to incorporate my faith into my stories, not to smack people in the face with it, but to demonstrate what God has done in my life.” 

When asked who influenced him to be an animator, CHRIS quoted the late great Christopher Wallace…”Ain’t nobody really influence me, know what I’m sayin’, just tired of being on the streets.’ There are so many talented folks out there, but some of my favorites are Tom & Tony Bancroft, Aaron Blaise, Jamaal Bradley, Frank Abney, Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.”

CHRIS and Culpepper Plus aim to please. “When our clients see their artwork I want them to feel joy, satisfaction and awe. The whole point of what we do is to bring their vision to reality. We offer our very best for every client no matter the size of the project. It’s our name on the line every time.”

As creative as he is, it’s hard for CHRIS to imagine what he’d be doing if he weren’t a 3D Animator. “When I think back there are certain crossroads in my life I can identify that helped me get where I am today. The most notable would be when I decided not to pursue football going into college. I was a pretty good athlete and from time to time I wonder how far I could have gone, but ultimately I am quite happy with my decision.”

CHRIS CULPEPPER’S favorite project to date is his most recent work, a short film called “PECULIAR PEOPLE”, which tells the story of a young child who has difficulty playing and fitting in with classmates and how he eventually finds his purpose. “I genuinely love what I do, bringing stories to life. I am striving to animate for feature films. I would like to join a large studio like Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Dreamworks or Blue Sky. Ultimately I would love for my company to create it’s own feature film that would be shown in theatres.” 

PECULIAR PEOPLE is currently available for viewing on the link below, enjoy the show!


“PECULIAR PEOPLE” a CulpepperPlus Studios presentation


OCulpepperPlus Creative

new music

38 Spe$h

38 SPE$H

Rapper, Producer and Record Exec 38 SPE$H is controlling the wrecking ball that is crashing through Hip-Hop and demanding respect for the town of Rochester, N.Y. The rural suburb is home to approximately 1 million people and, until recently, was unchartered territory as far as Hip-Hop was concerned. 38 SPE$H is making damn sure noone ever overlooks his town again.

38 SPE$H‘s introduction to Hip-Hop happened early in his life. His father was a DJ and his older brother an aspiring rapper. No surprise that he is musically gifted. “I was about six or seven years old at the time. My big bro used to spit his bars on the front porch and I would just sit there watching. He was my biggest influence, I wanted to be just like him.”

When he reached his teenage years SPE$H began writing rhymes for fun, but at this point rapping was a hobby. He often jumped into the neighborhood cyphers and battled the older dudes. “I was the little nigha that got busy with the freestyles! (laughing) It was fun going up against other rappers and they respected my skills. That’s the era I come from, an era of competitiveness. I have the most fun when I’m contending with the best.”

Fast forward to the 2000’s, SPE$H was now dropping mixtapes and gained recognition appearing on fellow Rochester native, DJ Green Lantern’s, SIRIUS XM radio show, “Invasion Radio“. His bars and blunt delivery were undeniable. His verses, loaded with strong punchlines, complemented each track one hundred percent. “There weren’t many rappers in Rochester, N.Y. then and I didn’t have anyone to model my style after. The result…a genuine article, ya heard? Authentic, raw 38 SPE$H. This is all me.”

Besides having one of the sharpest flows and distinct rapping voices in the game, SPE$H emerged as a phenomonal producer. A double threat, this guy is skilled at cooking up beats and producing tracks on one side of the studio, then stepping into the booth to spit pure fire. “I love them both, emceeing and producing. Writing rhymes is a more detailed, intricate process for me. I take my time with it. Producing music comes real easy to me. It’s like playing a video game (laughing). I consider my brand of music soulful/gritty. My music is comprised of different genres of music I’ve been exposed to and my raps reflect real life and different experiences I’ve gone through.”

SPE$H is inspired by supreme rapper/producer Kanye West and admires how his sound impacts whatever project he’s involved in. “No matter who YE works with, you can always hear his influence on the track.” His favorite musical artist is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and his favorite rapper is 2PAC. “Michael Jackson’s Thriller” album is probably my favorite album of all time. And PAC, he had that pain in his music. I felt it, even as a youngster. He touched your soul when he rapped.”

Locked in and ready to make his mark, SPE$H started his label, TRUST COMES FIRST Music Group, recruiting talent from his neighbors one hour away in Buffalo, N.Y., Benny The Butcher and Conway the Machine and his around the way female protege Che Noir.

The floodgates were open…SPE$H and T.C.F. Music Group starting dropping mixtape after mixtape, vacillating between his solo projects and collaborative albums with his TRUST artists. Most notably “TRUST TAPES“, “THE BLACK SOPRANO FAMILY“, “SON OF G RAP” (a dope collabo with legendary emcee Kool G Rap), “38 STRATEGIES OF RAW” and “ARMY OF TRUST“. Several respected emcees appeared on these various projects including JadaKiss, Planet Asia, Styles P, Cormega and Fred da Godson.

In 2020 alone SPE$H released numerous esteemed projects including “6 SHOTS“, “SPESHAL BLENDS“, “LOYALTY and TRUST 2” and “1995“, featuring the single, “Round Table” where he declares, “Now I find myself in corporate places. They heard I made seven figures this year with no support from majors. And the mainstream market major, but I don’t need the mainstream to build an underground vault with paper. I’m a real street orchestrator and the drum that’s attached to my gun look like an alternator…TRUST.”

His latest release, “INTERSTATE 38“, boasts 11 tracks of hypnotic, melodic beats & raw lyrics that lull you into deep thought and entertain you at the same time. Track 1 “I-38” wastes no time setting the tone. “Aye yo, I heard ’em say I got the mind set of Jay, skill set of Dre, so it’s guaranteed that a billion is on the way…” Talk yo shit SPE$H!

Already the architect and mastermind behind TRUST COMES FIRST Music Group, the world has yet to see 38 SPE$H reach his full potential. “Man, I’m just getting started. Honestly, I started taking my music career seriously in 2018, less than 3 years ago. Up until then I still considered music a hobby. It wasn’t until the checks started rolling in that I felt like, oh okay this shit is really moving, let’s go! (laughing).”

READ THIS AGAIN…this man just decided to take his music career serioulsy after releasing over 20 grade A projects (featuring a who’s who of rappers and producers) and building his own label. Ya’ll rappers uneasy yet? In the words of the homie MRECK TV, it’s getting spooky out here…

TRUST COMES FIRST is not merely the name of his label, but the code SPE$H lives by. He is building his self-made music empire from the ground up, handpicking top-quality artists who are loyal to his vision. His intense work ethic mirrors that of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., dedicated and relentless. When asked if he ever takes the time to slow down or sleep, SPE$H replied, “NEVER. And if I doze off, it’s with a mic in my hand.”

38 SPE$H is clearly a man to watch. 2021 promises to be a fruitful year for this gifted emcee/producer and his T.C.F. family. Look out for projects from female powerhouse emcee, Che Noir, a collabo album featuring SPE$H and Conway The Machine and more incredible solo albums from SPE$H.

“In 2021 I ‘m looking forward to being recognized as one of Hip-Hop’s premier talents. And I mean this in the most humble way…there’s no way a conversation should be had about Hip-Hop and 38 SPE$H is not mentioned in it.”

Follow 38 SPE$H’s Instagram Page @IAMSPESH for new music and video snippets. Grab some dope merch from his website https://tcfmerch.com/.


ACTOR, Indie Filmmaker, visionary, Web Series

TYREE GIBSON presents…

Meet TYREE “TY” GIBSON the brilliant producer and director of the gritty new Indie web-series, “THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story“, an episodic tale about the happenings between two rival gangs competing for the top spot in the underworld of Queensbridge, the biggest housing project in North America.

A native of Queensbridge, TY has seen and done a lot during his years growing up in the infamous projects. “Growing up in QB was rough, so much shit goes on within these 6 blocks. You need some type of hobby to keep you focused or you may not survive the streets. For me it was writing and telling stories. I began writing THE PYRAMID while I was in Drake Business School back in 1998. The world is fascinated by Queensbridge projects and loves to hear stories about it, so why not write about my hood? I knew a QB story would captivate audiences.”

TY’s creativity and passion for story-telling developed into this scripted series that is fictional, yet draws on real-life dilemmas that occur in an housing project. TY’s ability to merge his broad life experiences with his wildly vivid imagination proves to be a perfect combination. “My vision for this series is crazy! I really got into my creative bag and dug deep for this. This series bleeds authenticity. People can relate to the story line either from their own experiences or from someone they know. I put in a lot of hard work to bring this story to life. It had to be done right. Failure was not an option.”

Highly influenced by ingenious film directors/producers Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, TY wrote, directed and hand-picked the entire cast for this project. He even cast himself in the role of “Black P“, one of the OG’s in the series.

The premise of the story is Black P’s return to QB after serving 15 years in prison for drugs and a murder he committed during a shootout with a rival gang. The plot thickens when Black P discovers that while he was away his brother, Rah, has befriended that same rival crew. This causes major conflict between Black P and Hound’s crews. The sequence of events to follow will leave you on the edge of your seat open-mouthed!

Although TY wrote and produced the entire project, he refuses to take full credit for the web-series’ success. “I am so blessed to be working with such a wonderful group of actors and actresses. Each cast member brings their unique personality and passion to the character they play which enhances the story, it’s impressive. My goal as a filmmaker is to always be super creative and bring out the best in any actor or actress that I work with. I’m definitely grateful for my amazing cast.”

The biggest challenge TY faced making this project was learning how to maneuver behind the camera. “Listen man, I’m a writer and I was not familiar with the camera at all. (Laughing) So I recruited FAHARGO to film the series and he did not disappoint. He did an incredible job of shooting THE PYRAMID. Salute brother!”

It is important to TY that he give opportunities and create films that prosper the Black culture. “It’s one of the reasons Spike Lee is my favorite filmmaker. I appreciate how he opened, or should I say, kicked down so many doors for Black people in film. The careers of many Black actors and actresses were started because he gave them a chance. Spike also showed Black people in a many different lights and I plan to do the same with my films. For so long we were cast as maids, drug dealers/addicts, absent parents, thieves, etc…We were always the villains in the story. Thankfully, that has changed and the evolution of the Black character sees us cast in roles as the hero or the intelligent lead in films like “BLACK PANTHER” (Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman) and “HIDDEN FIGURES“. It’s a beautiful thing!”

