TONE’s rhyme style is that of a teacher and a storyteller like the legends he admires. “I grew up listening to real N.Y. Hip-Hop, the NAS’ and JAY Zs and the underground rappers. They spit about struggle, pain, celebration…real life. They did it for real! Man, shoutout to all of the artists who are true to their craft.”

He is one of many artists who are vocal about the lack of originality in Hip-Hop and refuse to make music just to fit in. He is determined to create music that has a positive impact on the culture. “I believe that creating original music is more important than chasing the standard sound the industry is pushing. We don’t all need to sound the same. Artists have different talents and styles and the listener’s have different tastes. There is room for everybody to get money in this music game!”

Music is his passion and it is also the vehicle TONE plans to use to create opportunities and eventually generational wealth within the black community. In 2016 he took the first step in building his empire by starting his entertainment company, Bugatti Life Entertainment. “I plan to become successful making great music and use my success to open doors to bigger opportunities. I’m happy to see and be one of the artists gaining more control over their careers and becoming more knowledgeable about the business side of the music.”

TONE BRIM recently released the second installment of his music series titled, “Blood Diamond vol.2“. It is currently streaming on all digital music platforms. He is in the process finishing up Volume 3 of “Blood Diamond” titled, “Struggle“, scheduled to drop the second week of May.

In the meantime, check out the first two volumes of “Blood Diamond” on digital music platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and Tidal. Also, visit his YouTube Channel for his latest songs and videos!

Instagram: @TONEBRIM_

TONE BRIM’s YouTube channel:


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