New artist…Bricks

Introducing new artist BRICKS from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After listening to him spit, I can agree that he named himself accordingly…he is HARD.

BRICKS has been making music since he was eleven years old. “I started off just listening to music and rapping to myself. Then I starting writing my raps down. My life, my emotions and all that I’ve been through came pouring out into my bars.”

Truly a self-inspired artist, he admits to only having musical influences when he was a young child. “Honestly, once I learned who I was, I really only became influenced by myself. I just tuned everything else out. I don’t even have a favorite artist.”

BRICKS’ style of music is as versatile as an human beings emotions. “My music can be happy, sad, aggressive, forgiving, loving, heartless or dangerous. Anything that can be derived from human emotions will be felt in my music. Everything about what I create is original. No one can duplicate me…I AM ONE OF ONE.”

That unique passion is what sets BRICKS apart from other artists. His approach to music is pure, no hidden agenda. Unlike many of his competitors, he is not doing this for fame, money or popularity. “I genuinely love music and the joy that creating it brings me.” A rapper out here making music for the love of the art, imagine that?

And a work of art is what he’s produced for his debut album, “KINGS & THIEVES“, which dropped on March 15, 2019. For 32 minutes BRICKS takes his audience on a ride through his mind’s eye as flexes his lyrical muscles and displays his versatility.

Highlights of the album include the title track, “Kings & Thieves, “Rescue me” ft. Eikon Global and “Everytime U Call”. He gets deeper on tracks like How2Live” and “Amoni“, as he addresses how our youth is caught up with sex and violence and the deep bond he shares with his son. You won’t need to hit skip on this album, it’s a vibe.

“KINGS & THIEVES” is currently available for downloading on all music platforms.




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