TY recently fulfilled a life-long dream of his to start his own business with the establishment of The Pyramid A QB Story Production Company. “I have dreamt of this day for a long time and it feels great to see it come to fruition! What’s even greater is that I will be able to provide opportunities to others interested in pursuing a career in film. As a Black man and a Black filmmaker, It is my responsibility to create diverse films that celebrate us. It’s not just about me. It’s about our youth, giving them hope for the future and showing them they can do anything in this life if they work hard. It’s also about my peers and reminding them of the same. My life is a testimony of how you can overcome difficult circumstances and still rise if you believe in yourself. ALWAYS BET ON YOU!”

TY is busy writing episodes for Season 2 of THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story” while creating a second series, not yet titled, catering to the female demographic. The first 6 episodes of Season 1 are currently available for viewing on YouTube. Go check it out!

2021 looks like it’s going to be a productive and exciting year for TYREE GIBSON and The Pyramid A QB Story Production Company!

Season 1 Episodes 1-6 of “THE PYRAMID…A Queensbridge Story“:












EP, freestyle, Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, mixtape, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, Rapper


Get familiar with super group G4L. LiL RAFE, Wavii BaBii, ZY Guuwop, RELLEO and SoDAN’s signature sound started a wave in Southside, Queens that is flooding the streets!

Musical engineer turned rapper, ZY Guuwop, is the latest member of G4L (GUUWOP 4 Life) to release a solo project. “I started out making beats and producing for my G4L bros. During our studio sessions I would help out with verses and flows while I created the beats, but I wasn’t rapping. Then one day I decided to pick up a pen and paper…it was history from there.”

The ups and downs of everyday life inspire ZY’s music. “Life for a young black man in ameriKKKa is difficult. My generation needs to be heard. We need a way to creatively express ourselves in order to deal with life and that’s what music does for me. I love music! But if I wasn’t a part of G4L, I’d still be grinding and finding different ways to feed my daughter and my family.”

ZY adds another set of skills to the already talented clique. “My style is organic and very versatile. See, in music there is no right or wrong, so when I’m in the studio I get comfortable and I get creative. I can easily switch my flow to match any track so I’m able to make a variety of songs. Some are uptempo, some slow tempo, but they all fire!”

He is proud to be a part of the Hip-Hop culture and shows his gratitude by creating authentic music that comes from his heart. “I speak the truth on my tracks, no cap. Certain rappers are talking about bullshit! I’m talking about reality, real shit me and my bros experience. My music sheds light on the struggle of poverty and other traumatizing scenarios that are going on in our black neighborhoods.”

When asked about his view on the current state of Hip-Hop, ZY had this to say, “There’s a lot of people trynna be a part of the Hip-Hop culture because it’s currently the number one genre in music. Not all of the artists are in it for the right reasons. Not us though, G4L really does this.”

He draws musical influence from LiL Durk, G Herbo, Roddy Rich and JADAKISS, all artists who exude realness. “My goal as an artist is to be genuine. I want my people and the fans to understand and respect why I make music and what message I’m trying to send them through my songs.”

ZY Guuwop dropped his debut solo project, “LANE SWITCHING” on October 8th. It contains 11 tracks of heatery, including guest appearances from G4L member LiL RAFE and Gunna Gang capo, BENJI.

The first two tracks introduce ZY’s undeniable flow and set the tone for the rest of the tape. Track 1,”Intro Big Guuwop Freestyle“, is a sturdy freestyle filled with bravado, followed by track 2, “FN 57“, featuring BENJI. On this dope collabo ZY sets it off…Ride on my wave you gon’ float to the surface, drip when I walk I don’t do it on purpose …, then BENJI moves in, “Sink ships when they cross boarders, now they crashed like the wrong course. Need the mansion with the ball court, shot some nighas for a small cost.” Umm, it ain’t safe in Southside if you got weak raps!

Lane Switching” is currently streaming on all digital music platforms…iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora etc…Stream this project, it will not disappoint!

Go follow ZY Guuwop and his music on Instagram @zyguuwop

3D Animation Artist, Artist, Independent Artist, new video, visionary


Introducing KANI.VISIONS an inventive 3D Art and Web Design company owned and operated by young, brilliant entrepreneur KARL KANI Jr.

KARL started off as a student athlete, receiving a full scholarship to play baseball at the University of Washington. He realized his passion for 3D Art after graduating college. “I have always had a love for computers as well as cartoons and animation but didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I studied computer science in college and quickly figured out that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. One day I was watching Disney’s animated movie, The Incredibles, and I wondered, “How did they create that movie? I was fascinated. Ever since then I have been in love with 3D animation and web design.”

Cognizant of the fact that there aren’t many black 3D Art and Web Designers, KARL decided to design a brand that represents his unique vision and perception of art. “I want my viewers to see how my creative mind works and see things from my perspective. You don’t see much representation of black people in Motion Design and 3D Animation. I want young, black children to see that it’s possible to have a career in this field. Although they don’t say it, most people are surprised when they find out the person behind my work is black. I want to change that.”

A huge inspiration to KARL is Don Allen Stevenson, artist and specialist trainer for DREAMWORKS ANIMATION picture company. “Don is a very successful black 3D artist who creates amazing visual content. Seeing his work made my dream seem that much more attainable.” He also admires artist and graphic designer BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann), whose art visualizes music through the medium of video. “I would love to collaborate with BEEPLE on a project!”, he exclaims.

KARL’s favorite type of animations to create are Realistic 3D Renders. For us non-creatives, 3D rendering is a method used to create a variety of images that are believably realistic. “It’s pretty cool to create an animated lifelike visualization and have people ask me if its real or not.”

KARL’s website http://www.KaniVisions.com boasts his myriad of work. Among them is his favorite piece, the striking and imaginative Louis Vuitton Quarantine Outfit video. “I take great pride in the videos I create and the Instagram filters I’m designing. It is a smooth and enjoyable process for me. Every time I work with a client I want them to feel like they made the best decision of their life by choosing to work with me! My wish is to continue creating and growing my brand until I have my own production company.”

Pay close attention to this young man, he has a very bright future ahead of him!


Legendary Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, Reggae/DanceHall artist, SINGER, visionary

MAXI PRIEST “united state of mind”

I had the pleasure of conversing with the incomparable MAXI PRIEST about his latest project, “UNITED STATE OF MIND“, an album he composed alongside ROBIN TROWER and LIVINGSTONE BROWN. “This project is a musical journey, the title says it all. The world is hurting right now. We are dealing with racism, oppression and Covid-19. We are all thinking of a new way and trying to adjust to the times.”

MAXI PRIEST is an international superstar who gave rise to reggae fusion and has achieved an immense amount of success throughout his career. ROBIN TROWER is a brilliant blues and hard rock guitarist/vocalist and front man for The Robin Trower Band. LIVINGSTONE BROWN is an ingenious multi-genre musician, producer, mix engineer and songwriter.

ROBIN, LIVINGSTONE and I came together and created a beautiful piece of work. We brought our skills to the table and made an album that was designed to touch different emotions, to make you think and to make you question things. Music is beautiful. It opens you up to a different vibration in your mind.”

The three talented artists who collaborated on this album come from very different walks of life, yet they are all echoing the same cry for the end of oppression and peace in the world. “UNITED STATE OF MIND” is an important album that embodies everything that is going on in our world today. Each of the nine thought-provoking tracks deal with a prevalent social issue and/or the emotional state it brings about. The title track, “UNITED STATE OF MIND” describes what we should be working towards achieving as a people while Track #2, “ARE WE JUST PEOPLE”, asks the open-ended question, are we just people or is there really something more to be found?

“We are in a time where we have to re-address our current situation and decide how we’re going to move forward. Honestly, I feel there is a large part of us who want to see unification and change, then there is that power who does not necessarily want the same thing. This album speaks for the people.”

MAXI is no stranger to working with various artists from alternate backgrounds and never wanted to be pigeon-holed into one genre of music. Being the son of a mother who loved gospel music, a father who adored country-western music and eight siblings who listened to everything from R&B to Reggae to Hip-Hop expanded MAXI’s musical palette. He has made music with the legendary Roberta Flack, dancehall king Shabba Ranks, jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour and R&B singer Joe. “I’ve always had an open-mindness as far as who I want to work with. There are no limitations to my art. I don’t allow color, class or race affect who I work with because I am of God. I wanna sing with everybody and share a vibration with them. My list doesn’t stop!”

Even as a child, music was MAXI’s special friend. “Music was my special friend that I turned to when I was sad, happy or just wanted to be. Singing was my solace.” He spent a lot of time watching musicals to feed his keen interest in understanding the art of singing. He listened to and studied the singing styles of Dennis Brown, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Marley and many others. “I appreciate music in all its shapes and forms and I learn from it daily. Even at this stage of my career I am still learning.”

The self-proclaimed worldlian receives joy from sharing his experiences and taking the world on an emotional journey through his music. “I am a worldlian, I am a part of this world. I am a part of God’s world. I can grow and fly and open up roads to help my people grow. It is my job to create a path for the next generation so they can see the world clearer. Let’s all live, feel and grow with the beauty of life with music as our soundtrack.”

Due to Covid-19, people around the world have been forced to slow down the pace and take a step back. Now, more than ever, people are spending quality time with loved ones, exploring their passions and actually sitting still long enough to appreciate the comfort that good music brings. “Covid has made us made us all take a break. We were running 100 miles per hour! People weren’t listening to music and its lyrics, they were watching music….then here comes Covid. It opened up the door for “UNITED STATE OF MIND“. I could have never asked for this album, it presented itself. LIVINGSTONE, ROBIN and I were gifted with this opportunity to help heal the world. The world is in a somber situation and music is a key part of restoring the peace.”

Peace and quiet are high on MAXI’s list of priorities, as he finds space for creativity in silence. “It may sound odd but I listen to silence. Silence is golden, it inspires me. It allows me to create and originate ideas for new songs. I’m actually working on some new music right now, an Afro-Beats album and a Gospel album.”

The fans are already all worked up over “UNITED STATE OF MIND” which is quickly spreading across the mainstream. Now we get news that MAXI PRIEST has more new material on the way…AWESOME!

UNITED STATE OF MIND” is currently available for download on all digital music platforms including iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, Spotify and Google Music. Check it out!

EMO Rap, freestyle, Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, new video, Rapper


Introducing new artist CYPAQ from the beautiful town of Accra, Ghana in West Africa. He has been making music since he was a senior in High School and now he is ready to share his talents with the world. 

