the obe amalgamation

Introducing The OBE AMALGAMATION, also known as The AMAL, comprised of SLIM DADDA (The Overseer) and SMART-MAN.
SLIM DADDA (The Overseer) is an artist and songwriter. SMART-MAN is an audio engineer and music producer. Together, this dynamic duo create beautiful, conscious music. These talented brothers engage in the study of Islam and design their music to elevate the minds of the people, especially the youth. “Music has been a passion for both of us since childhood. All of the atrocities and tragedies occurring in society give us the fire and strength to continue this musical journey.”
SLIM DADDA (The Overseer) and SMART-MAN grew up in the South Bronx, N.Y., the birthplace of Hip-Hop, in buildings right next to each other. “Since our childhood, we have listened to and analyzed a large collection of music from many different genres, primarily Hip-Hop, so our vibe is totally original. They don’t sound like us, nor do we sound like them.”
The AMAL’s incredible sound and sophisticated style are unmatched. “We are classy gentleman who believe in the preservation and longevity of Hip-Hop. We talk, walk, dress and respect Hip-Hop. Value and morals are necessary facets of our music, unlike many of our peers of the past and current generation. This is not about a ‘quick come-up’ to us, this is about establishing a legacy.”
Not often do we run across artists with this mentality in the music industry. “The AMALis a welcomed change from the status quo. “We bring a consistent and cohesive NY-bred sound that will translate worldwide. Our sound is pure and organic, something that is lost in the rap industry nowadays. As New York natives we are here to restore order and bring it back to the ‘Mecca of Hip-Hop‘.”
SLIM and SMART’s musical influences include Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Charles Bradley and favorite artists Sean Price, Tragedy Khadafi, Big Pun, Stack Bundles and Nate Dogg. “If The “Chi-Lites” did Hip-Hop, we would be them. Our style resembles that.”
They began their musical journey in 2012 with aspirations to raise the vibrations and bring that ‘good ole’ soul food’ back to Hip-Hop. “We want to epitomize what it means to be a Hip-Hop duo. We want to raise the standards and establish an order in the Hip-Hop genre that people will respect. We want to uplift and elevate society, especially our brothers and sisters. We don’t want to be labeled as anything or put in a box, we’re just The AMAL.”
Their hard work speaks for itself…The OBE AMALGAMATION has dropped 4 projects in the last 3 years, including “The Journey Within“, “The Lost Files” and “This Is Where We At.
Stay tuned! They are currently gearing up for new material to be released at the end of 2019.





“The Journey Within”
Slim Dadda (The Overseer) – Tracked and Mixed By Smart-Man
“All Yours”
Slim Dadda (The Overseer)- Tracked and Mixed By Smart-Man
“Grown Man Music”
Slim Dadda (The Overseer) – Tracked and Mixed By Smart-Man
“This Is Where We At” (Put In Your Shares) – Tracked and Mixed By Smart-Man
“F*** Your Distribution” (K.W.M) –Tracked and Mixed By Smart-Man