His stage name is a short form of his full name Cyril Paakow Quansah (Cy, PaQ), although in school he was known as ‘Briefcase Joe’. “I used to be called ‘Briefcase Joe’ because I rapped an EMINEM freestyle in school where EM mentioned ‘Briefcase Joe’ and told my peers that it was my freestyle! No worries, I write my own freestyles and raps now. (Laughing)”

CYPAQ views his music as a form of expression. “Emotion is what inspires me to create music. Emotion of any sort…whether I feel angry, happy, sad or litt that emotion will be my inspiration to make a song.” He and his sister began dabbling with music back in 2013 but it was more like a hobby. “I was just writing corny ass songs and trying to replicate what I heard on the radio. But once I met my dudes Snek.B and Dapaah in 2014, I knew that I wanted to take music seriously.”  

He began performing in various school concerts and entertainment nights at his boarding school and his dream of becoming a professional gamer quickly changed. “I always wanted to be a YouTuber or a gamer, something where I could be myself and create content. But when I performed in front of my classmates for the first time I got all sorts of litty and it felt so good! It just confirmed for me that this was what I wanted to do with my life.”

CYPAQ’s biggest musical influences are Wretch 32 and EMINEM. He admires the fact that these artists’ words translate to emotion so perfectly. “Ok. I want to say this first, I no longer really care about standing out or being different. So if I’m being honest I don’t really focus on being set apart from other artists or anything like that. However, what I think is that most people see me as being different from other artists because of how passionate I am, how personal the songs are and how strong your emotions can get when you listen to my music. I’ve been told that my voice gives listeners the chills, and that’s definitely a plus!”

He describes himself as an EMO artist whose sound emanates diversity, comfort and good vibes. “I looove where Hip-Hop is at! There is a growing variety of artists who are diverse and gradually that toxic side of Hip-Hop is being drowned out by the positivity from new artists like Cordae, AmineKiddfreshStormzy and of course myself. I love the fact that the culture is still growing and changing.”

Being an artist who can connect and empathize with his listeners is of great importance to CYPAQ. “I am definitely one of those artists who are not afraid to talk about the issues that people are facing such as mental health, which is a big deal. I feel like the music industry, especially Hip-Hop and Rap, does not talk about how important mental health issues are or embrace people who are vulnerable. It’s always about being strong and hard and all that toxic masculinity stuff. I want to make music that makes loners feel okay and inspire as many people as possible.”

CYPAQ is currently working on a variety of singles which he will release this year as he finishes up his solo project scheduled for release in 2021. “I’m very excited about my debut solo project. It’s going to be so important to my career’s direction and it will change the world. I can’t wait to drop it for real!”  

Click the link below to check out CYPAQ’s previously released music on Apple MusicSpotifyPandoraSoundCloud and YouTube:


CYPAQ’s Social Media:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/cypaq

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecypaq\

IG: instagram.com/cypaq/

Independent Artist, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, Reggae/DanceHall artist, SINGER


Welcome Reggae/DanceHall artist Joel Smith a.k.a. “Chekx” from Kingston, Jamaica. Chekx started doing music to speak about the many things he has seen and experienced throughout his travels and to express his feelings regarding ongoing situations in society. “Music is life. If I stop doing music, then I stop living.”

Chekx started singing at the age of 13 on the church choir at the Apostolic Church he used to attend with his family, yet he did not start singing professionally until the age of 30. As a child he was fascinated with the weather and dreamt of becoming a Meteorologist but his love for music and his will to bring people together through music was stronger.

He got his professional start in the music industry doing graphics, websites and programming computers for artists and other employees affiliated with the music industry. This led to him playing many different roles in the industry, such as Publishing Administrator, Record Label Manager and Recording Engineer.

Chekx now owns his label, E7EMusic LLC, alongside his partner Fabian Cortes and his own entertainment company, Chekx Entertainment, which he runs with the help of his business partner and life coach Kofi Bannerman and his manager Davila.

He has his own unique sound, flow and style which he attributes to the fact that he fuses a variety of genres (Reggae, Gospel, DanceHall, Hip-Hop) into his music. His songs are easy on the ears, family friendly and versatile. “People are drawn to my music. I make songs that bring people together and allow them to focus on looking more positively into the mind and soul instead of judging each other by what we see on the outside.”

For this reason, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Buju Banton and Sizzla Kalonji are his musical idols. “I truly admire these musicians and how their music spreads consciousness to the world while still being highly entertaining.” He is also influenced by Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Mavado and Aidonia.

A peaceful and God-fearing man, in his free time Chekx enjoys meditating, writing, reading, playing sports and spending countless hours creating music. This year we got to see the fruits of his labor. On April 10th, 2020 Chekx released his debut single, “PRAYER” as a birthday gift to himself and he was featured on Rasta Steve’s album, “Like A Yardie” on the track “Cellular“. “I have really been working quite hard on my music and I am so excited to share it!’

Chekx is an amazing musician with a great mind for business. He intends to put his degrees to work and educate other artists in the Reggae/Dancehall industry. “Business isn’t always being done the correct way. As artists we’re urged to focus on the musical side, but it is very important that we are educated about the business side of the industry so we are not taken advantage of.”

He has future plans to produce a Reggae/Dancehall Award shows and to give back to the industry from those earnings. “I love making music for the people and I hope to continue doing it for many years to come. My hope is that I will touch lives and earn enough money to create a legacy that will take care of my family, my children and my children’s children. I want to earn a Grammy, an Oscar and build franchises and real estate assets…the sky is the limit!”

Chekx’s favorite quote is, ‘Time is master of all things wherefore we have to be a master of our time and utilize it effectively and efficiently by all means necessary.’ And that is exactly what he is doing.

In the words of the great Bob Marley, “None but ourselves can free our mind.” So tap into Chekx’s music, free your mind and let the music fill your thoughts…

Official video for ChekxPrayer
Rasta Steve ft. ChekxCellular

Instagram: @Chekxmusic

Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, mixtape, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE


Introducing new artist kJ Osama from the budding city of Charlotte, N.C.  He just started rapping one year ago, but the freestyles he’s dropping have the streets buzzing like a new Drake single!

kJ always loved music and messed around with writing raps here and there but he had serious plans to obtain a degree and work in the field of management and technology.  That was until the day that he visited the studio.  “The first time I went to the studio I was hooked!  I felt my creative juices start flowing and it just felt right.”   

kJ’s sound in a nutshell is Charlotte meets New Orleans.  He has the ability to rap in different tones over different types of beats.  “I’m not trying to sound like any other artist and I set my own trends.  I actually get motivated when I see other artists and how talented they are.  It makes me strive to become even greater.”     

His favorite artists are N.B.A. YoungBoy, the late Pop Smoke, Stunna4Vegas, Lil Baby, Fivio Foreign and Quando Rondo.  “In my opinion, the current state of Hip-Hop could be better.  There isn’t enough variety.  A lot of the beats sound the same and the raps sound similar too.  I want to stand out and create my own sound.”   

He credits his family and management for keeping him inspired.  “Music is a big part of my family.  My cousins rapped too, so I grew up watching them make music and perform at different venues.  They support me 100% and push me to follow my dreams.  I also have the best manager, Von Don.  He has a lot of experience in the industry and he believes in me.  That forces me to work even harder.”   

kJ Osama is in the process of completing his first project titled, “9inety1Eighteen“, scheduled to drop in late 2020.  “I’m ready to show the world what I can do behind the mic, bring success to my town and get my family out of the hood.  And I want my music to influence other young rappers and young people to show them that they can be anything they want to be in this life.” 

Keep your ears out for new music from kJ Osama coming soon…             

Instagram: @kj.0samaaa

FaceBook: kJ Osama 


Hip-Hop/Rap, Independent Artist, mixtape, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, new video, Rapper


Peekskill, N.Y. is a small town with a big city feel. And like most other places there are a flock of artists fighting to be ‘King’ of their city. LifeTrav happens to hold the crown in his town.

Peekskill is a small town in upstate New York with its own style and culture. “It’s a tough town and only the strong survive, but I wouldn’t change it. My town made me who I am. Peekskill taught me to be myself unapologetically and do me.”

And for the last five years LifeTrav has done exactly that. He’s been locked in and focused at his in-home recording studio cooking up something exquisite for the masses.

He cites his motivations for making music as elevation and self-expression. “I am using music to change my situation and be able to bless my people, but first and foremost, music is my sanctuary. I can say whatever I want on a track and express myself freely. The booth is a judge-free zone. This is all organic. I want to make prolific, timeless music that my kids can listen to 30 years from now and be like, ‘Yo, my pops is fire!”

His genuine sound and certified demeanor make him a rarity in this Hip-Hop game. “I don’t care to be me. I’m cool with being me, I like me. (Laughing) There’s way too many artists who wanna sound like this one or that one. Why would I spend my time listening to an artist who sounds like Lil’ Uzi Vert when I could just listen to Lil’ Uzi Vert? The fans want to hear and get to know the real artist and the cameras are always watching. The minute they catch you not being who you’re pretending to be, you’re done. I find it easier to be myself then I can never get caught slippin’.”

LifeTrav’s musical influences range from Party Next Door to Erykah Badu to 2 PAC and he explains why… “I admire PND’s discreet nature. I had no idea what he looked like for like 5 years but loved his music. That’s what it’s about. Erykah Badu is just wild and real, you gotta love her. Then PAC has that fire and arrogance and ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude‘. My sound embodies all of these moods.”

He’s also a huge fan of Nipsey Hussle who he dubs the ‘PAC of his generation‘. “Me and my team, YPF, wanna move like Nip. We wanna take care of our people. We wanna elevate each other and show the young ones that being yourself is good enough. Let ’em know that you don’t have to cut corners or stand on the corner or pretend to be someone you’re not to be successful. We have to break that cycle and make it cool to be you again. Authenticity is where it’s at. I wanna win a Grammy by making original music and being myself.”

Although LifeTrav is the best in his city, he is eager to compete with the rest of the world. “There’s a lot of talent in Peekskill and I honestly feel like you’re only as good as your competition. Hip-Hop is the number one genre of music in the world right now but it’s mostly because of all of the foolery going on. We had Future and Lil’ Wayne, among others, making songs about poppin’ percs & mollys and drinking lean and that produced a bunch of Lil’ Pumps. (Laughing) It’s time to change the climate of Hip-Hop and embrace real rap again. Benny the Butcher, Conway the Machine and WestSide Gunn are spitting’ straight heat, Rod Wave got that dope and now I’m about to drop my shit and bring N.Y. back.”

His music has built up quite the buzz on SoundCloud and the streets are excited! LifeTrav’s new single and video drop on October 9th, 2020 followed by his first full-length project, “Watch How You Move“, to be released later in the month. He promises his mixtape will be worth the wait.

Tap into LifeTrav’s Instagram page @lifetravypf and his SoundCloud LifeTravSeason to check out his music and a sneak peek into his YPF lifestyle. Don’t be late to the party, get familiar with this guy!


Bounce by LifeTravSeason https://soundcloud.com/lifetrav/bounce on #SoundCloudHis music has built up quite the buzz on SoundCloud

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Instagram: b.m.e._mel
Meet new artist B.M.E. MEL. His music paints a vivid picture of life for a young King in Queens, N.Y.
His new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring legendary rapper JUELZ SANTANA, has the underground buzzing!
MEL has been on his grind since 2016, recording and perfecting his sound. He credits his family for inspiring him to chase his dreams while cleverly using the nonbelievers to propel him to success.
“I’m definitely inspired by my family, especially my dad, but the nonbelievers and the haters push me even more. I have to the kill them with my success! I am naturally resilient and have a success-driven mentality which I apply to my music career.”
If MEL wasn’t rapping he says he would still be his own boss. “I can’t work for anybody else. I need to control my destiny.” Yet, he fell into the music game very unexpectedly…
“One day I was going to school and the train stopped temporarily in between stations. I needed to do something to pass the time so I decided to try and write a rap. I surprised myself when it turned out pretty good (Laughing). I decided to go to the studio and record it and I LOVED how I sounded rapping on an actual beat! I haven’t stopped rapping since that day.”
We all know that today’s music industry is heavily saturated with rappers and gimmicks, but MEL sets himself apart from the rest with his versatile and unpredictable style. He has the ability to switch up his flow to compliment any beat. “I really try not to have a set style because I like being unpredictable. I have so many different flows and sounds. I rap, I sing, I harmonize so when you press play you don’t know which MEL you’re gonna get.”
He prides himself on being from Queens and is determined to bring the spotlight back on his borough. “We have had so many iconic artists from this borough, but lately there haven’t been a lot of popular artists coming out of Queens. I will be the one to spark that flame.”
MEL’s early musical influences include, Queen’s own 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Cassidy and Meek Mill. These days you can catch him vibing to FivioForeign, DaBaby, Rod Wave, Yung Bleu, Neeko Power and A Boogie.
When asked how he feels about the current state of Hip-Hop music, MEL had this to say, “It may sound strange, but I have a love-hate relationship with Hip-Hop right now. See, I love the way the music game has transitioned to the point where the independent artist doesn’t need major label support to blow up. On the other hand, I hate that there’s much less individuality in the artists. Everyone is trying to sound like someone else instead of being themselves. Artists would rather sound and/or act like whatever artist is hot right now if they think it’s going to be beneficial to their career. I prefer to be authentic.”
Making music is only the starting point for B.M.E. MEL. He has a big list of dreams and goals. One of which is to put out a project with no features that reaches platinum status. “It takes a certain caliber of artist, a very special one, to accomplish that and my skills and confidence level are up for the challenge.”

He also plans to start his own record label in the future so he can open up doors for other artists and help take their careers to the next level. “This is our culture and we need to create generational wealth from it. It’s all about prospering so you can help the next man. That’s the type of energy I bring with me everywhere I go, so I can’t lose.”

B.M.E. MEL is busy wrapping up two projects for release this year. The first project titled,”Ready Since Birth”, features Neeko Powerz, KDOTEM and YO MRTN. The second is his solo project titled, “Be Motivated Everyday”, hence his moniker, B.M.E. MEL.
No specific dates for these project’s releases, but in the meantime check out his YouTube Channel, BMEMEL Music and NKOPWRZ‘ new single, “Gotta Get It“, featuring B.M.E. MEL x JUELZ SANTANA currently steaming on iTunes.
After hearing this track I’m excited to hear what else B.M.E. MEL’s got up his sleeve!
Gotta Get It”:

“No Pad, No Pencil” video:
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the horrific murder of GEORGE FLOYD

GEORGE FLOYD was accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase at Cup Foods, where he was a regular customer not known to cause any problems. The teenaged cashier called 911 to report the alleged counterfeit bill. Officers responded to the scene only seven minutes after the 911 call was made.

GEORGE FLOYD had been restrained, handcuffed and was lying face down in the street when Officer Chauvin bent down and pushed his knee into GEORGE’s neck, restricting his breathing for a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds while Officers Keung and Lane held down his back and lower extremities. Officer Tao stood guard in front of them and ignored GEORGE FLOYD’s numerous cries for assistance as he wailed, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe! Please help me! Don’t kill me! Get me some water, I can’t breathe!” At one point this 46 year old man cried out for his mother, “Mama, Mama!”

Chauvin remained in position on GEORGE FLOYD’s neck for another 2 minutes and 53 seconds even after his body went limp and became unresponsive. When EMS arrived on the scene he had no pulse and showed no signs of life. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he was officially pronounced dead.

The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, was enraged after witnessing the video of GEORGE FLOYD and called for the firing of all parties involved. All four officers were terminated from the Minneapolis Police Department the very next day and Chauvin was subsequently arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder + manslaughter.

After further investigation, some fascinating facts were revealed about Derek Chauvin. He is the brother-in-law of Tou Thao, the officer who stood watch while he committed murder. Chauvin also worked with GEORGE FLOYD for several years at local nightclub/ restaurant, “El Nuevo Rodeo”. Maya Santamaria, the club’s former owner, was quoted as saying, “GEORGE was a great guy known for his big smile and Chauvin was short-tempered and had a real short fuse. When there was an altercation he always resorted to pulling out his mace and pepper-spraying everybody right away, even if I felt it was unwarranted.” Interesting…

The black community as a whole is completely fed up and infuriated by the senseless murders of GEORGE FLOYD, AHMAUD ARBERY, BREONNA TAYLOR and the countless other black people who have died at the hands of racist police officers.

Getting killed by police is a leading cause of death for young black men in America.

Let that sink in…


 *Warning this video is graphic and very disturbing*



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Rest In Peace Andre Harrell

On May 8, 2020 Hip-Hop lost a giant, ANDRE HARRELL, founder of UPTOWN RECORDS, former president/CEO of MOTOWN RECORDS and one half of Hip-Hop duDR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE.

ANDRE was born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. He was an ambitious young man, determined to be successful despite his humble beginnings. After graduating high school and attending Lehman College for a couple of years, he dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming a newscaster. He would soon morph into so much more…

Everything changed when ANDRE met Russell Simmons and began working for Def Jam. Within two years his intelligence and drive earned him the title of vice-president and general manager.

Now fully aware of his potential, ANDRE left Def Jam and founded his own label, UPTOWN RECORDS. He discovered several Hip-Hop acts including Heavy D. and The Boyz, Groove B.Chill, Finesse & Synquis and most notably Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and Mary J. Blige.

He pioneered a new sound fusing Hip-Hop and R&B that would shake the world and he wouldn’t stop at music. He also developed the 90’s hit drama series “New York Undercover“, starring Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo, and produced numerous soundtracks for Universal Pictures and Universal Television.

More recently, ANDRE served as Vice-Chairman of Revolt and was instrumental in launching the Revolt Music Conference. A true visionary, he was always creating and expanding the Hip-Hop movement.

He unselfishly contributed so much of himself and his talents to the industry. The extensive catalogue of music and media created and produced by ANDRE’s record labels and entertainment groups are a major part of Hip-Hop’s culture and history.

His mantra was simple, “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do. Mr. ANDRE HARRELL, your influence will forever be felt. We send our deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde “AM/PM”:


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde “Freshest Rhymes in the World“:


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Sleep easy Kiing Shooter


Today, May 5th, 2020, Hip-Hop lost a rising star, KiiNG SHOOTER. The Queensbridge rapper gained fame and popularity back in 2017 with his noxious freestyles.

KiiNG’s paralyzing bars destroyed any track he featured on, while his unique voice and authentic style represented his projects to the fullest.

His first single, “They Say“, was released on June 29, 2018, followed by his debut EP “Fucc the Doubters” on August 24, 2018, which peaked at 148 on the US Billboard 200.

JUNGLE, CEO of STREET DREAMS and MASS APPEAL RECORDS, was so impressed with Kiing he signed him to his label in February of 2019.

KiiNG’s sophomore effort, “No Turning Bacc”, was released on April 20th, 2019 and did not disappoint. The street banger set the stage for his greatly anticipated debut LP, “Still Outside“, which was just released on March 27, 2020, only weeks before KiiNG would pass away.

Sleep easy young KiiNG. 🕊💙

KiiNG SHOOTER “Still Outside



KiiNG SHOOTER “Game Time”:


Kiing Shooter “Big Opps freestyle



Piif Jones x Jay Rozay x Kiing ShooterGet to the Bag”:


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TONE’s rhyme style is that of a teacher and a storyteller like the legends he admires. “I grew up listening to real N.Y. Hip-Hop, the NAS’ and JAY Zs and the underground rappers. They spit about struggle, pain, celebration…real life. They did it for real! Man, shoutout to all of the artists who are true to their craft.”

He is one of many artists who are vocal about the lack of originality in Hip-Hop and refuse to make music just to fit in. He is determined to create music that has a positive impact on the culture. “I believe that creating original music is more important than chasing the standard sound the industry is pushing. We don’t all need to sound the same. Artists have different talents and styles and the listener’s have different tastes. There is room for everybody to get money in this music game!”

Music is his passion and it is also the vehicle TONE plans to use to create opportunities and eventually generational wealth within the black community. In 2016 he took the first step in building his empire by starting his entertainment company, Bugatti Life Entertainment. “I plan to become successful making great music and use my success to open doors to bigger opportunities. I’m happy to see and be one of the artists gaining more control over their careers and becoming more knowledgeable about the business side of the music.”

TONE BRIM recently released the second installment of his music series titled, “Blood Diamond vol.2“. It is currently streaming on all digital music platforms. He is in the process finishing up Volume 3 of “Blood Diamond” titled, “Struggle“, scheduled to drop the second week of May.

In the meantime, check out the first two volumes of “Blood Diamond” on digital music platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Tidal. Also, visit his YouTube Channel for his latest songs and videos!

Instagram: @TONEBRIM_

TONE BRIM’s YouTube channel:




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Fat Panda Tuan

Introducing new artist FAT PANDA TUAN from Germantown, Maryland.

TUAN hails from the 301 area, hometown of Rappers WALE, Philade, YBN Cordae, ShyGlizzy and Logic.

His father was a musician, so TUAN was introduced to Jazz, ChaCha, Old School Pop and R&B music early in his life. “My dad played the keyboard and the guitar. He played many genres of music including Jazz, Pop and R&B so I was inspired by those genres. Then in my teens I heard Hip-Hop and I was fascinated by the beats and rhymes.”

TUAN starting rapping in Junior High School with a group of his friends and continued through High School. Once he went on to community college to pursue a professional career in fitness, he put music on the back burner.

He worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and general manager for years but his first love, Hip-Hop, kept calling him back. “I was happy in my field of work but something inside of me felt a strong need to be expressed. I dealt with depression as a child and music was always very therapeutic for me. When I’m making music I feel confident and alive!”

In 2018 TUAN put all of his focus into music and adopted the moniker, FAT PANDA TUAN. He is in a unique club of Vietnamese rappers who are heavily cultured in Hip-Hop. Besides TUAN, there is TYGA, who is of Vietnamese and Jamaican descent. “Hip-Hop is my passion but I am also inspired by popular Japanese Culture.  I am into Anime, Manga and I am a video game fanatic! All of my interests collide and are incorporated in my music to create my unique sound.”

TUAN is a naturally humorous and energetic person and says his style feels like a good vibe. “I do a lot of melodic rapping and singing and my bars are creative. They can be funny and humorous yet witty and clever at the same time. I strive to make music that makes people feel good. I want to hype em’ up and empower them with confidence. I want my listeners to feel good and catch a positive vibe from my songs!”

TUAN is a huge student of the Hip-Hop game. He grew up listening to his favorite artists…Eminem, JAY Z, NAS, Notorious B.I.G, DIPSET Royce da 5’9, Lil Wayne and Dr.DRE.

“I am a huge Hip-Hop head! When I started rapping, I went back and studied Hip-Hop from 1988 and went all through the 1990’s. I studied all the greats that came before me like Kool G Rap, Boot Camp Clik, Sean Price, Pharcyde, Noreaga N Capone, Tragedy Khadafi and the list goes on…It is very important for me to pay homage to the legends. I also like new school artists Playboi Carti, Lil UZI VERT and GRISELDA.”

Although his favorite eras of Hip-Hop are the 90’s and 2000’s, he appreciates the current state of Hip-Hop. “Right now in Hip-Hop there’s a lane for everybody and so much variety. There are so many different types of artists and sounds for fans to choose from. It’s amazing how the music is growing and expanding.”

TUAN is excited about his new album and can’t wait to tour the world. “It would be a dream come true for me to perform in my home country, Vietnam and my favorite country, Japan. I really want to connect with the people and introduce them to my sound.”

FAT PANDA TUAN’s latest project is “Shinobi Tempura”. It is currently streaming on all digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Tidal.

Instagram: @FatPandaTuan


“Shinobi Tempura”




Meet SETH WRIGHT, a promising new actor born and raised in South Pasadena, California.  He most recently starred in the amazing indie film, “NINETEEN SUMMERS”, directed by ROD S. SCOTT.  “I’ve lived in California my whole life.  It’s the ‘Sunshine State’ to some people, but there are some really rough areas here too.  When I got into my teens I started getting into a lot of trouble.  Instead of getting the most out of high school, I was being exposed to probation and correctional facilities.  Those experiences made me really lock in and focus on finding a career that I would enjoy.  It was also important to me to spread a positive message to the world.”
His bad behavior during high school left his graduation in question.  “I didn’t know if I was going to graduate on-time, I was 3 years behind! My mom asked me if I was interested in acting and offered to pay for my classes at a studio she had visited with my Auntie Debbie.  It was the Richard Lawson studio at the Waco Theatre in North Hollywood.”  SETH registered for an four-month course where they taught him the fundamentals of auditioning and film making.  He admits that initially it was nerve-wracking and difficult, but it also made him feel alive and fulfilled and helped him realize that he loved acting.
Now that SETH had found his purpose, it was time to act on it, no pun intended.  He was 18 years old, fresh out of high school and feeling like the sky was the limit!.  He began submitting for various auditions and casting calls.  “I was so focused and ready to work.  I would take the train and the bus to my auditions, even walk if it came to that.  I had to make it by any means necessary.   Thankfully, I’ve been a working actor ever since.”  No matter what role he’s chooses, he stays true to himself by finding a way to bleed Seth Wright into the character.  “I play my character to the fullest but I also bring different parts of me.  Whether it be negative, positive or my comedic side.  That is how I bring truth into the script.” 
“NINETEEN SUMMERS” is a very important film that addresses a few of the many issues our young black men are facing in today’s society.  SETH plays the role of Cartoon, one of the best friends of the main character, DeAndre.  “It’s kind of funny, I actually went to audition for the role of Willie (the other friend of DeAndre’s in the movie), but the moment he saw which script I was reading, he took it back, gave me Cartoon’s script and said, “Read this one instead.”  I think the director liked the fact that I didn’t have to try too hard to get into character.  It was natural.” 
After shooting wrapped and SETH watched the completed film, he was impressed with how real one scene in particular played out.  “I don’t want to give up too much of the movie, but watching the scene where we all got pulled over by the cops, man it felt like it was stripped right out of my memory!  Hearing the cop say, “Loud jungle music, now get out the car!”, sounds spot on! It’s exactly how they communicate with us young black men.”  Cartoon’s character was great because he revealed his emotional side at times during the film.  He showed that he was vulnerable and not tough all of the time. A lot of movies depict individuals who are in gangs as totally violent and macho, when in reality, a lot of them are regular men and women who fell into the wrong lifestyle or are going through rough times and lost hope.  It’s not easy for everyone from the ‘hood to pull themselves up and find something constructive to do or something positive they can monetize.” 
“NINETEEN SUMMERS” brings a story that most people in America who live in a neighborhood polluted with drugs and weapons can relate to on a personal level and can understand from a third-person perspective.  “To me the main premise of “NINETEEN SUMMERS” is how being imbedded in that gang/street lifestyle will leave you and your closest friends dead or in a jail cell.  I know it sounds cliche, but I definitely think it’s pivotal for the black community to have an understanding of this lifestyle without glorifying it.  It’s all up to the viewer how they perceive it.  I am very proud to be a part of this film because it can help inspire people going through the similar situations and may help them to figure out what they want to do with their lives.  It is very important for our culture to stop glorifying gangs and gang violence in our media and in our music. It’s literally taking away people’s lives, leaving them dead or in prison!”
For SETH acting isn’t just a means of employment, he genuinely desires to touch people’s lives.  “Acting allows me to impact people’s lives through films and entertainment.  When I’m acting I feel powerful and connected!”  He cites his parents and his sister as his early influences, then celebrity podcaster Gary Vaynerchuk, rapper T.I.P. and film maker Jordan Peele as his later ones.  As he works on his craft, he aspires to have the range of a Will Smith and become an actor who is instrumental in the movement to portray black people in a more realistic and positive manner.  “Films and media need to show what we do and how we contribute to society positively.  They also need to bring light to the negative patterns that a lot of black people face in their lives.” 
SETH has many interests besides his budding acting career.  “I am constantly growing and learning who I am by actively educating myself on everything I want to be in life.  I’m gradually gaining experience in different fields and honing my skills in each one. I recently found out that I have a love for fixing automobiles and also started growing my own YouTube channel with the mother of our soon to be born child.  It’s really an exciting time in my life!”  We’re looking forward to seeing how the career of this bright young actor with such vast potential unfolds!
Social Media contacts:
Instagram:   @seth.wr
“NINETEEN SUMMERS” offical trailer:
“LIFE DeFINED” official YouTube Channel:









Tragic death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Rest in power Black Mamba and Mambacita


On Sunday, January 26th, 2020, the world lost one of the greatest athletes to ever live. Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter, Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, were killed in an helicopter crash along with seven other passengers.

Kobe was drafted to the NBA in 1996 to the Los Angeles Lakers and played two decades with them until his retirement in 2016.  His amazing career is highlighted by five NBA titles, two Olympic gold medals and 18 All-Star appearances. 

He defined himself as his generation’s fiercest competitor in any sport, possessing a sublime all-around game and a relentless competitive spirit.  A prolific shot-maker and one of the toughest players to guard in the league, Kobe penned his alter-ego the “Black Mamba”, inspired by the deadly assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 movie “Kill Bill”.   “The name [Kobe Bryant] just evokes such a negative emotion, if I create this alter ego now when I step on that court I become that killer snake. I’m stone cold, man.”, he said. 

“Mamba mentality” is the term Kobe coined to describe the level of intense focus and relentless approach he took both in preparation and competition.  His daughter Gianna followed in her dad’s footsteps creating her own alter-ego, the “Mambacita”.  She was a very talented young lady and was no doubt on her way to do remarkable things on the basketball court. 

Nike partnered with Kobe and the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club to launch a youth basketball league, called the ‘Mamba League’, to give hundreds of kids free access to the sport.  He created the ‘Mamba Sports Academy’ to provide broader athletic and lifestyle training to competitors at all levels in a number of sports.

Kobe, Gianna and seven other passengers (John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Christina Mauser and the pilot, Ara Zobayan) were en route to a Mamba League game Sunday morning when the helicopter they were flying in crashed due to extremely foggy weather in Los Angeles, killing everyone on board.

The world is mourning the loss of a NBA legend, father, husband and an inspiration to many, as well as his daughter’s young life and the other families who lost their lives in this tragic accident. 

Kobe leaves behind his wife, Vanessa, and three other daughters, Natalia Diamante, Bianka Bella and Capri Kobe.  Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to their loved ones.  










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new artist…lyrics

2020 is the beginning of a new decade where real Hip-Hop is returning and we are embracing lyricism and bars.  In other words, emcees with real talent are taking over.  No more bubblegum bars over hot beats!

This is the perfect time to reintroduce LYRICS to the world.  Born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, LYRICS came up during 90’s Hip-Hop, no doubt one of the best eras of Hip-Hop.  His older sister happens to be, Pamela Long, from the legendary R&B group TOTAL.  Being around the immense talent on Bad Boy Records at that time, how could he not be inspired to make music?

LYRICS began writing rhymes at age 12 and performed in local talent shows as a teenager.  He joined and left several different rap groups before finding his place with “The Union“.  The six-man crew was signed to Platinum Records and released one album, “Hard Labor“, before disbanding.  Although they only achieved minor success, LYRICS’ talent was displayed on a national stage and he had the honor of working with some of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars including the late, great BIG L, AZ, GURU of GangStarr, Cormega, Raekwon the Chef and more.

LYRICS was always the stand-out among his rap peers, known for his slick word play and witty metaphors.  “I am the master of the double entendreI’m a lyricist, a story teller and I utilize my extensive vocabulary to paint vivid pictures. I’m a modern-day wordsmithNot to sound cocky, but not too many rappers can put all that off.”

As I previously stated, the tide is turning and the fans are beginning to embrace the essence of pure Hip-Hop.  LYRICS is part of that wave bringing back authentic rap.  “I am a breath of fresh air!  I can spit crazy bars, switch it up and make a song for the ladies, then give you something heart-felt.  I’m so versatile!  I pride myself on being a true emcee who can show many different layers of myself through my art.”

LYRICS admits that if he wasn’t an artist he would probably be a chef.  He describes his rhyme style as an awesome combination of the best emcees to ever touch a mic.  “My style is a mixture, like a gumbo, made with a bunch of dope-ass emcees cooked in one pot.  I’m mean in the studio and in that kitchen!  I create my own recipes and all, just like I do with my rhymes and music. I borrowed a little something from each of the emcees I admire and stirred the pot to create my unique style.”

His all-time favorite rapper is Big Daddy Kane, followed by lyrical assassins KRS 1Kool G Rap, NASJAY Z and Tragedy Khadafi.  “Listening to the great lyricists who came before me and hearing new emcees really spittin’ inspires me to create. My favorite emcees to listen to right now are Rapsody and Nipsey Hussle.   Man, I’m influenced by so many rappers…Crooked I, J. Cole, Wu Tang, Boot Camp Clik, EPMD, Rakim, Kedrick Lamar, Pusha T, Fabolous…there’s too many to name.  But I’m a Jersey dude so I definitely have to mention Naughty By Nature and Redman, two of the illest acts ever!  And I can’t forget my bro from my camp, MattCleev, he’s bananas!”

LYRICS’ list of favorite emcees gives us an idea of the caliber of artist he respects.  Unfortunately, at the current moment, Hip-Hop does not have an abundance of this level of talent.  When asked what his opinion of the current state of Hip-Hop music is, he had this to say, “I didn’t like the state of Hip-Hop for a long time, but I’m starting to like it again.  People are starting to get sick of mumble rap and bubble gum music.  The fans want to hear music with substance and a message.  People are back to wanting to hear dope bars and that’s big for our culture!  The fans ultimately decide what’s hot and what’s not.  I’m a hip hop purist so I’m excited to see real rap coming back and battle rap continuing to grow.”

His latest project, “Judy’s Boy“, dropped in November 2019 on Black Friday.  He is currently working on a new mixtape titled, “A Dollar & A Dream Reloaded“, set to drop in the Spring of 2020.  He plans to drop another project in the Fall of 2020 titled, “Purple Notebook” and as well as a joint EP that’s in the works with his bro, MattCleev.

LYRICS is out here working!  He understands that the most important thing an artist can do is keep grinding.  “Lyrically, I continue to push myself every day to be the greatest version of myself possible.  I enjoy making good music that people can relate to and I love inspiring the youth.  I want to tour the world and share my music.  I’m striving to be at a point where I am mentioned in the same breath as the greats before me.”

His new music will be released through his label, Real Barz Entertainment.  Check out his latest release, “Judy’s Boy“, currently streaming on digital music platforms, and his YouTube Channel, MC LYRICS, where you can watch his visuals and freestyles.


YouTube ChannelMC LYRICS

Latest project  “Judy’s Boy”:





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Film maker Rod S. Scott

Film maker and director ROD S. SCOTT has blessed us with his most recent and relevant body of work to date.

The film, “NINETEEN SUMMERS“, follows the life of a 19 year old man born into the generational Los Angeles street culture, seeking a better life for his family in the midst of a turf war.

NINETEEN SUMMERS” addresses a few of the many issues our young, black youth face in urban the communities…police brutality, gang culture and broken families.

ROD does an amazing job of conveying key messages to the world while injecting the film with dramatic energy through authentic and heartfelt dialogue.  The masses will be both entertained and educated by this film.  It is an instant urban classic, comparable to “MENACE II SOCIETY” and “BOYZ N THE HOOD“.

The accuracy in his stories can be attributed to the fact that ROD is all too familiar with the struggles of growing up in South Los Angeles, California.

“I grew up in one of the worse neighborhoods in the United States, the Vermont Vista section of South Los Angeles, where the yearly homicide rate had reached 700 at one point. I am just like everybody in my section, I experienced a lot of growing pains.  I have been shot on 2 different occasions and arrested and put on trial for a crime I didn’t commit. I had to do what I had to do to survive the streets.  Like most of us, I wasn’t dumb, I just wasn’t given the same economical resources and opportunities as our counterparts.”

When ROD’s parents bused him to a better school district in the San Fernando Valley (20 miles north of South Los Angeles) he immediately noticed how different life was in the suburbs.

“Seeing how my white classmates lived and learned really opened my eyes. What I was learning in the 6th grade in the San Fernando Valley school system, was being taught in the 10th grade in the South Los Angeles high schools! That’s when I realized the system was fucking rigged against black males in the inner-city.”

Right then, ROD decided that this can’t be all there is to it. “I asked myself, how can I change my situation?  How can I show my kids I can figure this out?  How can I tell my stories to people all over the world?”

He yearned to be an artist, yet there weren’t any art schools in or around his neighborhood.  “I remember my mom and I driving around the city searching for art schools.  I remember driving down Crenshaw blvd looking at the signs on the buildings then going home with no luck. Years went by, and I finally purchased an $1,800 video camera and just started filming everything from hood concerts to whatever else I thought was interesting.”

One day myself, Freeway Rick (Ross) and Norman (‘Shiddy Slim’ Tillman) were kicking it at the Big Palace of Wheels, a wheel shop owned by Rick on Western ave in South Los Angeles.  The conversation was basically Rick telling us that this street hustling gig wouldn’t last much longer and we needed to think about the future.

Rick was a visionary. He randomly suggested that Norman and I attend film school, so we did. I checked out a film school the next day over at UCLA extension and befriended Academy Award winning director, Ernest Pintoff, who directed series such as “Hawaii Five-0“. He was my professor at UCLA and he also taught film school at the University of Southern California, one of the top film schools in the world.

Ernest saw that I was one of the only black men in the class and in all likelihood wasn’t from the best socioeconomic background so I probably couldn’t afford a formal education, so he decided to teach me outside of school. He would invite me to his home on the weekends and teach me film writing structure.”

“Ernest advised me to focus on being an auteur filmmaker as opposed to trying to be a main stream director because of my background. He explained that as a taller Black male who is rough around the edges, who has no formal college education, it would be hard for me to be accepted in his mainstream directing world.”

He encouraged ROD to film a short movie then raise money to write and direct a feature film. He did and that project was feature film “HOOVER PARK”. The film was mildly successful and ended up on B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) and in Blockbuster video with worldwide distribution.

Besides being a mentor, Ernest Pintoff included ROD in his book, “Directing 101“,with fellow filmmaker, the late John Singleton, who he also taught at USC.

ROD’s unique style of storytelling visually communicates his message to the audience through his characters. “My storytelling is character driven with beginning a middle and an end. I invest a lot of time in characters. My budget dictates what I can and can’t do in the story.My style is authentic and is usually based on stuff that actually happened, which makes my characters are very interesting. In my upbringing I’ve seen a lot of crime and drama. And I am not talking about TV shows or make believe, so my visualizations are quite accurate.”

He considers himself an Indie filmmaker, yet more of an auteur. “I don’t pursue directing jobs that have nothing unique to offer. For me it’s about having a lot of passion, dedication and hard work. Being an artist who is willing to make the sacrifice is what makes me unique.”

ROD is artistically influenced by his entire community. “I am influenced by all of the people who don’t get a fair start. All of people who have to struggle day-to-day socially and economically. As far as celebrities, Jim Brown was very inspirational to me, as movie star and an activist. He spoke up and fought for people that main stream society threw in the dumpster, namely us black males and gang-members. He’s the only one who invited what society considered ‘disposable’ into his Hollywood home.”

ROD’s favorite actors are two of the best in our time, Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington. His favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann and trailblazer Spike Lee. It’s tough for him to name one movie as his favorite because he loves so many. “If I had to choose, I would have to go with “Claudine” because it’s the first major movie I watched where I saw people that looked like me.”

“I believe that film is the ultimate influencer, but I also believe film is make believe and it is an art form. Black people need to be portrayed more heavily in film. So when people talk about ‘no more slave movies’, they don’t look at the bigger picture. Those slave movies employ Black directors and Black actors.

ROD has three films under his belt, “HOOVER PARK”, “100 KILOS” (based on the life of his friend and notorious drug king pin, Freeway Rick Ross) and “NINETEEN SUMMERS”.

“I aspire to make films that are entertaining and interesting enough for people to sit down and watch and not want to get up and miss anything! (Laughing). I address issues relevant to society at the time of its production. The viewer’s reactions to the film affect change in the narrative and start conversations.”

ROD S.SCOTT is no doubt on his way to becoming one of the greatest directors in the film industry and is sure to inspire generations of directors after him. “I want to achieve success on all levels. It is very important these days because the younger generations are watching and learning from me.”

Please do yourself a favor check out ROD S. SCOTT’s film inventory, you will not be disappointed.

Support Black Indie filmmakers!



Social media:

Facebook: @nineteensummers @sevenarts 

Instagram: @nineteensummersmovie

Twitter: @rodscott

IMDB: Rod S. Scott

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  • During Holiday Season 2019 The Ryan Show and friends organized a Jolly Celebration and Toy Drive to bring some Christmas cheer to the children of Brooklyn!
  • Aptly named, ‘TOYS FOR THOTS‘, the event was hosted by gorgeous adult film star Alana Luv!
  • Degenerates from far and wide came out to Five Spot Lounge to have a little naughty fun all in the name of making children’s Christmas season brighter.
  • Guests enjoyed wet t-shirt and twerking contests, plenty of booze, stand-up comedy and great live performances!
  • Coopuh The Savage, Boobie Holiday, Unoway, Dark Reign Royalty and Fresh Prince of LI: DJ Tone all blessed the stage.
    Among those also in attendance were HG Donye, King Charles, FNYK and HG $wagg of Hamptons HG movement and Hip-Hop Legends, Royal Flush and Tragedy Khadafi.
    TOYS FOR THOTS was a huge success! The event helped to collect over 2,000 toys, clothes, books. Significant monetary gifts were also donated by SAM GARNES (former NFL Player/co-host of The Ryan Show FM) and rapper L.I.V.E.
    This amazing night of giving benefited the amazing children of the ‘Empowering Youth Towards Excellence Organization‘ In Brooklyn.
    Collective Work and Responsibility (UJIMA) is one of the KWANZAA principles they practice at E.Y.T.E. and this event was a shining example of it!
    The Ryan Show would like to thank everyone who attended the event and donated gifts, money or their time to make TOYS FOR THOTS possible!

    On behalf of Ryan Verneuille, Hamptons Dave and Mr. Cheeks, we wish you all a most prosperous, blessed and safe New Year!


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    dj g money


    Meet celebrity DJ, producer and podcast host DJ G MONEY, from South Jamaica, Queens.

    G MONEY’s skills are somewhat hereditary as his dad, Gary, was also a DJ in his younger days. Gary and his brother were a duo called “MONKEY and RAT’ from 40 projects in South Jamaica, Queens.

    “As a kid I heard all of the stories about my Dad and my Uncle DJ’g around Queens and it made me to want to be a DJ too. Growing up in the average black family, music is a huge part of your everyday lifestyle and it influences you tremendously.”

    Inspired heavily by his family ties to music, they still play a major part in his career. “My Dad still teaches me about the old school songs and which ones blend together. My Mom always makes sure my transitions are on point and my uncles and cousins keep me current on the hottest new artists and music.”

    G MONEY was also inspired by the movie, “Juice”, a crime thriller starring TuPac Shakur, Khalil Kain, Jermaine Hopkins and a young Omar Epps, whose character was an aspiring DJ. “When I saw Omar Epps playing a DJ in ‘Juice’, awe man that fascinated me and made me want to become a DJ even more!”

    Back around the way, he watched a good friend of his, DJ TNT, rocking crowds at his JHS basketball games. “I just thought it was very cool how TNT kept the crowd entertained during the games.” This was the final push he needed to ask his parents to buy him his own set of turntables and they obliged.

    Christmas of 1998 G MONEY was booked for his first official gig, a birthday celebration in 40 projects for his late cousin, Tykeem. And so his career as a professional DJ began.

    He describes his style of DJ’g as upbeat, fun and live. “I like to party and keep people dancing all night! Whether it’s Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae or R&B, I want people to enjoy the music I play and leave the party having had a great time!”

    G’s mixes consist of a touch of old school/soul infused with new, trending music. “Being brought up the way I was musically, I have a distinct way of telling a story through each set. My musical selections are carefully planned out. I blend certain samples to create a specific vibe. I use this same formula when I’m producing music for other artists.”

    G MONEY’s extraordinary ability to walk into the venue, read the crowd’s vibe and know exactly what tunes to spin to get the party going, puts him in a class by himself. “A lot of DJ’s play a set they created the night before. Not me, I observe the atmosphere while I’m setting up and figure out what’s gonna make everyone in the room MOVE! I think that’s the most important part of being a DJ and it’s also my favorite part of my job. Controlling the room, making people dance and watching how they react to the songs I play gives me a rush!”

    Sounds like a smooth and hassle-free gig huh? Not exactly… “It is an amazing feeling to be able to make people dance, sing, jump and feel good for a couple of hours, but there’s a downside to it just like any other job. I’d have to say the most challenging parts of being a DJ would be one, working a private gig where I have to bring my own equipment. No DJ enjoys the unpacking and packing of equipment! (laughing) And two, fielding the numerous song requests. It can get pretty annoying at times.”

    “Music plays a big part in all of our lives. As a DJ, it’s my job to set a mood and make each event I play a memorable one. I run into people whose wedding, sweet 16 or birthday party I’ve played and they remind me that I helped make their event one of the best times of their lives. It’s an indescribable feeling!”

    When G is on his own time he loves to listen to different genres of music. It helps keep him sharp and stay creative with his mixing. “I listen to all types of music but some of my favorites are…hmmmm. It really depends on my mood. My personal playlist is very random (laughing). A few of the artists that I tend to play more than others would be Future, Kanye West and Usher.”

    Besides DJ’g events and producing music for up-and-coming artists like Kyah Baby and Teddy Bear Taj, he and QueenzFlip co-host a podcast on YouTube titled, “Flip Da Script”. “Our podcast is pretty dope and it’s considered to be one of the top podcasts out right now. Queenzflip and I have been doing the show for a little over 3 years now and we’ve had some amazing guests such as Eric B., Cam’Ron, Adrian Broner, Lil’ Mama and Loaded Lux to name a few. It’s a lot of fun!”

    G MONEY also stars in his own YouTube show tilted, “Picky Eater”, where he visits different restaurants, samples unconventional dishes and shares his reactions with the audience. The show is currently on hiatus while he works on the production side of his career. He has plans to drop new music and visuals in 2020. And don’t be surprised if he pops out with an album or mixtape!

    “I’m putting in all of this hard work to eventually establish myself as one of the top DJs/Producers in the game. I want to leave behind a legacy that will be talked about for years to come. It’s important for me to pass down what I’ve learned to up-and-coming DJs and producers to help them reach my level of success and beyond.”

    Spoken like a true student of the game. To date, he has DJ’d for TruTV’s hit show “impractical Jokers” at Comic Con in San Diego, private events for LL Cool J and has been featured on BET’s 106th & Park and VH1 shows Gossip Girl” and “Mob Wives”.

    I’d say G MONEY is well on his way to accomplishing his goals!

    Social media:

    Instagram: @DJGMONEY156

    Twitter: @DJGMONEY


    FLIP Da SCRIPT” Podcast:



    Sleep in Peace Tykeem 💜🙏🏾🕊

    EMO Rap, EP, Hip-Hop/Rap, New Artist, new music, NEW SINGLE, Rapper

    sleep in peace juice wrld



    DJ, Hip-Hop/Rap, mixtape

    dj a.z.

    Introducing DJ A.Z. aka “MR.SEEIT2BLVIT” hailing from Rosedale, Queens.

    DJ A.Z. is of Haitian decent. He grew up in a strict household that didn’t approve of the Hip-Hop culture. “My parents didn’t allow me to be engaged in the Hip Hop world. I would beg my mother to spend the night over my cousin’s house because after my aunt sent us to bed, my cousin would leave the radio on all night and I’d get to hear all the new music and dope artists that were trending at the time. That’s how I stayed connected to Hip-Hop.”

    He was particularly fascinated with the DJs and how they cut, blended and spun records. “I was mesmerized with the DJs and how they played. Hearing them take a hot record and blend it with another hot record to create an even hotter record was amazing to me!”

    The first time A.Z. went to a live party and saw first hand how the DJ controlled the crowd and the mood of the party, he knew it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

    A.Z. began DJ’g in 2007 after finishing high school. He started off doing small, local events while he saved up money to buy his own equipment and rent spaces to practice his craft.

    DJ’g was no hobby, this was his future. “I didn’t want to be like other DJ’s who just played songs and pushed buttons. Because to me, the turntables are an instrument. I wanted to learn how to manipulate the TurnTables backwards and forwards and be able to scratch and blend records with precision.”

    He looked to local DJ’s who were well-experienced for guidance. They helped A.Z. build his library of music and taught him the basics of rocking a party. “At that point I felt I knew enough and had the confidence to DJ in a club.”

    He began DJ’g regularly at local venues, gaining experience and making a name for himself. “That worked until I took a huge loss in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit. All of my equipment was destroyed and I was forced to start over from the ground up.”

    A.Z. was determined to move past this loss and rebuild. It took some time but he eventually bought new equipment and got back to DJ’g clubs and lounges. “I was excited to be back on my grind! I turned it up a notch and began branding myself and I haven’t looked back since.”

    A.Z. describes his style of DJ’g as aggressive and unorthodox. “Behind the set I am aggressive and spontaneous. I try to stay away from cliché mixes, for example “Maria Maria” blending into “Wild Thoughts” (laughing). My song selections and mixes are different every time I play, which helps keep other DJ’s from biting my mixes and claiming them as their own.”

    He is a definite crowd pleaser and plays for the enjoyment of the masses. “I am well versed on the genres of music I play and I have an intense passion for pleasing the crowd. I like to get in and out of records a little quicker than the average DJ, which I learned from watching the greats before me. I studied their scratching, blending and joggling techniques, added parts of them to my own flavor and created my unique style.”

    A.Z. aspires to become successful DJ and producer while keeping the true art of DJ’g alive. “The more and more times are changing, the more and more I feel the DJ is being forgotten about. During the golden years of Hip-Hop, an emcee wouldn’t dream of performing without his DJ. Things are very different now with the changes and developments in technology.”

    And he won’t let the industry forget how important the presence of a live DJ is. “The art of DJ’g has changed from carrying crates full of records and having to know what BPM’s are. Now we carry our laptops and create playlists on the computer. Inventions like the iPad and digital music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify have made it to where people don’t feel they need a live DJ at their event.  But I think the DJ’s position in Hip-Hop is still very important. A computer can’t bring the energy that a live DJ can. It also can’t measure the crowd’s temperature or know what’s hot in the streets.”

    A.Z. likes to put on a show while he’s spinning. “Sometimes I may get on the mic and tell a story that relates to the next song I’m gonna play to, you know, hype the record a bit. I also play in sets based off the vibe of the crowd. My ear for music is different. I know when to play the cliché “hottest record” then mix it up by throwing on a record that no one expects to hear in a club or a throwback record that puts the crowd in a zone. I’m pretty great at what I do, you gotta see it to believe it!”

    He was fortunate enough to grow up during the best eras of Hip-Hop, from the late 80’s to early 2000’s. “I’ve seen first hand how the course of Hip-Hop has changed. There are so many DJ’s and artists who have influenced my career, as well as some historical events in Hip-Hop that influenced me to become a DJ. I feel blessed and grateful to be a part of this culture.”

    DJ A.Z. released his first mixtape titled, “iB“, last winter. The tape featured new artists from various states. He personally traveled to each of their cities to record songs with them. “It was a dope experience! I called it, “The Vacation Tour”. I visited the inner cities of New York, Boston, Miami and many other states. I learned how much work really goes into putting together a complete project.”

    He has plans to produce more music in the future but for now A.Z.’s focus is branding himself to become a household name and continuing to put his talents on display at a venue near you.

    Keep an eye on this rising star, DJ A.Z., he is sure to leave his mark on the Hip-Hop culture!




    Film Maker, Hip-Hop/Rap, new video, videographer

    film maker RON ADKINS

    Meet innovative filmmaker RON ADKINS from LeFrak City, Queens, N.Y.

    RON was introduced to movies and the film industry at an early age. “My mom worked for New Line Cinema. She worked on movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday, Rush Hour and other popular films. She would bring home screeners of the films for me and my siblings to watch. It was cool!”

    Intrigued by the big screen, he decided to pursue an acting career. “I started auditioning for various acting roles, including Sean Connery’s 2000 American drama, “Finding Forrester” and I eventually landed and non-speaking role in a public service commercial.”

    From there RON’s interested shifted to what was going on behind the camera. “I flew to California in my late teens and continued to chase my passion for acting and film. I was cast as a background actor for an independent film titled, “Sacred“. The film was produced by Hip Hop icon NAS and starred Isaiah Washington and Mekhi Phifer. I was also offered to work on the film as a Production Assistant, a position I declined.”

    Feeling the need to recharge, he flew back to New York and enrolled himself in LaGuardia Community College’s Media Studies program.

    “While pursuing my degree I directed and shot a thesis film titled, “Subway“, which went on to win the award for Best Film at The Museum of Modern Art Film Festival! This was the boost I needed and a sign that I was moving in the right direction.”

    During his last semester at LaGuardia, RON landed an internship as a celebrity videographer for rapper 50 Cent, immediately following the success of FiF’s autobiographical film, “Get Rich or Die Trying“. Things were looking quite promising for the young intern.

    “From there I became 50’s in-house videographer, documenting him and the G-UNIT as they traveled the world. It was an amazing experience that led to me directing music videos for 50, the artists he had on the G-UNIT roster and other A-list Hip-Hop artists.”

    Around this time YouTube and social media were emerging and RON had the presence of mind to catch the wave early. He began producing content for various record labels and brands, adding to his resume.

    RON describes himself as THE millennial black filmmaker who is unapologetic, self sufficient and possesses a hybrid skillset like no other.

    “I’m not an editor or a camera operator. My style of filmmaking is rooted in music and rhythm. From the pacing and timing to the undertones and subject matter, music and the black experience are always the major inspirations behind any films I create.”

    RON is influenced by the legends of filmmaking that precede him such as the late John Singleton, Spike Lee, Gordan Parks, Robert Townsend, Ryan Coogler, Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton. His favorite producers are Brian Grazer, Will Packer, Kenan Ivory Waynes and Forest Whitaker.

    “I have a very unique voice. I’m old enough remember life before the digital revolution began, yet young enough to embrace it and present it to the world in the most appealing way.”

    When asked what prompted him to start his own production company, PARADISE VALLEY INT, he jokingly responded, “Tax purposes! (laughing) But seriously, it’s the perception. People value you differently as a company as opposed to just being a freelancer or an individual. My company operates as an agency. We don’t only produce content, we design and brand it, so we’re able to leverage our relationships within the entertainment industry to pair with and market for big brands.”

    “On the corporate side, I’m working on a collaboration with Dutch Master and Backwood Cigar to create content that aligns with their brand. On the production side I am working on a dramatic television series based on the story of three musician brothers born to a Baptist preacher and his wife in 1950s Detroit who, during their teenage years, emerged as a budding rock/funk band (heavily influenced by Motown & Parliament) and ultimately became pioneers of punk rock music. I’m also involved with an untitled biopic based on the life and times of DJ Scott La Rock.”

    And as if RON’s plate isn’t full enough…while developing PARADISE VALLEY INT into a full service, creative agency that produces and markets content for television, film and digital platforms, he also has future plans to spread his entrepreneurial wings into the creative fields of fashion (to design his own line of sneakers) and the music industry (to discover and sign Hip Hop’s next best thing).

    RON ADKINS home address may be in Los Angeles, C.A. but his heart, hustle and drive are sooo New York! We look forward to following this rising star’s budding career. Not too shabby for a kid from Queens. 😉

    Twitter: @Misteradkins

    Instagram: @The.adkinsdiet



    Omari M’s video “WestBrook”

    directed by Ron Adkins:


    criminal justice reform, Emcee, freestyle, Hip-Hop/Rap, new music, new video, Rapper


    meek mugshot

    North Philadelphia neighborhood Rap Star turned superstar, MEEK MILL (Robert Rihmeek Williams), can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief!  Twelve long years after MEEK was arrested at 19 years old on gun and drug charges, his criminal case has officially been closed.  After he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor firearm charge, Philadelphia prosecutors dismissed all remaining counts against him and the judge imposed no further penalty.  “MEEK free! I’m not on probation no more!”, he exclaimed, clearly elated to be free from the Philadelphia legal system.

    FREE MEEK“, the gripping 5-part docu-story chronicles the tumultuous battle MEEK faced while fighting to end his case and maintain his life and music career while serving a 10-year probation sentence under the watchful eye of Judge Genece Brinkley, whose probation guidelines bordered on harassment and prompted MEEK and his legal counsel to ponder whether or not she had a personal ax to grind with the talented rapper.

    MEEK was originally accused of allegedly drawing a weapon on Philadelphia Police officers of the Narcotics Task force during a drug raid.  He was bruised and beaten by 3-4 officers and then arrested.  Arresting officer, Reggie Graham, turned out to be a dirty cop who was later found guilty of lying to the FBI and falsifying warrants and other department documentation.  Immediately following the arrest, MEEK’s sister (Nasheema Williams) had filed a complaint against Graham for the brutal and wrongful arrest of her brother. After serving 7 months, MEEK was bailed out and granted time-served plus 10 years probation by Judge Genece Brinkley.  The judgement seemed like a dream at the time but turned out to be a nightmare that would last for 12 years…

    Over the next 11 years of his probation under Judge Brinkley, he would be summoned to court 26 times for parole hearings and serve 3 different sentences for various parole violations.  Even after Graham’s cases were investigated, and all inmates arrested by him were released or given a new trial, MEEK’s appeals for either a release or a new trial were immediately denied by Judge Brinkley.  His legal team then appealed to a higher court to get him a new trial.  5 months into his sentence the Philadelphia Supreme Court overturned Judge Brinkley’s decision, overturned the 2008 conviction, granted him a new trial and released MEEK on bail.

    And even worst, my judge black don’t wanna see me do well.  It’s either that or black people for sale.  Gave me two to four years like, “Fuck your life, meet me in hellAnd let it burn like Lucifer, you look even stupider. Tryna impress them people in power when power abusin’ us.  For 44 dollars a hour, you coward they using ya.  Is it self-hate that made you send me upstate?   This where the so-called “real niggas” sweeping up for cupcakes”, he spits on his track “TRAUMA” from the album, “CHAMPIONSHIPS”, which he dropped in November 2018 after his release. The album debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Charts and was the number one album in the country.

    MEEK is now the face of criminal justice reform and vows to continue his work as a criminal justice reformer with the help of  billionaires Jay ZRobert Kraft and Mike Rubin.  Mass probation is as big of an issue as Mass Incarceration, especially in the Black community.  4,540,000 people are on probation for a variety of offenses.  They can easily be sent back to prison for anything from a dirty urine to a travel violation.   Changes need to be made to ensure that there is justice for ALL.

    A dope sneaker collaboration between MEEK and PUMA brings us the Clyde Court #REFORM basketball sneaker.  On the side of the glowing red-colored sneaker, there is a quote that reads: “WE HAD TO BE SEEN BECAUSE WE COULDN’T BE HEARD.” According to PUMA, the red color signifies the “blood and sacrifice of those who have courageously given so much fighting oppression and injustices over the last 60-plus years.”  The bottom of the shoe reads, “#REFORM“.  100% of net proceeds from the sale of the Clyde Court #REFORM sneaker will benefit The Reform Alliance, an organization working to radically reform criminal justice in America.

    After the announcement that his case has finally been put to bed, MEEK MILL posted on TWITTER, “I’m extremely grateful that my long legal battle is finally behind me and I appreciate that it has sparked a much-needed discussion about probation reform and the inequalities that exist within our two Americas.”

    FREE MEEK” is available for streaming on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO and his CHAMPIONSHIPS album is streaming on all digital music platforms.


    meek freedom

    Clyde Court #REFORM Basketball Sneakermeek mill reform puma



    FREE MEEK” Trailer:

    MEEK MILL  Official Video for “TRAUMA“:

    MEEK MILL Classic FreeStyle:

    MEEK MILL HOT 97 FreeStyle:

    Emcee, Hip-Hop/Rap, New Artist, new music, new video, Rapper

    alibi jones

    ALIBI JONES new artist out of Buffalo, N.Y.

    For ALIBI JONES music has always been an important part of life.  “Music and writing have always been integral parts of my life and development as a person. Ever since I was a little kid I’d write short stories and poems. When I started listening to Hip-Hop and Rap music in my teens, the transition from poetry to writing rhymes was smooth and natural.” 

    He describes his style as Poetic with a Strong Flow.  “My extensive vocabulary and dense wordplay make my sound unique.  I bring my own flavor to the track.  My alter ego is “Syllable Jones”, an emcee with a poetic style with a strong emphasis on dense syllable placement and flow.” 

    ALIBI draws influence from a wide range of musicians…Aesop Rock, MF DoomBillie HolidayElla FitzgeraldHowlin Wolf and ELO.  “I love all different genres of music.  I am inspired by artists that can truly illicit an emotional response from me.” 

    His favorite artists are ‘Da Governor of Queens’ Royal Flush, El-P, Cannibal Ox, Louie Armstrong, R.L Burnside, Conway, Benny the Butcher, Rick James, Jim Croce and Johnny Cash

    ALIBI JONES is currently working on his full length album, “ The Vanishing Angle“, which drops in the Fall of 2019.  Look out for the visuals for, “ Rapunzel” and “Deep Purple” available for viewing and downloading on the YouTube Channel.  

    Instagram: instagram.com/alibijones

    Facebook: Facebook.com/Alibisincebirth

    Alibi Jones “Rapunzel” video: